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Kalashtar 5e

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Psychic dream shamans rebelling against the encroaching dark.

The dark eye is watching me, though not in dreams. I do not dream, though others tell me I often wake in fright. As the eye watches me I keep watch on myselves, both current and past. It is the only way to keep the darkness at bay.

What is a Kalashtar 5e?

Kalashtar 5e are Quori spirits that merged with human bodies to fight against the Dreaming Dark. The Dreaming Dark is an order of psychic Quori spies and assassins from Dal Quor the Region of Dreams, who want to stop the natural cycle of light and dark.

Some Quori rebelled, taking refuge in sixty-seven human bodies, which descended into Kalashtar.

Kalashtar and Dal Quor are unique to the Eberron campaign setting. If you want to use Kalashthar in Forgotten Realms, you can treat them as planetouched by the Plane of Dreams, similar to how Aasimar are planetouched by Mount Celestia.

Kalashtar 5e Racial Stats

Per Eberron: Rising From the Last War, Kalashtar have the following stats and abilities:

  • Ability Score Increase. Wisdom +2, Charisma +1
  • Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Quori, and one other language of your choice.
  • Creature type. Humanoid.
  • Size. Medium.
  • Speed. 30 feet.
  • Alignment. Lawful Good. 

Kalashtar 5e Abilities

Dual Mind. Advantage on Wisdom saving throws.

Mental Discipline. Resistance to psychic damage.

Mind Link. Speak telepathically to a creature you see. Range is 10 times your level. You don’t need to speak the same language, but the creature must know a language. Use an action to speak telepathically with a creature for 1 hour. The creature must see you. One creature at a time.

Severed from Dreams. You draw memories from Quori instead of dreaming. Immune to spells and other magical effects that require you to dream.

Are Kalasthar good in 5e?

Kalashtar is a very strong race. Some DnD players even think they’re overpowered. Dual Mind’s cost of a reaction for advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws is very cheap compared to its ability to nerf powerful spells like Hold Person, Crown of Madness, or Command.

Additionally, Mind Link essentially makes Kalstar proficient in all languages. 

Why should you play a Kalashtar?

Kalasthar offer great opportunities for role-playing as they are constantly pursued by the Dreaming Dark and can explore their past lives through the memories of their Quori. You can also communicate with almost anyone through Mind Link. 

Fighting-wise, having advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws is incredibly handy. Combined with resistance to psychic damage, Kalashtar are very hardy against magic.

What does a Kalashtar look like?

Kalashtar are tall, slender, and graceful, with angular features and almond-shaped eyes. Kalashar wear flowing robes, harem pants, and other garb appropriate to their monastic heritage. They tend to let their hair grow long instead of shaving it.

Kalashtar 5e age

Kalashtar age similarly to humans, but because of their link to the dream world, they tend to live a bit longer, with an average lifespan of 90-100 years. Kalashtar memories may live on forever in the dream realm, however. 

Kalashtar 5e Names

Kalashtar 5e names are two to five syllables long with hard, hissing consonants. Male Kalashtar 5e names tend to end with -harath, -khad, -melk, or -tash. Female Kalashtar 5e names tend to end with -kashtai, -shana, -tari, or -vakri.

Instead of surnames, Kashtar take the name of their Quori spirit, if they happen to know it. 

Kalashtar Male NamesKalashtar Female Names

What class is best for a Kalashtar?

Kalashtar are optimal for Druid builds. Not only do Kalashtar get a +2 Wisdom booster that synergizes with Druids, but Mind Link lets them telepathically communicate with their party while in Wild Shape.

Normally you can’t talk to your party while in Wild Shape, but Kalashtar’s ability circumvents this restriction. Circle of Dreams Druids are an especially great fit for Kalashtar thematically.

Monks rely on Wisdom for their AC and so benefit from the Kalashtar Wisdom boost. Monks also fit in well with Kalashtar thematically, since Quori originally inhabited the bodies of Aradan monks to escape the Dreaming Dark. 

Rangers and Clerics use Wisdom for the spellcasting and are also a solid Kalashtar choice.

GameCows Tip: A College of Whispers Bard is also fun with Kalashtar. Starting at 3rd level, Words of Terror will let you drive others mad…with your mind!

Kalashtar 5e background

The original Kashthar were a group of 67 monks from a monastery in Adar called Kasshta Keep. When Quori escaped the Dreaming Dark through mortal dreams, they wound up in the dream of Hazgaal, leader of Kasshta Keep.

Hazgaal and sixty-six of his students offered their bodies as safe havens for the Quori, becoming the first Kalashtar.

Quori 5e

Quori spirits are extensions of the energy of Dal Quor, and are living embodiments of dreams and nightmares. Dal Quor invaded the mortal realm in ancient times, before being cut off with the help of Dragons. 

Taratai was a kalaraq Quori sage. When Taratai discovered that Dal Quor underwent big-bang-like cycles of light and dark, he created the Path of the Light, which embraces change and maintains balance.

The other Quori view the cycles as an existential threat and mercilessly pursue the Quori and their Kalashtar hosts in the form of the Dreaming Dark.

Kalashtar 5e FAQ

Are Kalashtar born or created?

Kalashtar breed normally. When the Quori rebels merged with the Aradan monks, they became a true-breeding race. The sixty-seven original Kalashtar reincarnate Quori spirits through generations, with one Quori able to represent an entire bloodline.

Can a Kalashtar be any race?

Kalashtar are humans according to the official lore. If you want to make a Kalashtar a different race, you’ll have to tweak their powers since Kalashtar are already quite powerful.

Can Kalashtar see their Quori?

Kalashtar can’t physically see or communicate with their Quori, but they can still get an overall impression. Many Kalashtar know the name of their Quori as well. 

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