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Would You Rather…? Review

Would You Rather…? Review

Picture this — You’re 10 years old on a playground or at a sleepover with your best friends, and the questions begin… Would you rather? Minutes pass by and you’re rolling on the floor laughing at all the scenarios unfolding in conversation.

Would you rather have noodles for arms or french fries for legs? The possibilities are endless; which means you’re going to be faced with gross, cringey, and embarrassing choices — and we don’t take “no” for an answer!

Would You Rather Board Game Featured Image

What is “Would you Rather?”

Would you Rather…? Is a conversational game challenging players to pick between two usually morbid/difficult answers. There is no opting out of the answer, so once you commit to the game, you’re in for good. It’s used as a conversation starter, a get-to-know-you game, a party pick, or just a time-waster when you’ve found a conversational lull. 

How did “Would you Rather…?” come to be?

Legend says this party favorite was invented rather randomly under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol and introspective future thinking.

Jokes! Nobody really knows when the first round of “Would you rather…?” took place, but people have always pitted their friends up against impossible alternatives for as long as we can remember.

It wasn’t until 1998 that someone made this question-and-answer thriller into a physical card game, full of risky hypotheticals. Since then, it’s been copied, added to, and adapted to all mediums.

There are tons of phone apps to pull up at parties for all ages, card/board games, books, computer games, and articles bountiful with questions. Would you rather play on your phone, computer, with cards, or just off the top of your head with your mates?

Why do players love “Would you Rather…?”

All jokes aside, this game gets people talking. You may find out more than you want to know about your fellow players. As you answer these imaginary dilemmas, you’ll find yourself visualizing them in reality — causing laughable chaos.

Let’s take a peek at some of our favorite questions from the board game “Would you Rather…?”

1. Would you rather take your mom to prom or your 10-year-old sibling?
2. Would you rather be a man with a Minnie Mouse voice or a woman with a deep voice like the Hulk?
3. Would you rather be completely alone for one year, or be with people every single minute for a year?

As you can see, the game takes no prisoners with these harder dilemmas. Seeing someone every day for a year means NO privacy, but are you a lone wolf enough to keep away from the pack for a year? Decisions, decisions.

If these questions hit on your tamer side, feel free to add filler words to the questions to make them risque, bold, or easier — the taste is all yours, but remember — NEITHER is not an answer.

“Would you Rather…?” Adaptations 

As previously stated, “Would you Rather…?” has adapted itself to all gaming territories. It’s so versatile for all ages and ranges that it makes every gathering fun. Here are the different ways to play:

“Would you Rather?” board game

The oldest version of the card and board game was released initially in 1998 and has been modified in more than 10 different languages, as well as adapted to 50+ age ranges, maturity levels, and themes.

Players vote on what they think is the most popular answer in order to advance and claim the 10-point win. Some spaces on the board are open for new hypotheticals- making it more personable and hilarious.

The kids’ versions consist of yuck, travel, and intelligence scenarios. The adult versions — well, you’ll have to try to find out.

Would You Rather? Board Game

“Would you Rather?” books

A simpler, compact version parallel to phone apps, is the “Would you Rather?” book series. Amazon lists pages full of different grab-and-go question books for kids, teens, and adults.

Some versions are even tailored as business icebreakers which could be a great team bonding activity to get to know your coworkers a bit more than you probably wanted. Other versions: travel, gross, intellectual, family, and Christmas.

“Would you Rather?” phone apps

If you’re prepping for a get-together and need a last-minute game alternative to Truth or Dare, try downloading one of these apps for tried and tested good times.

Would you Rather? for Families

Carefully curated questions ensure you stay in the G-rating range while everyone gets to participate. 

Would You Rather? Prove It

Would you Rather? For Adults

Although this seems like it would get saucy, it still maintains the neutrality of everyday life, asking questions like “Would you rather always get caught in really bad traffic or always have bad internet?” Oh, the joys of life.

Would you Rather? Dirty

The fan-favorite turned X-rated. 18+

What Would You Choose? Rather

A highly downloaded player pick, versatile questions, and inclusive. It includes normal and 18+ mode, so the choice of vulgarity is all yours — and don’t worry, we won’t spill! 

Pros of Playing “Would you Rather…?”

If you’ve purchased the card game, congrats — you now own one of the most adaptable games on the market. The versatility of this game is awesome — allowing you to play everywhere (as long as you can handle the second-hand embarrassment). 

Some positives of playing this game with your kids and friends include:

  1. It’s a good time-waster when waiting for anything. It’s guaranteed laughs for the silly decisions and allows you to do other things while still being engaged in conversation.
  2. Harder questions prompt deeper critical thinking. “Would you rather be blind or deaf?” is a usual hard answer.
  3. Any number of people can play. 
  4. Inspires creativity when thinking of answers to tricky or gross questions — just wait to see how people manage to wiggle their way out of disgusting scenarios.
  5. It starts a conversation, whether it be laughter-filled or cringey. Having to make these complicated resolutions gets everyone talking, comparing, and contrasting which is the better of the two evils.
Would You Rather? Picture Card Game

So, Would YOU Rather?

This game is an all-around classic, and it’s gotten its name fair and square. Would you rather be stranded on an island surrounded by 50 small killer turtles, or 2 giant killer turtles? This game promises laughs, hard decisions, and fun for any party style.

“Would you Rather…?” takes the pressure out of game preparation, and puts it on the players to pick their poison. Remember — NEITHER is never an option, so dish away, logistically of course. 

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