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Sending 5e Spell

Sending 5e Spell

Sending is a level 3 Evocation spell on the Bard, Cleric, and Wizard spell lists. The Great Old One Warlock is able to access this spell as well. The spell takes one action to cast and requires somatic, verbal, and material (a piece of copper wire) components.

The spell allows the spellcaster to send a short, 25-word message over any distance, including other planes of existence. The recipient must be known to the spellcaster and can immediately respond similarly.

Sending 5e Spell Description

Source: Player’s Handbook

You send a short message of twenty-five words or less to a creature with which you are familiar. The creature hears the message in its mind, recognizes you as the sender if it knows you, and can answer in a like manner immediately.

The spell enables creatures with Intelligence scores of at least 1 to understand the meaning of your message. You can send the message across any distance and even to other planes of existence, but if the target is on a different plane than you, there is a 5 percent chance that the message doesn’t arrive.

Sending 5e Stats

Range Unlimited
Components Verbal, Somatic, Material
Material A short piece of fine copper wire.
Duration 1 round
Casting Time 1 action
Level 3
School Evocation
Classes Bard, Cleric, Wizard
Subclasses Lore

Is Sending a good spell?

Sending is an OK spell. It can have in-game utility if the party needs a direct line of communication. However, spellcasters should save spell slots for more powerful spells.

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