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Potion of Healing 5e

Lying in the darkness, the Rogue could feel her blood slowly draining away… if only she had dodged that blow a bit faster. She was losing consciousness and knew she didn’t have much time. Suddenly, a shadowed figure approached, cradling her head and lifting a bottle to her lips. Without thinking, she drank, knowing she had no other choice.

Within an instant, the world around her brightened and her strength returned. Brought back from the brink by a Potion of Healing.

Read our guide to Potion of Healing 5e and find out more about Hit Points and Potions 5e.

How Healing Potions Work

Healing potions are a type of magic item in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. They are used to best effect on a party member or ally that is seriously injured, ill, or even near death. When consumed, a healing potion will restore a certain number of hit points to the injured party.

The number of hit points a character can regain from a healing potion depends on the rarity of the potion (see the table below).

Healing Potions 5e

Item – Potion ofRarityHP RegainedSuggested DM Price
HealingCommon2d4 + 250-100 gp
Greater HealingUncommon4d4 + 4101-500 pg
Superior HealingRare8d4 +8501-5,000 gp
Supreme HealingVery rare10d4+205,001-50,000 gp
Legendary = 50,001+ gp

GameCows Tip: Before you drink any potions in DnD, make sure you know what you’re drinking! There are a lot of dangerous potions out there too. It’s also a good idea to confer with your DM about healing potions to avoid any unpleasant incidents or disappointments!


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