Ray of Sickness 5e Spell

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

Spell Description

Source: Player’s Handbook

A ray of sickening greenish energy lashes out toward a creature within range. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, the target takes 2d8 poison damage and must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, it is also poisoned until the end of your next turn.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 1st.

Ray of Sickness 5e Stats

  • 1st-level necromancy
  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Instantaneous
Lvl Dice Min Avg Max
1st 2d8 2 9 16
2nd 3d8 3 13.5 24
3rd 4d8 4 18 32
4th 5d8 5 22.5 40
5th 6d8 6 27 48
6th 7d8 7 31.5 56
7th 8d8 8 36 64
8th 9d8 9 40.5 72
9th 10d8 10 45 80

Spell Lists: Sorcerer, Wizard

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