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Necromancer Names 5e

Necromancer Names 5e

Necromansters in 5e DnD connect the forces of life and death. Just mentioning their craft strikes fear into the hearts of even the most battle-hardened adventurers. Something is unsettling about the manipulation of the dead. All aspects of a Necromancer reflect their inner darkness. Their clothes, how they talk, and even a Necromancer’s name embody their unnatural aura.

How Do You Name Necromancers In Dnd 5e?

Necromancers come from all different walks of life. There isn’t a strict culture unique to Necromancy. Necromancers come to the craft in many different ways. Some necromancers work within a community and have gained the locals’ respect as healers or spiritual leaders. At the same time, other necromancers are outcasts who only live in the basements of abandoned monasteries in haunted forests.

Either way, Necromancers deal with the powers of life and death. Laypeople often misunderstand this type of magic. When choosing a Necromancer name, a player must consider the impact of a life of “dark” magic on the character’s reputation.

The Life Of A Necromancer

The most common paths to Necromancy are either Wizard or Cleric. The Death and Grave domains grant Clerics access to school Necromancy spells and cantrips such as Spare the Dying, False Life, and Raise the Dead. Grave Domain Clerics are often seen as protectors of the dead and aid the living in their grief. These Clerics are not necessarily ostracized from society and may choose more benevolent names for themselves.

The Domain of Death Clerics are more interested in what causes death. They use negative energy to raise the dead for their evil purposes. These Clerics have an obsession with death, murder, and the underworld. They reflect this obsession in their chosen names.

Wizards that choose the School of Necromancy also have a terrible reputation. They aim to control the most taboo of powers in the magical realm. Though not all School of Necromancy Wizards are evil, many live outside of polite society. These Necromancers are influenced by their control of life force.

Creating a Backstory

For players to choose an appropriate name for a Necromancer, it is essential to understand that Necromancer. Not all backstories need to be 20 pages long, but a player should understand their Necromancer’s origins and motivations.

The type of Necromancer, Cleric, or Wizard is an excellent place to start when creating a backstory. Did the character study to be a Necromancer? Did they build a nickname-worthy reputation at Necromancy School? Alternatively, did they come to Necromancy through religion or the worship of a specific god? These are questions players should ask during the character-building process. The answers may lead players to the perfect name.

Examples of Necromancer Names 5e

Depending on their path, the name of a Necromancer should reflect their power. Most names should sound at least worth of reverence. They should also impart a feeling of mystery and darkness. Names with lots of “os” and “is” and “th” are constantly spooking sounding. Players might want to throw in an “x” for extra flavor. Don’t forget to augment the Necromancer’s name with a spooky title.

Male Necromancer Names

Male Necromancer names tend to embody control and power.

  • Ishexith
  • Athrukai
  • Nebularo
  • Vikarnex
  • Wardosor

Female Necromaner Names

Female Necromancer names tend to be on the seductive side. Women with extraordinary magical powers always excite fantasy.

  • Barenanlia
  • Xrenthia
  • Devaosha
  • Ovengara
  • Trixuith

Non-Binary Necromancer Names

The world of DnD 5e Necromancy isn’t limited to just males and females. A large spectrum of Necromancers doesn’t subscribe to the binary.

  • Archnemesis
  • Regalior
  • Mothesos
  • Midroai
  • Naxxremis

Augmenting a 5e DnD Necromancer Name

Most Necromancers will want to have their names reflect their reputations. Necromancers need a scary and intimidating title to be taken more seriously. They need a catchy title to make sure the mere mention of their name strikes fear into the hearts of nobles and villagers alike.

  • The Undying
  • Of Darkblood
  • The Deathwisperer
  • LifesBane
  • The Defiler

The best way to make a Necromancer name is to sit in a dark room and think of scary syllables, use a name generator, or use Google to translate the word “death” into another language. But you feel more accomplished and connected to your character if you create the name yourself.

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Necromancer Names 5e FAQ

What Are Cool Necromancer Names?

A cool Necromancer name will include some source akin to death-related words. For example, Necromeir, Grandor the Exterminator, or Bathroeth the Lifebreaker are all cool Necromancer names.

Who Is The Most Famous Necromancer In 5e DnD?

Velsharoon is the god of Necromancy in DnD 5e lore—those who seek to control the undead worship this new deified Necromancer.

What Do You Call A Female Necromancer?

A female Necromancer is just known as a Necromancer. Players can add feminizing terms like “Mistress” or “Madam” to better represent the gender of their Necromancer.

What Are The Different Types Of Necromancers?

There are three main subcategories in the School of Necromancy: Flesh, Bone, and Spirit. Clerics of Death or the Grave are also Necromancers.