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Sentinel Feat 5e

Sentinel Feat 5e

Everyone needs support, including the members of your party. Dungeons and Dragons 5e is a game that takes all kinds. From tanks to Bards to halflings and half-orcs, all beings, regardless of race or class, have a place in this fantastic game. 

Within the game mechanics, sometimes it is necessary to give up some things to get others. You may forgo a sneak ability in favor of heavy armor or charisma for wisdom or intelligence. All players must make sacrifices at some point to create a genuinely unique character. 

That doesn’t mean players cannot use their strength for good in battle. The Sentinel Feat in 5e allows the more robust and quicker to take care of the weaker and squishier. Many more martial classes are well suited to the Sentinel feat. 

So, what does the Sentinel Feat do?

Imagine your Barbarian notices a mighty basilisk slithering across the dungeon floor, ignoring you and heading toward your party’s supporting wizard. You recognize that his soft spellcasting body can not sustain a few bites from this beast before succumbing to saving throws. 

What is the Sentinel Feat in DnD 5e?

With the Sentinel feat, if the dungeon serpent crawls within your range, you are granted an attack of opportunity. Therefore, temporarily sparing one of your squishy friends. Your attack of opportunity will additionally reduce the target’s speed to zero. You stop it in its tracks. The target is stuck to your side and must engage with you, or you’ll clobber them to death. 

How do you use the Sentinel Feat in 5e?

The Sentinel feat in 5e automatically grants you an attack of opportunity if a target within range tries to escape. They thought they could get away, but they were wrong. The Sentinel 5e feat forces the creature to stand its ground and hopefully be obliterated by you. It won’t even have a chance to grab your companions. Even disengaging as a bonus action will not help your target once you’ve set your eyes on defeating a foe. 

In 5e, the Sentinel feat also gives you a boost on a regular attack. If a creature within five feet tries to attack someone other than you, you can use your reaction, instant response to an environmental trigger, to make a melee attack. While you don’t reduce their speed, you have the chance to reset the creature’s focus. Let them know that you are the right size to be picked on. 

Is Sentinel a good feat?

The answer is yes, especially for certain classes. Sentinel 5e feat goes really well with the Barbarian class. Barbarians are always up for a fight. Once rage is engaged, Sentinel will increase the damage potential of the Barbarian’s swing. It also gives the Barbarians a way to ensure the battle comes to them.

Fighters are also on the front line in battle. Sentinel feat also works excellently with this class. Fighters have a high enough constitution to take a few hits from a slowed attacker and take the heat off the Bard, who is always getting into trouble. 

The heavy-hitting tank class Paladin is also well suited to Sentinel 5e feat. Protecting Bards from bad decisions is the Paladin’s job. They will have a great time slowing down and taking their time with the foul things that threaten their friends and their honor. 

Final thoughts on the Sentinel 5e Feat

The Sentinel feat in DnD 5e has a lot of benefits, especially for tanky classes. Having the con to stand the attacks from a pinned or refocused foe is essential. It would probably pair well with classes with powerful attacks. However, classes that rely on concentration-based spells may not see any benefit.

However, the Sentinel feat is perfect for those muscular character builds that have a sense of loyalty to their group. It is an incredible protector feat. It also matches with other strongman feats like Great Weapon Master or the Battle Master feats.

Choosing Feats in DnD

Remember to keep your playing style in mind when choosing feats in DnD. It is best to match your character’s weapon speed and ability to the correct feat to maximize attack power and utility. 

5e DnD is a fantastic way to express yourself. All the feats that 5e offers add depth and adaptability to your character. All you need to get started is there in the Player’s Handbook. You can use the Sentinel feat in 5e to tank up your character. Choosing the Sentinel feat 5e can help you develop your character, select your gameplay style, and get started.

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