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Monopoly World Kickstarter, Crypto, & Hostile Takeover

[April 1, 2022] In a surprise move to the board game community, Monopoly World became the highest Kickstarted game in history and broke every sales record for the past 100 years.

Monopoly World raised over $100 million in approximately 1 hour, shattering the previous record of $30 million. Kickstarter servers had to purchase an emergency server to keep the website up as pledges poured in for Monopoly

Rabid fans have been leaving comments on the pages proclaiming their love for Monopoly.

Monopoly World looks to revolutionize the classic board game by bringing real-world applications into the game. The last time an innovation like this was seen was when electronic credit cards versions of Monopoly were introduced. This time they’re looking to change the game up even more by offering a real-life Monopoly Crypto Coin and NFT system built directly into the game. 

Early pledges can actually start mining Monopoly Coin (MoC) now and it’s already skyrocketed in value surpassing all standard currencies. With the rise in the value of the game Hasbro has quickly leveraged its MoC coin and has purchased Asmodee, Ravensburger, and there are already lawyers involved with the remaining board game manufacturers, effectively giving Monopoly a monopoly on the entire industry.

CEO Rich Stoddart, in a press conference, made a statement today that they’re, “taking Monopoly to the next level and beyond.” As he revealed that Hasbro using MoC coin has just finalized a hostile takeover of Boeing and Lockheed Martin. 

Phase 2 of Monopoly World is yet to be revealed, but during the press conference, armed drones with Mr. Monopoly logos on them were seen hovering over the Hasbro CEO’s head. 

It’ll be interesting to see how Monopoly’s success and monopolization of the industry and possibly the world plays out, but I for one would like to welcome our new top-hat overlord.

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