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Zulkoon 5e DnD

A Zulkoon was a wind musical instrument that functioned like a portable pump organ. The Zulkoon originated from the zulkirs of Thay, they use it

Druid Subclasses 5e

Here is a list of Druid Subclasses in 5e DnD: The Circle of Dreams The Circle of Spores The Circle of Stars The Circle of

Monk Subclasses 5e

Here is a list of Monk Subclasses in 5e DnD. Way of the Ascendant Dragon Way of the Astral Self Way of the Drunken Master

Armor 5e

Here is a list of Armor in 5e, broken down by Light Armor, Medium Armor and Heavy Armor. Why not check out some of our

Evocation Spells List By Level

Cantrip Booming Blade Dancing Lights Eldritch Blast Fire Bolt Frostbite Green-Flame Blade Hand of Radiance (UA) Light Lightning Lure Ray of Frost Sacred Flame Shocking

5e Spells By Level List

Here is a list of 5e Spells by Level. Check out some of our other guides including Musical Instruments in DnD, Attack Bonuses 5e and

5e Languages DnD

Here are a list of Languages in 5e DnD: Standard 5e Languages Languages Speakers Script Common Humans Common Dwarvish Dwarves Dwarvish Elvish Elves Elvish Giant

Greater Invisibility Spell DnD 5e
Alexa Tanen

Greater Invisibility 5e Spell

Out of seemingly nowhere, a thin bolt of lightning strikes the enemy, taking them unawares. Swinging blindly, the orc tries to hit whoever just fried

Detect Magic Spell DnD 5e
Alexa Tanen

Detect Magic 5e Spell

The party memebers strained their eyes to peer around the newly exposed cavern. Before anyone could step inside, the Cleric held out her arm, eyes

Mage Armor Spell DnD 5e
Alexa Tanen

Mage Armor 5e Spell

The Sorcerer steps out from behind their boulder, shooting off a bolt of fire at an opponent. Though the Rogue tries to warn them, the

Guiding Bolt Spell DnD 5e
Alexa Tanen

Guiding Bolt 5e Spell

A bolt of divine power shoots forth from the party’s Cleric, and the demon screams in pain and panic, blackened eyes rolling back in its

Green Flame Blade Spell DnD 5e
Alexa Tanen

Green Flame Blade 5e

The Bladesinger Wizard gives an unhinged grin as he steps around the battlefield, suddenly hemmed in by two zombies. Without flinching, he swings his scimitar,

Booming Blade 5e Spell DnD Featured Image
Kendra Bruning

Booming Blade 5e Spell DnD

The Warlock channeled their energies into their dagger. Lunging forward, he nicked the Kobold with his blade, promptly turned around, and walked away. The creature

Musical Instruments in DnD 5e
Bryan Truong

Musical Instruments DnD 5e

The walls shiver and quake as rain beats against the party’s makeshift tent. They’ve walked days in this wasteland…weeks?The Ranger looks in his rucksack: empty. The

Heat Metal Spell DnD 5e
Kendra Bruning

Heat Metal 5e Spell

The Druid squints, concentrating on the enemy’s crossbow trigger… As the gnoll lumbered closer, it roared in pain, yelping and looking at its burnt fingertips.

Lesser Restoration Spell DnD 5e
Bryan Truong

Lesser Restoration 5e Spell

The Yeti’s chilling gaze paralyzes the party where they stand…except for their wily Druid hidden behind a stalagmite. The Sorcerer is just within her reach—if

Find Familiar Spell 5e DnD
Alexa Tanen

Find Familiar 5e Spell

A wizard leans on their gnarled staff, watching their familiar frolic and play with a contented smile on their face. Their party members grin, too,

Eldritch Blast Spell DnD 5e
Alexa Tanen

Eldritch Blast 5e Spell

The Warlock cackles to herself as she cracks her knuckles and extends her hands, firing off multiple beams of dark energy to strike her foes.