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Get ready to take a step back to computer gaming at its finest, with MIDI soundtracks and on Windows NT. If you’re looking for some nostalgic solo gaming, you’re in luck. 

Today we’re looking at, a website that brings the classic card game to you digitally for free, with a modern-day makeover. 

Solitaire Bliss is a free website that offers classic games for free. Every game in their library is completely free of any costs including microtransactions, which is a welcome change in today’s world. They offer several different types of games as well.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the site and checking out its offerings, zeroing in on several key factors. 

  • User Interface
  • Extras offered
  • Overall Experience
SolitaireBliss HomePage

User Interface

Solitaire is a classic card game. That also means that there are plenty of different places to find where to play it. To stand out in the crowd, it’s gotta be special and part of that comes from the user interface. 

If I have to put in a lot of effort to play, I’m not gonna stick around long. 

Looking at Solitaire Bliss’ interface they’ve done a great job of keeping the UI simple, functional, and pretty. 

The menus are easy to navigate and show all the information easily. There are no hidden menus or costs, and the game opens up as soon as the page loads. There is a login section that you can sign up for free. This way they’ll keep track of your stats and you can see how many games you’ve played and keep track of your score. 

There’s a bit of customization out of the box, so to speak. Players can change the backgrounds of the playing board, and there’s an option to turn the sound on or off. It’s the little things like a simple blip after placing a card that transports me back to my childhood when I used to get on my parents’ computer to play the electronic version of solitaire. 

Overall, it hits all the checkmarks I’d look for in a site showcasing the classic game. It’s simple to use, includes a free stat tracker, and is modern-looking without changing too much.

Not Just Solitaire

SolitaireBliss Card Game Menu

Despite the site’s name, there are actually quite a few different games on offer. Whether you’re looking to play Spider Solitaire, Hearts, Spades, Freecell, or even a simple card matching game, there are a host of classic card games available to play here. The best part is that they’re all free. And if you don’t know how to play, they’ll teach you. 

I’ve never actually played Spider Solitaire, and have no idea what the difference between it and the standard version of solitaire is. And… now I do!

Solitaire Bliss offers a very comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide so if you’ve never played and want to learn the rules, they make it very easy. 

What Makes it Different

Chances are, you can find Solitaire online all over the web. I find myself coming back to Solitaire Bliss for one simple reason. I really like the stats they offer and every game you complete you get a chance to unlock a new card from a different deck of historical playing cards. 

It’s like unlocking achievements in a video game and if you get enough, you can use the unlocked decks in your games. It’s a nice touch that offers a bit of customizability without throwing microtransactions at you. 

Another great feature that Solitaire Bliss has over its analog counterparts is the challenges they offer. Each day there’s a different leaderboard challenge where players can compete with each other for the highest score or game completed with the fewest possible moves. It’s a fantastic way to add some competition to your game, especially since most of the games are single-player or can only be played against bots. 

If you’re looking for a nice way to kill some time, feel nostalgic, or are just looking to play some classic card games, Solitaire Bliss does an excellent job of offering a fantastic gaming experience. It’s easy to use, visually appealing, and just what you need when looking to unwind.