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Quoridor Review

Quoridor Review

Stats at a glance

Players: 2, 4

Duration: 15

Difficulty: Easy

Published: 1997

Ages: 8 +

Publisher: Gigamic

Do you enjoy abstract games that look simple, but are rather deep in their gameplay? We have the game for you.

Quoridor has been awarded by Mensa in recognition of its outstanding quality. You will see that is very easy to play and understand but also offers a rich gaming experience at the same time. Let’s dive into the Quoridor review!

Brief Overview of Quoridor

This is a game for 2 OR 4 players where the object of the game is very simple – get your pawn to the other side of the board first. This doesn’t sound like the most exciting prospect for a game, but there is more to it.

The opposing player(s) will try and stop you from doing so by building walls to hamper your progress in their attempt to beat you. Players may not block other players in, but they can cause frustration by creating a challenging path for them.

If you enjoy games that are easy to learn and hard to master – this is a must-have. So, if you enjoy Sudoku, Go, or Chess, you will definitely enjoy Quoridor!


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06/01/2023 07:30 am GMT

Unboxing Quoridor

The first thing that you will probably notice is that the box is quite large for such a simple game – though any fears about wasted space should be dispelled when you feel the weight of it. The game pieces themselves are displayed quite well on the front cover with minimalistic artwork. It looks great.  

When you open the box, you’ll first see the playing board. It is quite large, almost the size of a standard chessboard. It’s all one piece which is quite nice. Once you remove the board you’ll see the little multi-language rulebook, which appears quite thick – that’s just due to the number of languages in it.

In total, the game is comprised of the following:

  • 4 Player tokens
  • 20 Wall pieces
  • Playing board
  • Rulebook

Very minimalistic, just like the game in itself. However, the theme is presented very well throughout.

How to Play Quoridor

As we’ve said earlier, Quoridor is a very simple game to understand. However, once you start playing a game of it, you could find there are some challenges in it.

Game Setup

The game setup is very easy. Just be aware that only 2 OR 4 people can play at a time. The reason for that is that you need to compete with someone across from you. That is part of the object of the game.

Depending on how many players there are, each person will get a player token and some walls. The number of walls that each person will get varies according to the number of people. If there are 2 players, each person gets 10 wall pieces. And if there are 4 players, each person gets 5 walls. This is so that the game stays balanced.


The order in which players get to go first is determined by a draw. Then when the player order has been decided play can begin.

Each player will either have the option to move their pawn or build a wall. That’s it. That sums up how to play the game. It really is just that easy. Of course, there are a few small rules to pay attention to.

For instance, if two pawns confront each other, the player whose turn it is can jump over to the next available space NEXT to the other pawn. So, you can’t jump more than one space. And if you understand the mechanics of that, you will realize that that can be an advantage to a player – situation depending of course.

The game ends as soon as one player reaches the other side. The process could be easy, or it could be marred by the walls built by other players. That of course isn’t due to the game, but rather the players. The game goes on for as long as it needs to. So, some games could be quick and others not so quick. It just adds to the fun.

Pros & Cons


  • Great minimalistic game
  • Easy to learn
  • Great brain exercise game without realizing it

As can be seen above, the gameplay is incredibly deep for its game mechanics. A true abstract strategy game in its essence. And it’s just great. And the fact that it is so easy to learn, makes it even better.

One takeaway that very few games get right, is the ability to improve one’s mental strength while having fun. This is a great way to improve one’s logic and reasoning skills. Even young children can enjoy and benefit from it.


  • The game board size
  • Not much really…

The only complaint that would truly be worth mentioning is the game board size. It is a little bulky and requires the game box to be large. That being said, the reason the game developer has done that is that it probably needs rigid support for the walls. So, not really a complaint.

Overall, this is a very rare game. It is almost perfect in every way.

Conclusion: Verdict?

This is a game that you should look for after reading this. It really will be worth it. It’s not new, it actually came out in the ‘90s. But that is a testament to how it’s held its relevance.

It could probably not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it is something that could be picked up from a very early age. It’s a fantastic game that lends itself to casual gamers. No matter who they are. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself – you can thank us later.


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06/01/2023 07:30 am GMT

We hope you enjoyed our Quoridor review! Have you tried this fascinating abstract maze-puzzle game? Are there any other games in this genre that strike your fancy? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.

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