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Inflict Wounds 5e Spell

Inflict Wounds 5e Spell

A Cleric reaches forward, her hand surrounded by a strange dark energy. Her foe winces, then screams as their life force is forcibly drained through her powerful inflict wounds spell. 

What is Inflict Wounds Spell?

The spell’s text from the Basic Rules reads: “Make a melee spell attack against a creature you can reach. On a hit, the target takes 3d10 necrotic damage. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d10 for each slot level above 1st.”

Inflict Wounds 5e Stats

Casting Time1 Action
ClassesCleric, Paladin*, Sorcerer**
ComponentsVerbal, Somatic
Duration Instantaneous
*Oathbreaker | **Divine Soul
Lvl Dice Min Avg Max
1st 3d10 3 16.5 30
2nd 4d10 4 22 40
3rd 5d10 5 27.5 50
4th 6d10 6 33 60
5th 7d10 7 38.5 70
6th 8d10 8 44 80
7th 9d10 9 49.5 90
8th 10d10 10 55 100
9th 11d10 11 60.5 110

How Does Inflict Wounds Work?

Inflict Wounds is a very basic damage-dealing spell. You touch someone and literally inflict some wounds if your spell attack hits. 

Is Inflict Wounds a Good Spell?

Inflict Wounds can be a good spell, but it has one serious drawback: being a melee spell. For its level, Inflict Wounds does a tremendous amount of damage; since it’s necrotic, most foes won’t resist it. At 1st level, your character can do an average of 15 points of necrotic damage (compared to 7 or 8 points of damage from weapon users at that level). 

The downside is that you have to get into melee with your opponent. There are ways to get around that, though. Many Clerics have access to medium and heavy armor, allowing you to get into the fray without worrying about personal safety. 

Additionally, this could be a good spell if you find yourself in a conversation or social interaction gone very wrong. Any excuse to get close to someone, like talking, could put you in range for a sneaky spell. Sorcerers, in particular, could put Inflict Wounds to good use with the Metamagic option Subtle Spell. 

Which Classes Can Use Inflict Wounds?

Inflict Wounds is on the Cleric spell list and is therefore available to Divine Soul Sorcerers. Oathbreaker Paladins automatically have Inflict Wounds prepared.