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Misty Step 5e Spell

Misty Step 5e Spell

Misty Step 5e is one of those spells you need when you find yourself in a situation you need to get out of, and fighting and fleeing physically just won’t cut it.

What is Misty Step 5e Spell?

It is a type of short-distance Teleport spell that opens a handy portal in the fabric of space and allows you to use it as a way out of danger. It has limited range, but if used to move the character to the other side of a locked door, or the far bank of a river, or just out of site from whomever it is you are trying to flee, then it can prove to be the most useful spell in your magical arsenal.

Misty Step Spell Description

The Player’s Handbook tells us that it is a 2nd level conjuration spell that…

“Briefly surrounded by silvery mist, you teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space you can see.”

So, if you can see where you want to end up, if it is in range, and if there is no one or no physical obstacle to prevent you from landing there, the spell will open a doorway that will take you from where you currently are to your envisaged destination. Hopefully, leaving any pursuing foes confused and, more importantly, well out of range.

Player’s Handbook, pg. 260

Misty Step 5e Stats

Casting Time1 Bonus Action
ClassesDruid*, Paladin**, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Duration Instantaneous
*Circle of the Land (Coast) | **Oath of the Ancients, Oath of Vengeance, Oath of the Open Sea

How Does Misty Step 5e Work?

As described above, a silvery mist briefly surrounds the caster, and under a cloud of drifting, shimmering fog, the caster is teleported to the location of their choice. The mist then dissipates, leaving any pursuing foes hopefully bewildered whilst you make your getaway.

Remember that the caster is only required to be able to see the location that they intend as their destination. If they are perhaps looking through a glass window or an ironwork mesh of a portcullis, they are still cast Misty Step and travel to the intended destination without any problems.

Also, since it is a spell with the “self” range, only the caster is teleported. Misty Step has no other additional effects when cast on higher-level spell slots, although it can still be cast that way. That is to say, it doesn’t get more powerful when cast by a higher-level caster. It does what it always does, whether you are a low-level adventurer or a senior member of the High Council of Magic.

Misty Step also has no saving throws requirement. It lets the caster teleport wherever they want to go as long as they can see it with their vision. If cast correctly, it simply works. Just make sure you scope out the destination properly first. You wouldn’t be the first to find yourself teleported into a sewage ditch, a pond, or worse.

Is Misty Step 5e a Good Spell?

As spells go, it is a pretty awesome one to have in your back pocket. There are untold scenarios where just such a spell could mean the difference between success and failure regarding an adventure’s goals. More importantly, the difference between getting away from danger and your fellow adventurers carrying your lifeless body home with them.

Imagine this.

You and your party have been tasked with recovering a scepter which is the symbol of power for the local ruling lord. To lose possession of it is a sign of weakness that could be seen as unfit to rule. Revolution may ensue if it is not recovered soon. As you have judged that stealth, not strength is the way to win the day, you alone have snuck into the ruined temple that the thieving orc bandits use as their base, retrieved the scepter but managed to wake the camp. This has left you holding the scepter in the heart of the orcish domain with a just awakened, grumpy and dangerous bunch of bandits standing between you and the rest of your party. 

Should I Choose Misty Step?

Misty Step is just the spell to call on in this situation. If you are quick enough, the spell will teleport you to the rear of your comrade’s ranks, leaving the more combat-orientated muscle-bound types to engage the orcs head-on whilst you stay away from any sharp objects being swung around.

You might have the perfect chance to run off with the treasure and claim the reward, depending on your alignment. Neutral-aligned players would certainly think about it. Evil players probably wouldn’t think twice!

Which Classes Can Use Misty Step?

The Sorcerer and the Wizard classes both attain the two 2nd-level spell slots needed to cast Misty Step by the time they reach level three. The Warlock class also has two 2nd-level spell slots available, although they do not retain their previous lower-level spell slots compared to the Sorcerer and the Wizard classes.

And, as always in the complex and ornate world of DnD, several subclasses also can, under certain conditions, gain access to this spell.

Paladins who follow the Oath of The Ancients pathway have access to this spell, as do their colleagues who have opted to take the Oath of Vengeance. Arcane Tricksters can use the spell due to the magical nature of their roguish path. Similarly, The Eldritch Knight will be able to wield it again because of their magical fighting prowess.

Rangers specializing as Fey Wanderers and Horizon Walkers will find this spell in the archive of available magics. Circle of The Land Druids can also take this magical getaway spell.

These subclasses will find the spell available at much higher levels than their career spell casting, but that is the advantage of the specialization of the major classes. But even if the spell takes a while, access to it can be worth its weight in gold when you finally get to add it to your box of tricks.

In addition to being available to the above classes, Eladrin Elves, certain Gith, and Mark of Passage Humans have racial traits and skills that mimic this spell’s ability.

Using Misty Step on Adventures

As spells provide a quick and uncomplex means of escape, few are better. It gets you out of a tight spot, but the distances involved mean that after using it, you will still not be too far away from any other party members.

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Also, for career spellcasters, the spell is available at pretty low levels meaning that it won’t be long before you have access to it. And whilst there are spells that can get you further away from the action or protect you more fully, as a quick and effective “get out of jail free card” (as they say in Monopoly), it is perfect.

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