Potion of Fire Breath 5e DnD Item

Potion of Fire Breath 5e

The Warrior charged forward with her sword drawn. Covered in hundreds of wounds she could barely stand. The goblins were just too numerous.  

The Warrior’s strength finally failed and she could no longer lift the sword to swing. She let it drop and reached into her pouch. She drank her last resort, a Potion of Fire Breath. It burned as she drank it down. The potion welled up inside her until she could hold it in no longer. 

With a roar of defiance, she exhaled shooting flames out her mouth. It seemed as if the entire world was engulfed in flames. When she finally stopped and the flames dissipated, the few goblins still alive were running away on fire and nothing remained except for ashes around the Warrior. 

Potion of Fire Breath 5e Stats

The Potion of Fire Breath is a magical item that can be found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide on page 187.

Stat Value
Type Potion
Rarity Uncommon
Weight 1/2 lb
Estimated Value 150 gold
Damage 4d6 (1/2 Damge Save)
Range 30 ft (1 target)
Save DC 13 (Dexterity
Duration 3 Charges or 1 hour

“After drinking this potion, you can use a bonus action to exhale fire at a target within 30 feet of you. The target must make a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw, taking 4d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. The effect ends after you exhale the fire three times or when 1 hour has passed.

This potion’s orange liquid flickers and smoke fills the top of the container and wafts out whenever it is opened.”

When to Use Potion of Fire Breath 5e

The Potion of Fire Breath is interesting since the effects last up to 1 hour. This means that you can take the potion early and wait for an opportune moment to unleash its effects. 

If you use it before a fight, you should have plenty of time before the effects wear off. 

Tactics for Potion of Fire Breath 5e

Any front-line character can find a use for the Fire Breath potion. The only real limitation is the Bonus Action. If you have a character that consistently uses their Bonus Action, they’ll have to decide on their class/racial ability vs. the Potion of Fire Breath. This is because players only ever get 1 Bonus Action per turn. 

Another interesting aspect of the spell is that it only specifies “target” and not an enemy. This means you can hit anything, including objects, and Objects do not get a DC save. Of course, if you’re targeting an enemy’s clothes or a weapon in their hand, your DM probably won’t let you get away with ignoring the DC Save. 

However, you can target wagons, gates, doors, or even siege weapons. The Potion of Fire Breath is a fantastic way to ensure you quickly deal a lot of damage. 

The Potion of  Fire Breath can also be used to set up some interesting ambushes. The only real requirements to use it are the ability to drink and having a Bonus Action. If you’re creative, this can be used in a bunch of scenarios. 

If you’re on guard duty or performing an escort mission, just give the potion to an NPC, and they can be their own last line of defense. You could give the potion to a charmed character or command them to use the breath attack with spells. You can even give the potion to a familiar or small animal companion for surprise extra damage.

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Potion of Fire Breath 5e FAQs

What does a potion of Fire Breathing do?

Potion of Fire Breath grants the drinker the ability to deal 4d6 fire damage to one target within 30ft. The target takes 1/2 damage on a successful DC 13 (Dexterity) save. This can be done 3 times within an hour.

Can a familiar use a potion of Fire Breath?

Yes, a Familiar can drink and use the effects of the Potion of Fire Breath.

How much does a Potion of Fire Breath cost?

According to the Dungeon Master’s Guide the Potion of Fire Breath should cost anywhere between 100 – 500 gold. Most players consider 150 gold a fair price.

If you’re looking for more magical items, you can check out our 5e Magic Items List for inspiration.

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