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How to Find a DnD Group

How to Find a DnD Group

Movies, TV show references, and popular podcasts have turned Dungeons & Dragons into a household name. Due to DnD’s increased popularity, finding someone who hasn’t heard of this roleplaying game would be difficult. Many people are now on the lookout for their own chance at a tabletop adventure. However, many are met with one of the most difficult quests in DnD: finding a DnD Group.

Even experienced players need help finding a new group. Getting a group of adults together for a dinner party, let alone a multi-session fantasy campaign, takes a lot of work. However, once it comes together, it is a truly beautiful thing.

So get excited to start building a character and exploring a captivating fantasy world. If you don’t know who to ask or where to start, check out these helpful hints for finding a DnD gaming group. 

How to Find DnD Gaming Groups Near You

You will encounter two main types of DnD groups: those who meet in person and those who meet exclusively online. Both are great options, depending on your situation. 

If you live in a smaller town, online games may suit you. Online games are also an excellent choice for those who have anxiety regarding meeting new people. You can truly become your character without ever leaving your home. 

You also have options if you are daring enough to walk up to a stranger and ask them to play make-believe with you. Many campaigns today take place in person. You just have to know where to look. 


It may be surprising how many people you interact with daily are interested in tabletop games. The stigma around playing live-action RPGs like DnD is slowly melting into the cultural background. A coworker, the local barista, or a bartender might be running a campaign you can join. It couldn’t hurt to ask. People often surprise you.

Local Stores

Local gaming stores and hobby shops are a great stop on your search for an in-person DnD group. Local game stores often have bulletin boards where gamers post about events and campaigns. Some stores even host games in-house. If you need help locating gaming stores near you, Wizards of the Coast lists stores by zip code on their website.

Even if there are not any games currently running or being advertised at that location, they are an excellent way to build a relationship with the local gaming community and be the first to know when a campaign starts. 

You could even post your gaming interests on the local bulletin board. If you want to join a DnD 5e campaign, post what you are looking for, and you may get some responses. When it is time to meet your new group, you will already have a known local spot for your first meet-up. 

Local Conventions and Events

Be on the lookout for local tabletop gaming conventions. The site Warhorn keeps a running list of in-person and online tabletop events and conventions. Attending conventions is a great way to connect with the gaming world, learn more about the DnD universe, and find fellow adventurers.  

Online Communities

Social media is another excellent tool for connecting people. Many of these sites are free to join and offer many resources and ways to meet players. You may also find a group using an online platform you already use. Next time you log in, search for groups near you that are organizing tabletop sessions. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great place to find many different kinds of online communities, and DnD communities are no exception. There are hundreds of groups on Facebook dedicated solely to DnD. Many of these groups are all about connecting would-be players to campaigns. You can type in your location and quickly find groups near you. 


If you live in a decent-sized city, you can search the local subreddit for “DnD.” Alternatively, you can make a post and see if anyone in your area would be interested in meeting up for session 0. Make sure you only meet with strangers in public places and let friends and family know where you are going.     

Another excellent place to start is r/lfg (looking for a group). The subreddit r/lfg is dedicated to connecting players with like-minded tabletop gaming groups. Some users are advertising offline games, usually in bigger cities. This subreddit is an excellent tool if you live in a town and don’t want to take a chance in larger in-person gaming spaces or conventions. A lot of posts on the r/lfg subreddit advertise online games. Playing in an entirely online game is another way to engage with DnD 5e.

How to Play DnD Online

If you can’t find a suitable in-person game, you can always find a group that meets online. There are many options for online gaming.

Online Forums

An excellent place to start is with online forum websites. These sites allow real people to communicate in a moderated setting. All of the following sites have forums dedicated to finding online DnD groups. 

  • Reddit 
  • Adventurer’s League


DnD’s increased popularity in recent years has led to the creation of many DnD podcasts and streams. These creators often have Discord servers where fans can connect. These servers often have channels designed for players seeking groups and vice versa.

Though players must receive an invite to join any Discord server, this platform has connected tabletop players for years. It is one of the best digital spaces for communication. Many of the forum and podcast sites offer easy access to their Discord servers. 

Roll 20

Roll 20 is one of the most popular ways to find an online game. Navigation is straightforward. There is a search function that allows players to explore multiple different types of RPGs, including all forms of DnD. Click the “Join a Game” option on the navigation bar and browse the possibilities.

Roll 20 offers free and for-pay games, each with advantages and disadvantages. For-pay games are more likely to have professional DMs. These DMs are more likely to be patient with new players. Free games can also have experienced and serious DMs willing to work with newbies, but there is less of a guarantee. Roll 20 offers plenty of selection, so feel free to walk away from a group that is not right for you.

Once you find an online group, you may use various platforms like Discord to communicate and organize campaigns.

Start Your Own Game

When in doubt, do you yourself. DnD is accessible to all. There is an endless amount of source material and adventure books available online. DnD Starter Kits offer everything you’ll need to be adventuring. 

Consider being the DM, even if you are completely new to DnD. Offering to run a game is a fantastic way to get new and old players interested. Your recruits might be more inclined to join if you are willing to step up at a DM. Additionally, you will learn the game and will be well-suited to join new campaigns in the future. 

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How Do You Find People To Play DnD With You?

Check out local gaming stores, online forums, social media groups, and official DnD forms. DMs are often looking to start new campaigns. 

Where Is The Best Place To Find Dnd Groups?

Roll 20 is the easiest way to find an online DnD group. 

Can I Play in an Online DnD group for Free?

Some online games are free, and some campaigns cost money. Roll 20 offers both paid and free game options.