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Tabaxi Names 5e

Tabaxi Names 5e

Tabaxi in 5e DnD are a race of humanoid cats first appearing in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. They reside in the land of Maztica. The Tabaxi have many divergent lineages that can result in differing appearances. Their feline nature makes them more agile. With sharp claws and keen perception, these cat people are formidable creatures.

The Tabaxi in DnD 5e have names that reflect their personalities, physiology, and upbringing. They have a deep connection to astrology and the esoteric. Tabaxi names are incredibly personal and are universally gender-neutral. Read this guide to learn how to develop a unique Tabaxi moniker.

How Do You Name Tabaxi 5e?

Naming a character in 5e DnD can be an arduous task. There are quite a few things to consider. Players should find a name that fits their character’s backstory and personality. Tabaxi in 5e DnD has specific physical and cultural attributes. Understanding these attributes helps players choose a name.

The Tabaxi are different from other races in 5e DnD. As a race, they do not value monetary things highly. They are seekers of learning with close ties to their homeland. They often travel but return home after some years to share their stories. Players should understand the Tabaxi need for inquiry and connection to Maztica when creating their characters.

The Life Of A Tabaxi

The Tabaxi believe that their creator, The Cat Lord, granted each of them a particular feline attribute. Most Tabaxi adventurers will have the virtue of curiosity. The Tabaxi also tend to have an obsessive personality. Each individual has their unique obsession. This obsession can vary from an ancient civilization to a lost item or religious relic.

Tabaxi travelers explore the world and gather knowledge before returning to their clan. They share their experiences with the next generation. Therefore, the Tabaxi learn about the outside world from an early age.

The Tabaxi explore for the experience rather than the physical rewards. Adventuring Tabaxi have an insatiable curiosity. They will search far and wide for ancient artifacts and history. They may have no gold to their names but are rich in lore and knowledge.

Once their curiosity has been satisfied, a Tabaxi quickly moves on to the next adventure. Their interest only lasts as long as there are mysteries to uncover. They will eagerly discard extremely rare and valuable items for passage in a convoy, or rounds of drinks for their tavern mates. Rare items only have value for Tabaxi until they are no longer of interest.

Creating a Backstory For A Tabaxi in 5e

The names of a Tabaxi will vary and reflect their personality and clan of origin. To make a great Tabaxi character name, a player should first understand the character’s life and motivations. These cat people give each child a unique name paired with a clan name. Their naming process distinguishes each Tabaxi.

The Tabaxi tend toward a more chaotic alignment. Due to their catlike nature, Tabaxi have an impulsive way about them. Their innocent curiosity keeps them on the good to neutral side. They rarely want to hurt. Most simply have a deep desire for knowledge.

Once a player has determined their character’s backstory and motivations, they can begin to think of a name. Page 114 of Volo’s Guide to Monsters has some examples of Tabaxi names. However, it is more fun to come up with a unique or generated name.

Examples of Tabaxi Names

The Tabaxi do not have gendered names like many other races. Their names come from a geographical feature or weather event that happened close to the time of their birth. Tabaxi also have nicknames that are often shortened parts of their full names.

Volo’s Guide gives examples like Cloud on the Mountaintop, with Cloud as a nickname, or Seven Thundercloud, Thunder for short.

You’ve now probably noticed the pattern in the naming of Tabaxi. Another example of a name might be River Banks Overflowing, and River for short. This would be a name for a Tabaxi part of a river clan.

Tabaxi Clan Names in 5e

The Tabaxi live in distinct clan groups. These clans also have topographical names. A river clan might be called The Rambling Creek Clan. A mountain clan might have names like The Clan of the Falling Rocks. The Tabaxi believe that the location of an individual’s birth and family origin are the most important factors when picking a name for their kittens. Keep that in mind as you choose a name for your Tabaxi.

Volo's Guide to Monsters

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Tabaxi Names 5e FAQ

Do Tabaxi Have Family Names In 5e?

The Tabaxi live in clan groups rather than nuclear family groups. Clans do have names associated with them. Clan names usually are related to a geographical feature.

What Type Of Cat Is A Tabaxi in 5e?

Tabaxi are feline humanoids and can have traits of any cat.

Is Tabaxi A Race or a Class In 5e?

Tabaxi is a character race in 5e DnD, introduced in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.