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Key Points and Ways to Use the Restoration Shaman Class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Key Points and Ways to Use the Restoration Shaman Class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

WoW is one of the most interesting, popular, and complex projects you need to master and read guides or WoW services to build on the experience of playing a character, which has been accumulated by many players over more than 20 years of the project’s existence, at all stages of development. This approach will help you progress faster and more correctly when playing the selected class and get more pleasure from the right builds, and victories in PVP and PVE.

Features of the Healing Shaman class in World of Warcraft

A shaman who chooses for himself the path of combinations of physical attacks with full, rather than partial healing will receive a number of skills that will allow the player to significantly influence the effectiveness of the combat group, participation in raids and mass PVP, as well as provide himself and the rest with a completely successful grind.

The Chain Heal special skill is the only healing skill that has no cooldown and releases a special chain that locks onto up to three characters restores their health and consumes 15% of the total supply, that is, if used unwisely, you can use 6 skills in a row before replenishing mana.

You can use a number of skills to increase your mobility and simplify your work of healing allies, but contrary to opinion, the Shaman is far from a harmless and unprotected character who can fight back with fire, which also affects the possibility of self-leveling.

The Favor of the Ancestors skill will allow you to use all of your skills while moving for 15 seconds.

Use the Spirit Walk skill to remove all movement-limiting debuffs and nearly double your movement potential.

To quickly move forward and avoid direct damage, use the Gust of Wind skill.

Use the Fire Shock skill for single and group pumping and helping allies not only with magic and health but also with damage. The skill deals fire damage and inflicts a subsequent burning effect, which regularly takes away the health of the enemy.

What has changed for the Shaman class in update 10.5 in World of Warcraft

The overall power of healing skills has been increased by 5%.

The overall health recovery power of all allies after using the water form has also increased.

Onyx Ring’s potential has been reduced for the Shaman during Mythic raids and when using offensive skills.

Ancestral Guidance skill applies a healing effect to allies when using offensive or healing magic.

Life Overwhelming Talent now increases health by 8% and increases the percentage of total healing potential regenerated.

Strengths of the Restoration Shaman class in WoW Dragonflight

  1. One of the most powerful skills for mass healing of allies, and if you manage to accurately place the Healing Rain skill, it restores the health of up to 6 characters that will be in its area of effect.
  1. Two skills for casting all kinds of spells while moving and moving forward to change the position of the hero depending on the situation.
  1. Several strong defensive spells to reduce damage to the character, protect allies, and cover with the essence of the earth.
  1. The ability to summon totems to restore the health of a large group of players for 30 seconds.
  1. A number of skills to help allies, including the removal of negative effects.

Weaknesses of the Shaman class with the Healer specialization in WoW Dragonflight

1. There are no strong abilities that will help the tanks.

2. There is a skill for a short jump, but no teleportation and invulnerability effects.

3. You need to constantly switch between attacking and healing, without the possibility of simultaneous actions and the need to make a choice.

4. The healing ability and its effectiveness depend on finding allies. In order for the chain heal to work effectively, you need to have allies as close to each other as possible, otherwise, the huge mana cost will not allow you to simply be effective for the whole group.

5. The overall effectiveness of the healing depends on the cooldowns of the strongest skills and mana pool.

Stats and their priority for the Restoration Shaman class

You need to find out the role of the parameters for the strength of your character and develop the necessary ones in order to constantly strengthen your hero and be able to develop through special equipment and weapons.

Item Level

If you hover over any item in your inventory, you will see that they have a level and quality – especially weapons and equipment.

Since you are a combined class that essentially attacks the enemy, but at any time can spend most of the mana on healing and strengthening allies.

The higher the level of items, the stronger their effectiveness in attack, if we are talking about weapons and defense, if we are talking about armor and accessories for magical protection.


As a hero who relies on attack to level up and defense to help allies and personal survival, the shaman can focus on developing the versatility parameter.

It allows you to evenly increase the parameters of attack and defense and is often assigned as an additional bonus in most quality equipment.

Critical hit

If you constantly attack enemies and have a high enough attack speed, you can develop a critical damage criterion that will allow you to double your attack potential.

It is important that the higher your attack speed, the greater the chance to deal double damage, simply due to the large number of attempts, because the chance is far from 100%.


The overall movement potential depends on the speed parameters, which is extremely important for supports and attacking heroes to develop.

A nice bonus will be additional parameters of attack speed and the rate of casting spells.

As a versatile hero who hits with regular attacks and uses magic to heal and deal damage, any buff that has a positive effect on overall damage will come in handy.


A parameter that affects the efficiency of using all types of skills.

It allows you to increase the probability of passing negative effects and strengthen all auxiliary skills.

So, you can get no cooldown, or double the action timing on buff spells.

For the attacking part of the Shaman class, this parameter will help inflict more damage on even protected targets and increase the likelihood of additional effects from attacking skills, for example, burning from fire.

In fact, you just need to know the effectiveness of each parameter in the first place in order to know what to prioritize in case of the possibility of choosing two or three identical items with a different set of characteristics.

You will strengthen the parameters due to various equipment and the higher its quality, the stronger the effect and the greater the number of auxiliary gains.

Remember that the Shaman needs not only mana and defensive skills, but also offensive potential to implement this side of the class.