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Loxodon 5e

Loxodon 5e

Loxodons are often oases of calm in Ravnica. They hum or chant in sonorous tones and move slowly or sit in perfect stillness. As they say, “There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”

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What are Loxodon in 5e?

Loxodon is the 5e DnD’s humanoid elephant race. They exhibit many of the traits associated with elephants. They have long memories, are kind, stubborn, and are large enough to crush a kobold without a second thought. 

Loxodon are solid and loyal. Their morals and temperament lend themselves to lawful and good alignments. They also have advantages to constitution and wisdom, which can benefit a range of classes.

So, are Loxodon a good choice for your next campaign character? 

Loxodon 5e Lore & Culture

Their homeland largely shapes Loxodon culture. Loxodon hail from the oasis land of Ravinca, a place where few 5e adventurers have yet to go. Those travelers who are familiar with Magic the Gathering may have some knowledge of this land.

The world of Ravnica is covered entirely by a single city. Every inch of the planet is engulfed in some kind of development, from ruins to gilded towers and populated by various races.

The creatures living here experience a near-constant power struggle between ten competing guilds. In an attempt to squash guild-on-guild violence, the guild leaders forged a truce. This Guldpact established a tenuous peace. In contemporary times, each guild takes care of one specific aspect of a city. 

Despite some remaining tensions, the world of Ravnica has flourished under the Guildpact. The Loxodon have similarly thrived as artisans, stone builders, and industrious laborers.

Loxodon are dedicated and loyal. They complete any task once they have set their mind to it. Loxodon also apply loyalty and steadfastness in familial and social relationships. 

Though their compassion has limits, the Loxodon usually exhibits patience when challenged but will respond with concerted decisive action if pushed too far. Most of their neighbors accept their friendship and fear their wrath. 

The guild or background to which a Loxodon belongs determines a big part of their personality, temperament, and interests. By the nature of Ravnica, Loxodon could belong to any guild. However, Loxodon usually chose the guilds of Orzhov, Azorius, or Selesnya.

Loxodon 5e Guilds in Ravnica

Selesnyan Loxodon

The enlighted community of Selesnya encourages all its members to embrace meditation and strive for coexistence with the world. Loxodon in this community is committed to defending its ideals from the influence of other, more ambitious guilds, using force if necessary.

Though this guild has no designated hierarchy, Loxodon usually finds themselves among the most respected of this guild. 

Many revere Selesnyan Loxodon for their stoic disposition and profound wisdom. Loxodon of this guild tend to be Druids and Clerics. Their knowledge of nature and dedication to tranquility make them excellent mediators. 

Azorius Loxodon

The Azorius guild establishes law and order in the land of Ravnica. They are the ones that both enact and enforce laws. They act with legal authority that commands respect.

The members of this guild are proficient in insight and intimidation. They are allowed entry and audience in almost every situation. They ensure that the society of Ravnica runs smoothly. 

The naturally patient Loxodon are well suited to the Azorius guild. Legal bureaucracy does not intimidate Loxodon with piles of red tape. They can face paperwork without getting frustrated.

Their fierce loyalty binds them to the cause of law and order for all that dwell in Ravnica. 

Orzhov Loxodon

The desire to acquire wealth drives a representative of the Orzhov guild. All of the workings of this guild involve funneling wealth from Ravnica society to the top members of the guild. Those at the bottom do their best to defraud, skim and threaten to gain money and work their way up the ranks. 

The Loxodon that belong to this guild are usually the muscle or enforcers. Loxodon will align their loyalties to their guild. Orzhov’s corrupt leaders will use this and the strength of the Loxodon to extract payment from the most headstrong accounts.

Loxodon Appearance

Loxodon are medium-sized creatures. However, they hit the limits of what can be considered medium. They stand over 7 feet tall and weigh between 300 and 400 pounds.

Their hands have four digits and use a long opposable trunk for extra gripping power. They stand on two feet that resemble the feet of elephants. Their heads largely resemble a traditional elephant’s, often including impressive tusks and large ears. 

Loxodon’s appearance also reflects their background. Those from the Selesnyan guild tend to embrace the naturalist look of someone who has just returned from their first trip to India. They tend to dawn flowing robes and display a serene expression and a oneness with nature.

Azorius Loxodon take on a more serious look. Often they will carve law magic into their tusks and wear the regalia that reflects their place in law and order.

Orzhov Loxodon tend to flaunt their wealth. They often wear garish outfits with jewelry to match, reflecting their opulent positions.

Loxodon Names

Loxodon names reflect their rich, long cultural memory. They often reflect their family history and include titles to denote rank. Most names of Loxodon are easier to understand and pronounce appropriately with the proper elephantine anatomy.

Their names tend to incorporate grander sounds, similar to sounds we hear elephants make.

Loxodon Male NamesLoxodon Female Names

Loxodon Racial Stats 5e

Loxodon have several unique racial traits and bonuses. 

Ability score increase: Loxodon have a racial bonus of a +2 to the constitution and a +1 to wisdom. The wisdom bonus is excellent if you plan to play as a Cleric, Druid, or Ranger. Every class can benefit from an extra buff to constitution. 

Alignment: Loxodon tend to be lawful because of their staunch attitude. They are difficult to sway from their principles. There are some not-so-nice Loxodon. However, their long memories and wise nature lead them away from true evil. 

Age: Loxodon live long lives. They, on average, live for about 450 years. However, they age at more or less the same rate as humans. Their long life spans allow for exciting character development. Loxodon are still considered young at age 50, soplayers can create an extensive backstory for a well-seasoned 400-year-old. 

Size: Loxodon are medium in size. They max out at 8 feet and 400 pounds. Loxodon push the limits of what can be considered medium. Loxodon share the same spaces as humans and halflings; their size commands respect. 

Powerful Build: Due to the size and strength that naturally accompany the Loxodon, they can carry, push, drag, and lift as if one size larger. This added strength can come in handy when your party runs into a seemingly unmovable object. 

Loxodon Serenity: The stoic nature of the Loxodon grants them an advantage against being charmed or frightened. This feature can be beneficial to your party. If the party encounters a particularly terrifying monster, your Loxodon character will stand their ground and deflect tons of damage. 

Natural Armor: Your thick skin provides natural protection from most kinds of damage. You start with an AC of 12 without armor. 

Trunk: One of the benefits of being an elephant person is you get the use of a trunk. Trunks reach 5 feet and lift as many pounds as is equal to five times their strength ability score. Trunks can also do basic movements and simple manipulations of options. 

Keen Smell: Loxodon can also use their trunks to detect the faintest smells. Loxodons roll advantage on perception, survival, and investigation checks that involve smell.

What are the best classes for the Loxodon race?

Loxodon have a buff to constitution, which is great for any class. The +2 to wisdom is excellent for Monks, Druids, Rangers, and Clerics. The Loxodon are particularly suited to the Unity Domain Cleric subclass.

Beginning at the first level, Unity Doman Clerics form strong bonds with their allies. Emboldening Bond allows the Loxodon’s friends to gain 1d4 to an attack, skill check, or saving throw. At the second level, the Unity Bond Cleric can use Channel Divinity: Share Burden to divide the damage taken by one ally amongst the other party members.

At level 6, Unity Bond Clerics can actively protect allies from harm. All of these abilities fit right in with the loyal Loxodon. If you plan to play a Loxodon, Unity Bond Cleric might be the build to choose.  

Should you choose to play as a Loxodon?

Loxodon are one of the myriad races that compose the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition universe. They have significant benefits, such as strength, endurance, and loyalty.

Their size can also be an inhibitor. Loxodon cannot hide in the shadows as easily as some other races. However, their physicality is not a limit to the possibilities.

DnD is a subjective game, and there may be the perfect place for a Loxodon in your next campaign. 

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