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Resilient 5e Feat

Resilient 5e Feat

The Resilient 5e feat can be helpful for any class or race and is viable in any game setting. This feat offers a slight increase to your ability score. Using this feat in the right way could help your character.

What is Resilient Feat 5e?

Source: Player’s Handbook

Choose one ability score. You gain the following benefits:

  • Increase the chosen ability score by 1 to a maximum of 20.
  • You gain proficiency in saving throws using the chosen ability.

How Does Resilient Feat Work?

Resilient feat allows you to add +1 to any ability score of your choosing. Unlike some feats that only give a +1 to a specific ability score, the player can increase their chosen score. Resilient also allows you to gain proficiency in saving throws in the selected ability. This aspect makes the feat more helpful than it initially seems. 

GameCows Tip: The extra +1 can significantly affect a character that wants to minimize the effect of a dump stat. A dump stat is a term used to describe an ability score you have decided does not serve your character. Usually, you may neglect this ability when it comes to assigning points. If you do not put at least 9 points in a given stat, your character will receive a penalty if there is a check or saved that uses that ability. 

For example, if you are building a Barbarian, you will probably want to put as many points as possible into strength and, potentially, constitution. If you put less than 9 points into an ability score, you receive a negative modifier for that score.

If your Barbarian decides they don’t need to be particularly smart, they sacrifice their INT score and place points in STG. However, If you choose Resilient feat, your Barbarian can bring their potential 8 in INT to a 9, which would help INT saves.

Let’s say the said Barbarian character comes up against a massively powerful Warlock and decides to use Psychic Scream. That +1 to INT might be the only thing that stops the Barbarian’s head from exploding. 

Which Classes Can Best Use Resilient Feat? 

The single-ability-score-dependent classes (SAD), like pure casters and ranged-based fighters, can use the Resilient feat. These players max out the ability scores that help them the most. A signal-ability-score-dependent character must only be great in one score to be functional.

The Resilient feat can help them round out their abilities while still focusing on what’s most important for their build. 

The Resilient feat requires no prerequisites, meaning any class or race, and chooses it. It benefits spell casters. Your character may have to make constitution checks. You can use the Resilient feat to boost your concentration ability score, increasing the success rate of those CON saves. 

However, all classes and races should consider Resilient as a feat option. It can level out ability scores that have an uneven number. So if you have sacrificed one ability score, you can still stop the bleeding.

Most classes can use the boost in CON or DES abilities. Barbarians can benefit from a bump in INT. It can benefit most characters and builds. It would also help multiskill-dependent characters, like Druids

It is a very adaptable feat. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to grab it for your character.

Should You Choose Resilient Feat?

Yes, Resilient feat might be a good choice for your character. Because it is accessible to every class and race, it has the potential to work in any situation. 

Your character will benefit from the ability score bonus and the additional proficiency. The +1 to proficiency bonus can be very helpful. Your character gets a +1 to the chosen ability score. Remember that proficiency increases at levels 5, 9, 13, and 17. The resilient feat can be continually valuable as you level up. 

However, it is not a must-grab feat for any particular build. It’s not exactly the most attractive feat out there but it won’t leave you with much regret if you take it home. I mean, pick it for your character.