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Top Games for the Whole Family

Top Games for the Whole Family

’Tis the season for family-friendly fun, and leading tabletop games company Nutt Heads delivers an exciting line-up of new family games guaranteed to bring fun and laughter to households everywhere.

Joke King

Players: 4+ players ages 10+
$24.99 at

This hilarious create-your-own comic strip family card game by the makers of bestselling Kids Against Maturity is a favorite for both kids and adults alike. Simple to play, with multiple play styles and difficulty levels, it’s all about creating humorous comic-book-style card combinations.

The funniest player wins the Crown. Out-joke your opponents and become The Joke King!

Kids Against Maturity

Players: 4+ players, ages 10+
Illustrated Edition: $24.99 at

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This hilarious, award-winning fill-in-the-blank game is back in three different variations: the Starter Edition, Illustrated Edition, and Let’s Go! Edition.

The perfect entertainment for family gatherings, travel, and sleepovers, Kids Against Maturity will keep the entire family laughing with age-appropriate toilet humor for kids and witty layered innuendos for parents. Easy to learn and simple to play, all you need is to “be the worst to be the best”.

Paco Sako

Players: 2 players ages 6+
$49.99 at

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Known as Peace Chess, Paco Sako (pronounced PAH-tso SHAH-ko) is an award-winning variant of chess that promotes peace, friendship, and collaboration while maintaining the strategy and critical thinking components of the original game.

Played on a standard chess board, it’s a fun alternative to traditional chess where pieces hug instead of fight, and wars are won by strategy.

Fun for all ages, players try to bring forward better chess piece moves than their opponent, while being open to input from the other player when it’s their turn. The goal is to find a way to “embrace” your opponent’s King.

Roast Master

Players: 3+ players, ages 17+
$24.99 at

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There’s no better roast than a roast between friends, and this party card game is a perfect way to do just that. With each player getting a turn to be roasted, opponents deliver their best jokes to the Roastee as they compete for the title of Roast Master.

A designated Roast Master reads a personal statement card and all players use response cards to fill in the blanks about the person being roasted, with players voting for their favorite lines. The first person to win five rounds is deemed to be the wittiest and worthy of the Roast Master title.


Players: 2-6 players ages 8+
$24.99 at

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Channel your inner doctor with this medical-themed, family-friendly tabletop card game about organ harvesting by The Awkward Yeti. A perfect combination of medically-precise information and immature humor, players use pain, immunity, and other tactical cards to apply or fight off disease and bodily harm.

The object is to remove your opponents’ organs before they remove yours, with the winner being the last one to have at least one organ remaining. Recommended by Mensa Mind Games®.

The Heart and Brain Quiz Game

Players: 2-8 players ages 8+
$24.99 at

The ultimate party entertainment for all ages – from wise grandmothers to unruly teenagers – this card game by the creator of The Awkward Yeti has it all: trivia, challenges, voting, truth/dare, and scenarios/responses, from extremely logical to completely bizarre.

Players win game pieces by completing tasks, winning challenges, voting wisely, and producing the most ridiculous answers. The first player to have three Brain and three Heart game pieces wins.

Anxiety Attack

Players: 2-6 players, ages 8+
$24.99 at

Stressing out becomes fun with this new hilariously intense, fast-paced board game by the creator of The Awkward Yeti. Bringing a twist to the experience of an anxiety attack, players send their opponents into an “anxiety spiral” using “trigger” cards and move closer to safety with “defuse” cards.

When opponents are sent to the “anxiety spiral,” they switch to their “misery” form and begin going after remaining players (after all, misery loves company) until only one remains.

House Pets vs. Aliens

Players: 2-4 players, ages 6+
$14.99 at

An epic twist on the classic War game, this tabletop card game pits House Pets against an alien invasion in an effort to defend Earth – all while the pet owners are asleep. This family-friendly game is fast-paced, simple yet strategic to play, and loads of fun!

Each player commands their own army of House Pets or Aliens (or Plants and Robots with the expansion packs), battling for control of Earth.