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Mobile Feat 5e

Mobile Feat 5e

Speeding through the field of battle, landing strikes, and moving away with agile limbs before the enemy has the chance to strike back… does that sound like your character? If so, you could consider the Mobile feat.

GameCows Tip: Feats are an optional rule and may not be allowed at every table. Check with your Dungeon Master before taking a feat.

For those who could use a crash course here, a feat is a unique ability granted to classes (and races) at specific levels. Your character becomes eligible for an Ability Score Increase (or ASI) at certain levels. If your Dungeon Master allows it, you can choose to take a feat instead. Some feats give you a partial score increase in addition to other effects, but most allow you to do something you can’t usually accomplish.

Mobile Feat

Before diving into the best part of this feat, let’s talk about some of the other fun perks. Your speed increases by 10 feet, and whenever you use the Dash action, you aren’t hindered by difficult terrain. To simplify, that means that when you choose to Dash or spend your action moving, you aren’t slowed down by natural terrain like tangled underbrush.

For characters like Barbarians and Monks, the speed increase from Mobile stacks with the usual speed increases that come with standard class features. However, they aren’t the only classes that could benefit from this feat.

Mobile Feat 5e is Most Useful For

Mobile is most useful for melee fighters who prefer hit-and-run tactics. Barbarians may not get as much use out of Mobile, despite primarily being melee fighters, because many parties rely on using Barbarians as a tank that will stay constantly engaged with the enemy. Rogues, weapon-based Bards, Monks, Fighters, Storm Sorcerers, and Hexblade Warlocks are the best candidates.

What do all of those classes and subclasses have in common? They can make deadly strikes in melee, but they don’t have the mountain of hitpoints to stay in close-quarters combat. The last point of Mobile is arguably the best part of the feat, as it states that once you’ve made a melee attack against an opponent, you can immediately move away from them without fear of reprisal (attacks of opportunity), even if your attack misses.

Attacks of Opportunity

An attack of opportunity is when a character leaves melee with an opponent during battle. Some abilities and features allow you to Disengage or leave safely, but typically you must use your action to Disengage if you don’t want the enemy to take a swing at you. Mobile lets you step in and step away without wasting your action.

It is worth noting that the text of the Mobile feat specifically states that the creature you made the attack against cannot make an attack of opportunity against you for the rest of your turn. It doesn’t apply if another creature tries to attack you while you move on your turn. However, for characters with multiple attacks per turn, you could attack multiple creatures and then slip away from all of them.

With all of that in mind, let’s go dancing through the fray!

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