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The Goblin Bathwater Incident DnD Adventure

The Goblin Bathwater Incident DnD Adventure

The Goblin Bathwater Incident is a fan-made scenario designed for Level 1 adventurers that reach Level 3 by the climax. 

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Despite the silly name, it’s a rather interesting concept. There’s a drug known as Goblin Bathwater that sends whoever takes it into a rage. Behind this new drug, however, is an elaborate plot, deities, and a whole lot of dungeon delving. 

The hook is simple enough and starts with a unique take on a bar room brawl, and then gets wilder from there. 


  • Well designed and well thought out. 
  • Nice maps
  • Memorable characters.

There are a lot of different things going on here and it feels very similar to the first D&D 5e modules that came out. The maps all look fantastic and the graphics that go along really help bring the scenario to life. This is honestly the first 3rd party module I’ve actually paid for and it was well worth it.


  • There’s a lot of detail.

Ok, so having a lot of detail isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For me, there was just too much to go with. It’s of course ok to edit down to only what is necessary, but newer DMs can get pretty overwhelmed. That’s really the only thing I can knock the module for. It’s a fun idea and is very well thought out. 


You can tell that this was a passion project. It’s full of maps, interesting characters, NPCs, and weird twists and turns. It’s 54 pages of an interesting campaign and the only thing I can actually knock it for is that it can be a bit overwhelming for new DMs. Other than that it’s a really nice scenario.


Thursday 10th of November 2022

Thank you for the kind words, Bryan.