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Second Wind 5e

Second Wind 5e

Fighters are more than just meatheads with swords in 5e DnD. They also have special features, like Martial Archetype and Second Wind, that make Fighters incredibly valuable. With their unique abilities and versatility as a class, playing a Fighter in 5e DnD is an enriching and compelling experience.

The basic 5e Fighter class feature Second Wind acts as an emergency heal. Because Fighters are built differently from other classes, they can use their stamina to heal themselves partially. Second Wind might not be the most fantastic Fighter class feature, but it has its uses.

What Is Second Wind 5e?

Second Wind is a Fighter class feature for 5e DnD. All fighters have this feat regardless of Martial Archetype or Fight Style. Using a Bonus Action, a Fighter can regain hit points equal to 1d10 + Fighter level. Fighters can use this feat once per long or short rest.

Basically, Fighters can buff themselves up and take more hits. All Fighters can do this starting at level one. This class feature reiterates all Fighters’ battle prowess, whether they are Champions or Eldritch Knights.

When To Use Second Wind 5e?

Second Wind is an excellent feature for players starting at a lower level. Second Wind essentially gives lower-level players an extra hit die. All players are squishy from levels 1-4, even with a tanky Fighter build. Second Wind allows the Fighter to continue putting themselves in harm’s way with the added protection of a healing surge. Though 1d10 + Fighter level might not seem like much, an extra 6 HP can go a long way in the beginning stages of a campaign.

Since Action Surge is always available in 5e DnD, higher-level Fighters can also use the feat. If a Fighter is above level ten, they will at least gain 10 HP, plus whatever the 1d10 shows.

At level 20, the minimum HP restoration with Second Wind 5e is 21. That is like casting Cure Wounds at level 3. When all other allies are down, and it’s the Fighter against the BBEG, +21 hp can be the difference between TPK and a cold pint of ale in the tavern.

How To Use Second Wind 5e in Combat

Fighters should use Second Wind as a last resort in 5e DnD. Fighters can only use Second Wind 5e DnD once per rest. That means once per encounter.

Second Wind is also a bonus action. Fighters can make their regular action and use Second Wind. A Fighter at level two can use their Action Surge feature to do two attacks and then use Second Wind to increase their hit points by at least 3. Though they can only do this once per rest, until level 17, the Fighter can double their inflicted damage and negate any damage done to them during the round.

Additionally, the Fighter can use the Second Wind feature outside of combat. If an encounter ends and there is no safe place for the party to rest, the Fighter can use Second Wind to bulk up their HP and take the first watch.

Why Use Second Wind?

Some players dismiss Second Wind as a throwaway feature. On the other hand, Second Wind shows how Fighters are different from other classes. They can take damage and then heal themselves based on pure will. In 5e, Second Wind has excellent utility in battle and outside combat.

Imagine a Fighter fails an Athletics check and falls out of a window, taking 1d6 fall damage. That could leave a Fighter with a small gash on their forehead. The Fighter could then use Second Wind to focus their stamina and heal themselves. The gash is gone, and the Fighter is now at full health as if nothing happened. Using Second Wind in this way is a fun way to add dimension to your Fighter character.

Is Second Wind Good?

The primary purpose of Second Wind is to keep lower-level characters alive. Second Wind loses its utility at higher levels. Having a small HP boost becomes less relevant as the Fighter develops, chooses a Martial Archetype, and gains better weapons and feats.

However, it is a good feature to have. Though Second Wind might benefit lower-level characters the most, higher-level characters may find Second Wind to be a clutch move in the right situation. Second Wind can keep any Fighter standing until they can fully heal. Therefore, Second Wind is a feature that Fighters should not ignore.

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Second Wind 5e FAQ

What Is The Second Wind Feature In 5e Dnd?

Second Wind is a feature that is usually exclusive to Fighters. Starting at level one, Fighters can focus this stamina to give them a boost to HP equal to 1d10 + Fighter level.

How Good Is The Second Wind Feature In 5e Dnd?

The Second Wind Fighter class feature in 5e DnD is great, especially for lower-level characters.

How Often Can A Fighter Use Second Wind In 5e DnD?

A Fighter can use Second Wind once per short or long rest.