Metamagic 5e

Greetings and salutations, magicfolk! In today’s guide, we will investigate the wondrous world of Metamagic. Metamagic is a fascinating and powerful aspect of spellcasting; whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a fledgling magical practitioner, understanding how to utilize Metamagic 5e can make a significant difference in the success of your casting and your overall gameplay and roleplay experiences.

In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Metamagic 5e, including, but not limited to, what it is, how to use it effectively, and which options are best to choose in which circumstances.

We’ll also take a deep dive into some of the top frequently asked questions about the mechanics of this class of magic and discuss how it can be used in combat and in combination with multiclassing. We’ll also explore how certain spell combinations can create magical synergy and lead to results that are greater than the sum of their parts.

By the end of this guide, even a novice magician will come away with a solid understanding of the intricacies of Metamagic and how to use it adeptly to create a unique and powerful spell-slinger.

I had never been in so dire a situation, my back pressed against the rough stone wall and a horde of monsters closing in. I had already used my most potent spells, and my magical energy was running low.

In a moment of sheer desperation, I cast one last spell, reaching down deep into the magical well within myself… And my magic cracked and warped, tearing at the very fabric of creation itself, evolving in a way I had never imagined before.

My eyes widened as I saw this mutant spell take shape, a brilliant burst of energy that tore through the horde, decimating their ranks. With the monsters momentarily stunned, I took my chance and sprinted towards the exit.

I knew that this newfound magical ability was something to be reckoned with, but at that moment, I was just grateful for the chance to escape with my life intact.

-Excerpt from the memoirs of Zalroth the Magnificent, Magical Archivist of the Tower of Huroyl

What is Metamagic 5e?

Metamagic is a fascinating feature within the realm of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition that sets Sorcerers apart from other spellcasting classes. With this unique tool, Sorcerers have the ability to manipulate their spells in a myriad of ways, altering their range, duration, target, and potency.

By harnessing the power of Metamagic, Sorcerers can even cast spells that would otherwise require a higher level of magical expertise, or modify spells that would take far longer to cast through conventional means.

This powerful tool can effectively shift the course of a battle, giving Sorcerers the upper hand when it counts. With the ability to change the very nature of their spells, Sorcerers can tailor their magical prowess to fit the situation at hand, allowing them to cast spells that are more effective, or that have unique effects that simply can’t be found in standard spells.

By essentially bending the rules of magic, sorcerers can masterfully manipulate their spells in ways that few others can match.

Sorcerers have access to a wide range of Metamagic options, each with unique benefits. Some options let Sorcerers cast spells quickly, while others allow them to affect multiple targets with a single spell.

There are also options that let sorcerers make their spells more potent, extend their duration, or even change the type of damage a spell inflicts. The sheer range of options makes Metamagic a versatile and powerful tool for Sorcerers to have at their disposal.

In order to use Metamagic, a Sorcerer must expend sorcery points, which are unique resources that only Sorcerers possess. These points can be used to enhance the sorcerer’s spells, and the number of points required varies depending on the Metamagic option being used.

While sorcery points can be replenished during a long rest, they are a limited resource, and sorcerers must carefully manage their use of Metamagic to ensure they don’t run out of sorcery points during a critical moment.

Best Metamagic Options to Choose

Verily, dear adventurer, the art of Metamagic can turn the tides of battle in your favor. As a Sorcerer, selecting the right Metamagic options can elevate your power to new heights. Take heed of these options in the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons:

Twinned Spell

Twinned Spell: A versatile option, this allows you to target two creatures with a single-target spell, doubling your impact. This can be particularly useful for spells like Haste or Polymorph, which can enhance the abilities of your allies to a great degree.

Quickened Spell

Quickened Spell: In dire situations where swiftness is key, this option lets you cast a spell as a bonus action. This can be particularly effective for spells like Fireball or Lightning Bolt, dealing a significant amount of damage in a flash.

Heightened Spell

Heightened Spell: If your foes have high saving throw bonuses, this option can increase your chances of successfully using spells like Hold Person or Dominate Person to incapacitate or control them. 

Subtle Spell

Subtle Spell: This option allows you to cast a spell without verbal or somatic components, making it difficult for others to detect. This can be particularly useful for spells like Charm Person or Suggestion, where the target may be suspicious of your intentions.

Empowered Spell

Empowered Spell: This option lets you reroll some of the dice used to determine the effects of a spell. It’s particularly effective for spells like Magic Missile or Scorching Ray, which involve multiple dice rolls.

Choosing the best Metamagic options for your sorcerer depends on your playstyle and the kind of encounters you expect to face. Consider your spell list and the types of challenges you may encounter to make the most effective choices.

How to use Metamagic 5e

Metamagic can be a game-changer for any savvy 5th-edition Sorcerer. This powerful ability allows a Sorcerer to twist their spells in many ways, increasing their potency and turning the tide of a battle. But it comes at a cost — a Sorcerer must spend Sorcery Points to use Metamagic, and the amount required varies depending on the option used.

To use Metamagic, a Sorcerer must select an option and then cast a spell of their choosing. The chosen Metamagic must be applied before casting the spell, and only one option can be used on each spell. However, a Sorcerer can use multiple Metamagic options on the same turn if they have the necessary Sorcery Points.

With practice and skill, a Sorcerer can master Metamagic and use it to manipulate the battlefield and their foes with devastating effects.

Metamagic in Combat

Metamagic is indeed a powerful tool that can give you an edge in combat by making your spells more potent and versatile if you’re wise about how you apply it! Let me share some tips on how to use Metamagic wisely in battle:

Firstly, there is Quickened Spell, the bread and butter of combat Metamagic. By spending 2 sorcery points, you can cast a spell as a bonus action instead of an action. This is especially useful for spells with a casting time of one action, as it allows you to cast two spells in a single turn or even a cantrip and a spell in the same turn.

Then, there is Twinned Spell, which allows you to target two creatures with a single-target spell. This can be particularly useful when taking on two enemies at once. It’s especially powerful when used on spells like Haste or Hold Person.

For tougher foes, there is Heightened Spell. This Metamagic can give an enemy disadvantage on their saving throw against your spell by spending 3 sorcery points. It’s especially useful for spells like Hold Monster or Banishment.

Subtle Spell is another Metamagic that can be incredibly helpful in combat. It allows you to cast spells without any verbal or somatic components, making it easier to cast spells without alerting your enemies. It’s especially useful for spells like Charm Person or Suggestion.

Finally, there is Careful Spell, which allows you to exclude creatures from the area of effect of your spells. This is especially useful for spells like Fireball or Thunderwave, where you want to target a large area without hitting your allies.

Remember, adventurers, by using Metamagic wisely in combat, you can gain the upper hand in battle. However, it’s important to use it carefully and sparingly, as sorcery points are a limited resource.

Metamagic and Spell Selection

The spells you choose to cast can greatly impact the effectiveness of your Metamagic options. When selecting spells, consider the following:

Spell Range: Metamagic can greatly extend the range of a spell. Choosing spells with shorter ranges can limit the effectiveness of this option. Look for spells with longer ranges to take full advantage of Metamagic like Distant Spell or take the Spell Sniper feat for even greater range.

Spell Duration: Spells that last for multiple rounds or minutes are great options for extending the effect of Metamagic like Heightened Spell or Extended Spell.

Number of Targets: Spells that target multiple creatures can be great choices for Metamagic options like Twinned Spell or Empowered Spell.

Spell Components: Spells with costly or difficult-to-acquire components can be difficult to cast multiple times in a single day. Consider using Metamagic options like Subtle Spell or Quickened Spell to save those spells for when they’re most needed.

By selecting spells that complement your chosen metamagic options, you can greatly increase the versatility and effectiveness of your spellcasting.

Metamagic and Multiclassing

Multiclassing in D&D 5e allows players to create unique character builds by mixing different classes together. When it comes to Sorcerers, multiclassing can be a great way to enhance their spellcasting ability, and Metamagic is a key component that can be incorporated into this mix.

Wizard or Cleric

One way to use Metamagic in multiclassing is to take levels in another spellcasting class, such as a Wizard or a Cleric. This allows you to gain access to new spells and spell slots, which can then be combined with Metamagic to create unique spell combinations. For example, a Sorcerer/Wizard multiclass can use Twinned Spell to cast two spells at once, or a Sorcerer/Cleric can use Distant Spell to increase the range of a healing spell.

Fighter or Paladin

Another way to utilize Metamagic in multiclassing is to take levels in a martial class, such as a Fighter or a Paladin. This can provide additional combat prowess, which can then be enhanced by using Metamagic to augment spells that can deal damage or incapacitate enemies.

For example, a Sorcerer/Fighter multiclass can use Quickened Spell to cast a spell and then follow up with a weapon attack, or a Sorcerer/Paladin can use Empowered Spell to increase the damage dealt by a divine spell.

It is important to note that multiclassing can be complex, and requires careful planning to ensure that the character build remains viable and effective. When incorporating Metamagic into a multiclassed character, it is important to consider the spells that will be used, the available spell slots, and how the Metamagic options will be used to enhance the spells.

GameCows Tip: Consider, for example, that a Paladin’s Smite can’t be modified by Metamagic, as it isn’t a spell. Other classes may have similar limitations, so beware!

Overall, Metamagic can be a powerful tool in multiclassing, allowing players to create unique and effective character builds that combine the strengths of different classes. It is important to carefully consider the options available and to plan out the character build in advance to ensure that it is both viable and effective.

What is the Metamagic Adept Feat?

The Metamagic Adept Feat is a special feat available in 5th edition that allows you to gain two Metamagic options and two Sorcery points. This is a great feat for those who want to dip their toes into the world of Metamagic without committing fully to a Sorcerer class or spending all of their levels on the class.

This feat can be taken by any character class that has the ability to cast spells, and it can be taken multiple times. With the Metamagic Adept Feat, players can add a little bit of extra flair to their spells, making them more powerful, versatile, and overall more fun to use.

This feat is especially useful for characters who want to be more tactical in combat, as the added options and Sorcery points can help them adapt to any situation. Overall, the Metamagic Adept Feat is an excellent choice for any spellcaster who wants to add some extra oomph to their magic.

Metamagic and Spell Synergy

In addition to its use in making spells more effective or versatile, Metamagic can also enhance the effects of certain spells when used in combination with other spells.

By selecting the right Metamagic options and spells, you can create powerful synergies that make your character more effective in combat, exploration, and social situations. Here are some examples of Metamagic and spell combinations that work well together:

Empowered Spell + Scorching Ray: The Empowered Spell option allows you to reroll some of the damage dice of a spell. When used with Scorching Ray, which requires multiple attack rolls, you can reroll any dice that come up as low damage, potentially increasing your damage output significantly.

Quickened Spell + Hold Person: The Quickened Spell option lets you cast a spell as a bonus action instead of an action, which is especially useful in combat. By using Quickened Spell to cast Hold Person, you can incapacitate an enemy and then use your action to attack them while they are paralyzed.

Subtle Spell + Charm Person: The Subtle Spell option lets you cast a spell without any verbal or somatic components, making it a powerful tool in social situations. By using Subtle Spell to cast Charm Person, you can charm someone without alerting their allies or attracting unwanted attention.

Heightened Spell + Dominate Person: The Heightened Spell option lets you impose disadvantage on a target’s saving throw against a spell. When used with Dominate Person, which allows you to control a humanoid, you can ensure that your target fails their saving throw, giving you complete control over them.

By experimenting with different combinations of Metamagic and spells, you can create a character that is versatile and effective in a variety of situations. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that Metamagic can be expensive in terms of sorcery points, so it’s important to use it judiciously.

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Metamagic 5e FAQs

Can you use Metamagic on cantrips?

Yes, you can use Metamagic on cantrips as long as the Metamagic options do not specify otherwise. However, keep in mind that cantrips are already balanced for unlimited use, so using Metamagic on cantrips might not give you the advantage you’d hope.

Does Metamagic use sorcery points?

Yes, Metamagic uses sorcery points. Each time you use a Metamagic option, you must spend sorcery points. The number of points required depends on the specific Metamagic option you choose.

Does Metamagic “stack”?

No, Metamagic does not stack. You can only apply one Metamagic option to a spell at a time. If you apply another Metamagic option to the same spell, the first one is replaced.

Can I use Metamagic on reactions?

Kinda? In general, you cannot use Metamagic on reactions. However, you can apply Metamagic when you cast a spell as an action, bonus action, or reaction.

Can you cast 2 spells with Quickened Spell?

In a way yes, in a way no. Quickened Spell makes it so that a given spell is counted as a Bonus Action rather than a full action.

However, Sorcerers are also bound by another trait of their class, namely that spells that are cast as a bonus action limit the other spells that are able to be cast on the same turn.

On pg. 202 of the PHB, it states that a spell cast as a bonus action during a turn makes it so that the only other spells that can be cast during the rest of the turn are cantrips. So, you can cast a leveled spell and a cantrip in one turn (two spells, yay), but you can’t, for instance, chuck two Fireballs in the same turn.

What is the difference between Heightened Spell and Empowered Spell?

Heightened Spell and Empowered Spell are two different Metamagic options. Heightened Spell allows you to impose disadvantage on the saving throw for a spell, while Empowered Spell allows you to re-roll any number of damage dice for a spell. Heightened Spell makes your spell harder to resist, while Empowered Spell can improve the damage on your spell hits.

How do I know how many sorcery points I have?

You can find your total number of sorcery points on your class table in the Player’s Handbook. The table shows the number of sorcery points you have at each level, as well as the maximum number of sorcery points you can have at any given time.

What is the difference between Twinned Spell and Distant Spell?

Twinned Spell allows you to target an additional creature with a spell that can target only one creature. Distant Spell doubles the range of a spell that has a range of touch or self.

How do I regain sorcery points?

You regain all spent sorcery points when you finish a long rest. You can also spend Hit Dice to regain sorcery points during a short rest.

How many sorcery points do I need to spend to use Metamagic?

The number of sorcery points you need to spend to use Metamagic depends on the specific Metamagic option you choose. Each option has a different cost, which is outlined in the Player’s Handbook.

Final Thoughts on Metamagic 5e

Metamagic is a powerful tool indeed. With it, you can enhance your spells to suit your needs and become a formidable force in combat. Twinned Spell, Quickened Spell, and Heightened Spell are among the finest options to consider, but you must carefully choose the option that best aligns with your play style and the spells at your disposal.

Planning is paramount when using Metamagic, for each option requires the expenditure of precious sorcery points. You should also possess a deep understanding of the spells you intend to apply Metamagic to, to fully realize their potential.

Overall, Metamagic is a fantastic method to add diversity and flexibility to your spellcasting abilities as a sorcerer, enabling you to overcome any challenge and emerge victorious. So, be bold and experiment with various options to discover the best path forward for you.

Fly, you fools! (Into combat, adventurers, into combat!)

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