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Piton 5e

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

By now, you’ve probably scanned the Player’s Handbook for adventuring gear at least once. If you haven’t, we’ll take a moment to let you.

Okay, you ready now? On your way down the list, you likely saw an individual item called a piton and paused. Is that a magical item? Maybe you even searched “piton 5e” for some clarification. Maybe that search led you here.

So, what the heck is a piton?

Piton 5e DnD

The basic rules note that a piton is classified as adventuring gear, costs five copper pieces, and weighs a quarter of a pound. The definition clarifies, “When a wall doesn’t offer handholds and footholds, you can make your own. A piton is a steel spike with an eye through which you can loop a rope.”

Not a bad definition, although anyone familiar with climbing will tell you that you can’t just scale a rock cliff with only a piton in hand. A piton is commonly used in conjunction with other tools in a climbing kit.

In fact, DnD also has the item Climber’s Kit, which includes pitons, among other gear like boot tips, gloves, and a harness. There are special rules that apply to climbing in DnD, and the Climber’s Kit can keep your character from plunging to a swift death.

Climber’s Kit

The fact that you can buy pitons separately from a Climber’s Kit (which costs 25 gold pieces and weighs 12 pounds) indicates that the creators thought players might be able to come up with creative ways to use pitons outside of climbing. Perhaps for rigging up a pulley system to move something very heavy or to create a tripwire so that nothing untoward can sneak up on your party.

The possibilities in DnD are endless! What will you use your pitons for?

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