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Punderdome Review

Punderdome is as challenging as it is humorous. The rules are simple, but be ready to get inventive. If you’re looking for an opportunity to spit out your best one-liners and impress your peers… Welcome to Punderland! (See, it’s not easy. Please begin cringing whenever you deem it appropriate)!


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12/08/2022 05:25 am GMT

Brief Overview of Punderdome

Why is wordplay so popular? The comedic element plays a huge part, and as this game is pretty creative, it gives everyone a chance to show off their quick-witted gags!

Punderdome is essentially a challenge to see who can come up with the funniest or corniest puns using just a couple of words. Each player has the same words, so it is all fair game and if you have a large number of people or are playing in a classroom it also works well to play in teams.

Unboxing Punderdome

Punderdome card came box and cards

After becoming a best-seller, we couldn’t wait to check out the contents. The box is compact and easy to store or take on a trip — maybe to an Island in the Pun! (Stop it, I know!)

There are two decks of cards and notepads but you need your own pencils. Another point to note is that you should use your cell phone as a timer as this is not included. We also have some mystery envelopes and most importantly, the mystery prize slips!

Versions & Expansions

Food Fight Expansion Pack

Yes, that’s right! Adding to this, we have the possibility of an extension pack that includes another 50 delectable food-themed nouns and 50 punchy puns. 

Wild Things Extension Pack

Nope, it doesn’t end there… you also have the option of 50 adorable animal-themed nouns and you guessed it, 50 more pun cards! Your ‘Dad jokes’ are going to be in top form!

Punderdome: Wild Things Expansion Pack

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How to Play Punderdome


The setup is super easy, as all you need to do is choose a Moderator and have them write a good and bad prize on each slip, and pop them in the envelopes for the eventual winner. Something simple like being served beverages all evening or being responsible for the clean-up is acceptable enough.

Following this, you’re basically going to have two sets of cards in front of all players, and your pencils and notepads at the ready!


The same moderator can start by picking a Pun card (which is a question) and reading a ‘quick pun’ out loud to all players. If anyone guesses the answer correctly (or the first one to shout out) they are awarded an extra 30 seconds to think of a pun in the next part of the game.

The following part is controlled by the same Moderator who then chooses a card from each pile and all players (or teams) are responsible for creating and writing a funny cringe-worthy pun on their notepads.

All contenders get 90 seconds (timed) other than the player who is championed in the quick pun round, who is awarded an extra 30 seconds. The moderator decides which one tickles them the most and that player wins the round, and also becomes the new moderator for the following round. 


Play continues for as long as you are enjoying this game, the puns are limitless and the groan-worthy jokes keep rolling! You may find that the same players are disproportionately becoming Moderators so bending the rules to give everyone a fair go might be a plausible idea.

The ultimate Champion of Punderdome will finally be able to choose one of the envelopes and discover if they won the good or bad prize. Nice twist!

Pros & Cons


  • Compact enough to store, but the cards are big enough to read, so there is space for ‘Grandad jokes’ too if you want to invite him over!
  • Excellent for perfecting some of your rusty old lines.
  • The topics are current and well-known enough so as to not become confusing for players of different demographics.

The popularity and playability of Punderdome speaks volumes. Due to there being so many possibilities and variations of card matches, the game can not only last a potential couple of hours, but with the extension packs, you could play for infinite rounds without the probability of having the same two cards cross. Readers of newspapers and viewers of sitcoms or stand-up comedy might be more partial to this type of challenge.


  • Due to the answers being written it’s clear who created which pun and there is no anonymity which leaves room for biases.
  • No pencils or timer included 
  • It might not be suitable for several demographics.

Depending on the wittiness of players, turn order may seem unfair. If there are any biases because of favorites or allies then you could lose for this reason too.

A suggestion, mentioned earlier, is to simply take turns as the Moderator by going clockwise, rather than always having the same players championing! Players who are younger, less well-read, or simply not interested in humor or its creation may struggle with this one.

High-level creativity of wordplay may be intimidating, so it’s worth considering wisely which groups you’d prefer to play Punderdome with.

Conclusion: Verdict?

A tremendously creative and alternative concept that is unlikely to get tedious. We advise playing with children over the age of 12 due to the small amount of risque and ambiguous language used. 

The main issue players might find is that puns are usually used in an opportunistic and quick-witted fashion. Spending too long trying to make something humorous could result in losing its comedic value so it’s advisable to bear this in mind.

Overall this game is a grower, once you’re in the flow, you will probably find the gags rolling off your tongue. Definitely, no pun intended!


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12/08/2022 05:25 am GMT

We hope you enjoyed our Punderdome review! Have you played this game before? Do you like party card games with a judging mechanic? We’d love to hear what you think about this game or others in the genre. Drop a comment below and let us know!

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Stats at a glance

Players: 3-99

Ages: 12 +


30-90 Mins

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

Published: 2016


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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/08/2022 05:25 am GMT