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Sorlock 5e

Sorlock 5e

The combination of the Sorcerer’s bloodline and the Warlock’s bargained powers make them both formidable wielders of magic. Put the two classes together, and the result is a character overflowing with magical potential. For this reason, The Sorlock is one of the go-to power-builds for those looking to create a strong magical character.

Why Choose to Play a Sorlock? 

Are you a fan of the Eldritch Blast? I mean, are you a real fan? Do you lay awake at night thinking of nothing more than unleashing a barrage of eldritch blasts on your poor, unsuspecting enemies? Perhaps the Sorlock is for you. A trigger-happy, eldritch gun-slinger who has mastered sorcerous metamagic to turn their signature move into a full-on, arcane broadside. How does that sound?

The Sorcerer and the Warlock are part of the spellcasting elite, and both rely on Charisma to drive their spellcasting superpowers. This means there is no compromise on magical potential due to wonky ability distributions. But there is more. With a bit of clever maneuvering, you’ll not only wield the powers of a Sorcerer and are armed with the charms of a Warlock, but you might also strut around with a pocket full of Cleric spells and get to use medium armor and shields. It’s like having a buffet of magical options.

If the stereotypical image of most magical damage dealers is that of delicate glass cannons, all firepower and no substance. Then think again. Sorlocks the exception, donning a solid 19-20 Armor Class, even at the earliest levels. 

When you balance everything out, the Sorlock emerges as a damage-dealing virtuoso who’s the envy of the 5e realm. Imagine dishing out consistent damage like a pro while maintaining an Armor Class that will keep you out of harm’s way. You also get an all-access pass to a treasure trove of powerful spells!

And, with Charisma being your greatest weapon, you will find that you’re not just slinging spells; you’re charming the socks off everyone you meet. It’s a neat blend of muscle and magic, protection and punch. 

What are the Downsides of a Sorlock Build? 

Why would anyone bother with Sorlock when they could stick to pure sorcery or go all-in as a Warlock and specialize in one class? Well, like any fusion of classes, combining two paths comes with a bit of horse-trading as you sacrifice some of the skills and abilities of one class to gain some of the elements and features of the other. The catch is that you might never progress far enough in either class abilities like capstones or the grandeur of 9th-level spells. So you have to decide if the gains outweigh the losses, which is always a personal choice.

A single-class Wizard or Warlock enjoys an unimpeded ride up the spellcasting ladder, while a multiclass contender loses a couple of rungs. Now, the struggle isn’t that obvious once you reach the higher echelons, but there’s always that awkward phase where you’re not quite the powerhouse of a full Sorcerer or Warlock as you progress towards these rarified levels.

But, as will all class combinations, there is a sweet spot to be found, and Sorlocks hit their stride at level 5, specifically with 2 levels of Warlock and 3 levels of Sorcerer. Think Eldritch Blast, the Agonizing Blast invocation, and the Sorcerer’s Quickened spell metamagic, dancing harmoniously like a synchronized spellcasting ballet.

That isn’t to say that even before hitting their groove at level 5, they are not fun to play or a vital party member; it is just that when they hit this level, things really start happening for them. Until then, it’s a bit like watching a band tune their instruments before the concert begins.

The question that often arises is which class to start with and which to multiclass into. Beginning as a Sorcerer, you gain the knack for Constitution-based saves. Opt for Warlock initially, and you become the master of Wisdom-derived saves. Both are like having a solid shield and are great for withstanding spell effects and damage. Still, many will lean toward the Sorcerer’s Constitution protection as it helps with concentration checks, something crucial when spell slinging in the noise and speed of melee.

Warlock Features for Sorlocks 

Eldritch Blast: Often hailed as the crème de la crème of cantrips and the champion of consistent damage in the spellbook, Warlocks have a special golden ticket to this spell. 

Hexblade: Access to the Hexblade enables the Warlock to wrap themselves in medium armor and shields, making them formidable opponents against incoming attacks. Plus, you also get the Shield Spell—your very own magical safety net. With a decent Dexterity score, a top-tier Sorlock can strut around with an Armor Class that puts many Paladins to shame. Not to mention the sweet icing on the Hexblade cake: Hexblade’s Curse. Combined with potent blasts, this Curse heaps on extra damage and adds the excitement of critical hit possibilities against the nastiest foes.

Agonizing Blast: The second level of Warlock gives you the power to channel your inner charismatic diva and add your Charisma modifier to every Eldritch Blast’s damage. 

Hex: Behold the first level spell that should be your numero uno choice: Hex. It’s like picking a target and blessing them with an extra dose of misery. A bonus action turns you into a damage-dealing nightmare, with the added thrill of watching the damage amounts soar. Think of it as your vendetta served with a side of extra oomph. It’s similar to your Hexblade’s Curse but requires a spell slot and a firm grip on concentration, unlike your trusty short rest-powered Curse.

Devil’s Sight: With the arrival of your second invocation at level 2, make way for Devil’s Sight. This is like magical eyewear that grants you “super darkvision” with a unique trick up its sleeve: the ability to peer through magical Darkness. Think of it as getting the VIP pass to the supernatural club of vision.

 If shadows aren’t your thing, consider the alternative—Repelling Blast. It’s like adding a mighty shove to your blasts every turn, perfect for the discerning Warlock who likes their foes at arm’s length.

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Sorcerer Features for Sorlocks 

Spellcasting: Sorcerers aren’t just dabblers doing tricks on the periphery of the magic realm; they’re full-fledged spellcasters. But here’s the Charisma twist—their spellcasting ability becomes as charming as the character’s Charisma score. What’s more, the Sorlock is not just dipping their toes into one magical pool; they are wading into the magical waters of the Sorcerer’s and the Warlock’s spell lists. Thanks to the combination of pact magic and their spellcasting prowess, they will be firing off salvos of Warlock spells using those extra spell slots. It is time to wave goodbye to the restrictive 2-3 spell slots that traditional warlocks are shackled with.

Quickened Spell: Level 3 has something special in store in the form of access to Metamagic, a delightful present from the Sorcerer class. One of the options that it unlocks is Quickened Spell.

By using two sorcery points, the Sorlock can find themselves casting a spell as a bonus instead of the usual action. Now, for Sorlocks, this means you can practically go wild with nova damage. Eldritch Blast is already a double-barreled spell delight at level 5, right? But with Quickened Spell, it’s like you’ve suddenly sprouted two more arms, firing off not 2 but 4 blasts in the same turn. And that’s not all; other spells like Scorching Ray are also subject to such power-ups.

Twinned Spell: At Level 3 you get to choose two metamagic options, and in most people’s opinion, Twinned Spell is the belle of the metamagic ball for Sorlocks. Think of it as the spellcasting equivalent of cloning. Spells with a single target now get an extra guest, doubling the magical fun. This isn’t a direct boost for our Eldritch Blast array, but imagine the other potential and possibilities—Hex spell on two foes or a double dose of Inflict Wounds. Distant Spell is another ace up the Sorlock sleeve, especially when you need it to fulfill your Eldritch Blast sniper strategy. 

Sorlock Ability Scores 

In the world of Sorlocks, Charisma, and Dexterity are the stars, with Constitution also snagging a supporting role for hit points and those necessary Concentration checks. The trio of Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom? Well, they can take a back seat and enjoy the view.

Charisma and Dexterity are the limelight-stealing power couple of the Sorlock character sheet. You’ll want to pamper them and elevate them to their peak performance. Pour your ability score increases into them until they hit that magical 18 mark, or even better, 20. Tempting feats might distract from this goal, but to make the most of the Sorlock’s ability, the best advice is to shower all your attention on Charisma and let it shine.

Sorlock Races 

Just as the Sorcerer (and probably a good number of Warlocks, too) look for Charisma first and then either Dexterity or Constitution, Sorlocks follow suit, leaning towards Dexterity as the second favored statistic. The following races offer a +2 bonus to that all-important Charisma and an additional nudge to either Dexterity or Constitution, making them prime picks for your race of choice.

Aasimar (Scourge)

Standard Aasimar brings +2 Charisma to the table, while the Scourge variant adds +1 Constitution. For a Sorlock, the Scourge Aasimar race can be a perfect match. Their Radiant Consumption ability is another source of damage that can be stacked on top of their Eldritch Blasts. Plus, they blend well with the Divine Soul Bloodline concept. Add resistance to radiant and necrotic damage, and you’re all set.


Changelings strut in with that +2 Charisma and a +1 boost in any other ability you choose, which will probably be Dexterity or Constitution. Changelings are bound to the Eberron setting, so a persuasive chat with your DM might bring them to other realms. It’s all about campaign flavor, but adding them might bring some diversity and color, so it should be a pretty easy sell. Notably, one of the few areas where a Sorlock might not be the obvious choice is in scouting, but taking the racial choice of Changeling can help you slip right into that role.


Half-elves bring the +2 Charisma and another +1 in two ability scores of your choice, for which Dexterity and Constitution are again the probable choices. From a sheer ability score perspective, Half-Elves are always a strong contender. While they might come with a few flashy extras, they’re a solid choice if you aim to max out those stats as swiftly as possible.


Satyrs grace the scene with the expected +2 Charisma and a +1 in Dexterity, always a valuable score to increase. While they’re intrinsically linked to the world of Theros, they’re also a familiar presence in the Forgotten Realms, and many DMs will welcome them in other settings to make their campaign more unique and varied. A flat Magic Resistance, a dash of increased movement speed, and some enchanting Bard-like features make Satyrs quite the enchanting pick.

Tiefling (Dispater, Glaysa, Levistus)

Tiefling, in its Dispater, Glaysa, and Levistus variations, brings the +2 Charisma and a +1 boost to either Dexterity or Constitution. Any choice of Tiefling type works well with the Sorlock path. Perfect stat alignment, a bundle of valuable racial spells, and resistance to a common damage type—it’s a match made in arcane heaven. Tiefling is perhaps the most popular choice for the Sorlock race.

Sorlock Feats 

While you can make a good argument for the Sorlock build not relying on any particular feats, a couple fit well to elevate and power up the eldritch blazing abilities that are the class’s signature magical move.

War Caster

War Caster brings a handful of advantages to enhance your spellcasting abilities on the battlefield:

  1. Advantage on Concentration checks, crucial for maintaining spells under duress.
  2. Somatic components of spells can be performed even with your hands full.
  3. You also gain the ability to cast spells as an opportunity attack.

The first point is gold for Sorlock, particularly when they toss in spells like Hex for that extra punch. Our Eldritch Blast machine gun doesn’t demand concentration, so nothing much changes there, but any additional spells blended in with it will likely.

The somatic component aspect might not send shockwaves through the universe, but every slight advantage helps but the last feature comes into play when the battle gets busy. Imagine a foe tries to dance past you and slip through your battle line, and you respond with a reactive Eldritch Blast because who doesn’t want more blasts in their life?

Elven Accuracy

Elven Accuracy is a remarkable feat exclusive to Elves and Half-elves, but luckily, Half-elves are already a great Sorlock choice, so take this racial option and add even more skills to your bag of tricks.

  1. You can bump up Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma by 1.
  2. When you roll an attack using Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma and have advantage, you can reroll one of the attack dice.

This feat packs plenty of additional punch to this build. It’s like having four suitors vying for your attention, and you should opt for Dexterity or Charisma. 

Now, about that reroll ability—it’s like advantage on steroids. Roll a pair of dice for your attack, then pluck the lowest and give it another shot. This super advantage mechanic works like a charm if we can ensure advantage on all our attacks.

And guess what? The Shadow Sorlock build delivers precisely that. If Shadow Sorlock is a path you are drawn to, this feat is an obvious choice. If you’re more on the Divine Soul side, you can take it or leave it; you have plenty of other excellent options.

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Multiclass Warlock Spellcasting 

When you delve into the art of multiclassing between two distinct spellcasting classes—each flaunting its spellcasting feature—things might seem a little off-kilter. But here’s where your Warlock experience and training step into the spotlight. And it turns out they’re not your usual spellcasters, sliding into multiclassing with remarkable finesse.

First, your pool of known spells has a very obvious demarcation. If you’ve mastered 2 levels of Sorcerery and 4 levels of Warlock magic, guess what? You’ll possess the same roster of Sorcerer spells as a level 2 Sorcerer and an equivalent Warlock spell lineup as a level 4 Warlock. It’s obvious.

But the real trick lies in how good you are with spell slot gymnastics. In many multiclass cases, calculating spell slots feels like solving a complex equation. But when you pair a Warlock with another class, the magic math becomes a breeze. Your warlock slots play by the same rules as if you were just a Warlock, and your Sorcerer spells as if you were a Sorcerer only.

The bonus here is that you’re permitted to cast your Warlock spells using your Sorcerer spell slots, and you can cast Sorcerer spells using your Warlock spell slots. Firing off just one more Scorching Ray doesn’t hurt as much when you’re regaining a couple of slots, thanks to short rests now. 

In essence, you are getting the best of both spellcasting realms. Your Warlock training treats you to those quickly rejuvenating short rest spell slots, all while you still have the regular Sorcerer spell slots to store spells in, too.

Best Sorlock Class Progression 

Like any multiclass venture, there’s an art to steering your character’s advancement toward optimal shores, and somewhere along the line emerges a “right” blend of class levels. When multiclassing, you might only need a few levels of one class and many more of another to gather the maximum benefits rather than take an equal amount of both.

Below are just two options, though depending on your chosen style of play and character personality (not to mention that of you, the player), there are numerous balance points to be found. There will be some players who are keen to embrace the Sorlocks feats and abilities as quickly as possible, while others will be looking for the optimum Ability Score Increase progress.

Warlock 2, Sorcerer 18

You could argue that the essential Warlock abilities are placed at our fingertips within the initial two levels. And if you’re willing to give the Pact Boon a miss, it doesn’t significantly enhance our Eldritch Blasting, which is what we really want to get our hands on; you can dedicate the rest of your progression entirely to the Sorcerer path.

  • Levels 1-2: Warlock
  • Levels 3-20: Sorcerer

Pros: This gives you full-throttle spell advancement, top-tier metamagic, and maximum spell slots.

Cons: Sacrificing the pact boon and attaining only two levels of Warlock training could hinder the Ability Score Increase progression.

In defense of the sacrifices that such an option makes, the Pact Boon doesn’t add much firepower to the Eldritch Blasting arsenal, and the magic weapon from Pact of the Blade isn’t much use to us. Both Pact of the Tome and Pact of the Chain are tempting, and if they are not something you feel worth losing through such a procession, check out the alternative path below.

Warlock 4, Sorcerer 16

With this potential career path, the goal is to secure those Pact Boons while ensuring no levels are missed on the Ability Score Increase front. Getting to the “fully online” status by the 5th level remains the objective, and achieving both requires a bit of back-and-forth between Warlock and Sorcerer tiers.

  • Levels 1-2: Warlock
  • Levels 3-6: Sorcerer
  • Levels 7-8: Warlock
  • Levels 9-20: Sorcerer

Pros:  With this progression path, there is no loss of the Ability Score Increase opportunities. You also get to keep the ability to bag Pact Boons while simultaneously unlocking 2nd-level Warlock spells. 

Cons: The only downside is that the Sorcerer spell levels become available reasonably late in the day.

While the Pact Boons aren’t vital, leaving them behind leaves a tinge of regret. After all, isn’t that the whole point of being a Warlock? Also, once you delve three levels into a class, not acquiring that 4th level feels like discarding a piece of a puzzle.

Best Warlock Patrons for Sorlocks 

The choice of Patrons can make a real difference to a character’s build, but as always, it is down to the individual’s style of play, preferences, and how much they regard roleplaying over sheer power; it is, after all, a roleplaying game. But when it comes to archetype options that offer a real punch within the realm of the Warlock, there is a clear front-runner — nothing elevates this build quite like Hexblade.


The Hexblade truly steals the show here. From the onset, Hexblade Warlocks benefit from the rare gift of medium armor and shield proficiency, something rare in the spell-casting community, not to mention the formidable Hexblade’s Curse.

This gem of a feature, all yours with a bonus action, marks an enemy for extra damage equal to your proficiency bonus. And it even increases your chances of landing a critical hit.

Now, with your Eldritch Blasts delivering an average of 4 hits per turn, throwing Hexblade’s Curse into the mix opens the floodgates for critical hits galore. As a cherry on top, it rewards you with additional hit points upon the target’s demise. Embrace the Hexblade—a choice that won’t disappoint you, especially if you are a fan of Michael Moorcock’s iconic Elric of Melniboné!

Best Sorcerer Origins for Sorlocks

Truth be told, the build maintains the potential of its magic no matter which Sorcerous Origin you opt for. However, some are better than others. The Wild Magic Sorcerer option may have some potential, but if you want to get the most out of your Sorcerous training and the best skill set to back up your Warlock expertise, there are only two to consider.

Divine Soul Sorcerer

This archetype might not be the obvious choice for those who want to embrace the full-on aggressive and melee-orientated capability of the Sorlock, but let’s be fair here; it does give you access to the entire Cleric spell book! Think about it—all those divine healing spells and the treasure trove of Cleric buffs nestled right in your spell slots.

One of the chinks in your Sorlock armor, being that you are of the magical class and therefore less equipped to defend yourself, is the modest hit point pool you are likely to have. Having the Cure Wounds and other Cleric spells that the Divine Soul path provides in your toolkit transforms you into a healing virtuoso. 

Bless, the spell that keeps on giving. This option is excellent if your campaign and its players are more cautious; these additional healing powers might prove critical if your primary health giver falls or if you find your party in situations where they take more damage than expected, which is a common occupational hazard.

Shadow Magic

Ah, the classic—still an ace in the hole. This archetype is your ticket to the Darkness spell, something that is easily cast with minimal Sorcery points, and you also gain the coveted ability to peer through your shroud of magical Darkness when others are blinded by it.

Imagine this tactical masterpiece: You stand within your zone of Darkness, raining down fire upon unsuspecting, blinded foes. Imagine how ineffective their return fire will probably be, firing at a target they can’t see. They’re aiming at shadows and, therefore, doing so at disadvantage.

And here’s the pièce de résistance. If you then draw on the Devil’s Sight invocation, this dark world will proceed to unveil itself to give you unimpaired vision once more. Raise the stakes even higher with the Elven Accuracy feat; now you’re rolling to hit with a super-charged advantage—definitely a case of Hello Darkness, my old friend.

Final Thoughts

There have been many discussions about the Sorlock being overpowered in the grand scheme of things. As always, that is a discussion for you to have with your DM. Always do what feels suitable for your campaign; if it feels too dominant, clip its wings; it is your campaign after all.

But, in most cases, the Sorlock will fit right in. They are a fascinating class to play, balancing out the charm and seduction of the Sorcerer with the pact-based power of the Warlock. By the time you have considered the feats and archetypes that can be balanced with this option, then the ability to turn them into everything from a magical tank to a more Cleric-like supporting role and anything in between makes them wonderfully versatile indeed.

While Sorcerer and Warlock are excellent paths to take, combining them into the Sorlock shows you the advantages that multiclassing brings. Move through the leveling-up achievements one way, and you can quickly unlock much of your Sorlock’s potential.

Follow another route, and you can max achieve full Ability Score potential. And if you are prepared to sacrifice the advantages of one class to have access to the abilities of the other, when done correctly, you can end up with not only a decent array of spell slots available to you but some that recharge faster than most.

Sorlock 5e FAQs

What is a Sorlock build in D&D 5e? 

A Sorlock build is a multiclass character concept combining levels in the Sorcerer and Warlock classes in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. This combination synergizes their spellcasting abilities, resulting in a character with potent spellcasting capabilities and versatile combat options. 

What makes the Sorlock build effective? 

The advantage of combining the Sorcerer and Warlock lies in combining the Eldritch Blast cantrip from the Warlock class with the Sorcerer’s metamagic options. This creates a powerful Eldritch Blast machine gun effect that can deal consistent damage, especially when paired with features like the Hexblade patron’s Curse. 

Which subclasses work best for the Sorlock build? 

For the Warlock, the Hexblade subclass is highly favored due to its medium armor proficiency, shield proficiency, and the Hexblade’s Curse feature. As for the Sorcerer, subclasses like Divine Soul (which gives access to Cleric spells) and Shadow Magic (for tactical advantages) are popular choices.