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Monopoly Christmas Review

Monopoly Christmas Review

Stats at a glance

Players: 2-6

Duration: 60

Difficulty: Easy


Ages: 8 +

Publisher: Late for the Sky

It’s almost that time of the year when distant family might come around to visit and life will slow down for a few days. Christmas! It’s also probably that time of the year you’ll pull out your old Monopoly set — because well, tradition!

But what if there was a version of Monopoly that was a bit more Christmas-themed? No need to worry! There is — Christmas-Opoly, a Christmas Monopoly board game edition. Because of its holiday theme, it’s only appropriate that it be played in the season. And it has all the classic Monopoly fun and more!

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05/26/2023 11:06 am GMT

Brief Overview of Christmas-Opoly

Christmas-opoly Family Board Game

Christmas-Opoly is a 2-6 player game is that is for the whole family. It’s been designed in such a way that it will appeal to everyone — it is Christmas after all! What really makes it unique is that it has all the classic features of the original game, but feels like it is simpler to play, making it an ideal game to play with younger family members ages 8 and up.

The rules and objects of this Christmas edition are exactly the same as that of the original game. You are expected to move your game piece, buy and trade properties and then get a monopoly on the property market. What really makes this game unique, is that almost everyone knows how to play Monopoly — it’s the ultimate classic board game.

Unboxing Christmas-Opoly

When you look at the game box, you will immediately notice two things without batting an eye. It’s Monopoly and it’s Christmas-themed. But let’s be honest, that is exactly what we’re after here. Depending on the time of the year, the artwork of the box will either be too busy and theme-inappropriate or just perfect. And if it’s December, it’s perfect. The box is of decent quality, meaning that it will easily last for many years in storage when used annually.

Inside the box, you will get the classic fold-over board. And true to its classic form, it feels just the same as the original. Included are Christmas-themed money as well as red presents (houses) and green Christmas trees (hotels).

Instead of Chance and Community Chest cards, you get Bah Humbug! and Holiday Cheer cards. You don’t need to guess which does what!

What really stands out is the small silver tokens that we all know so well. Except here, they have been brilliantly updated. You get:

  • a teddy bear
  • a reindeer
  • a candy cane
  • Scrooge (how great is this piece)
  • a train
  • a lump of coal.

These pieces will definitely start a few arguments over who gets what piece.

How to Play Christmas-Opoly

This Christmas version of Monopoly follows the original exactly. The game continues for as many rounds as necessary. That is until someone controls everything and all the other players are bankrupt. This almost gives this festive version a Grinch-like win condition – highly recommended watching alongside the game by the way.


The game setup is very easy. You open up the board and place the two types of cards on the board in their respective positions. These are easily visible. An additional bit of prep might be to shuffle and sort the cards from last year!

Each of the players must then select the piece they would like to use. This step could take a while, but is well worth it!


To start off the round, players must select which person will go first. That person will then take the two dice, roll them and move once around the board. Once a person has gone around the entire board once and they pass begin, they can begin to purchase property.

Whoever is able to outwit their fellow competitors by bankrupting them will win the game. Easy as that – or is it?

Pros & Cons


  • The theme is brilliantly shown in every aspect 
  • Great for the whole family — literally everyone
  • Playing tokens make the game
  • Perfect game for the holidays
  • Very easy to play 
  • Similar to classic game version

Let’s be very honest about one thing. This game is only great at Christmas time. And that is because everyone has the same mindset due to the time of year. You don’t want to play this July — and if you did, it should feel very odd. 

Understanding the game’s place, you will see that is the perfect holiday board game. It’s casual, easy to play, and suitable for all ages. It’s easy because everyone has an idea of how the classic game is played. 

What stands out most of all, is the theme. It is everywhere. But especially in the little player tokens. They have been expertly done. They will add quite a bit to the game. 


  • It is based on of the original Monopoly
  • Christmas only comes once a year

There is only one potential negative about this game. That is if someone simply does not like Monopoly, they could very well not like this version of it. Hopefully, this won’t damper it for anyone else but is well worth mentioning.

Conclusion: Verdict?

If you love Christmas and have friends or family over for that time and want a casual board game to play, this is it. It is an exceptionally well-done holiday version of the classic game. It fits the Christmas brief perfectly.

The theme is right, the artwork is perfect and it’s fun. You might only pull this game out for one month of the year but it’s worth having in storage; just waiting to come out for the holiday season. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but most people should see it for what it is. A casual and fun game that brings people together at a special time of the year. 

$24.99 $20.99

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/26/2023 11:06 am GMT

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas-opoly review! Let us know in the comments what you thought of this festive version of Monopoly and other holiday traditions you may have! We’d love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our herd to yours!

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