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Hex 5e Spell DnD

Hex 5e Spell DnD

When creating a new character, you have choices. Choose a DnD race. You can pick from the High Elves to aggressive and cunning goblins. With 5e DnD, there are a dizzying amount of standard and homebrew player races.

Once you’ve tackled the race question, you have to move on the accepting a class. But let’s not get political. Most classes fall into these categories: tanks, high hit points, heavy armor, support, squishier and rely more on using their skills to help others, and magic users—many combinations of all types.

Starting as a spell caster in Dungeons and Dragons can be an intimidating task. It can be daunting to look at the list of spells and cantrips and try to make sense of all possible combinations. Why not consider the concentration-based spell Hex 5e?

Curse your enemies and see them driven before you! Well, the Hex 5e spell gives you that opportunity. Choose your target, limit their abilities, and give them some extra necrotic damage.

What is the Hex Spell?

Hex is a level 1 Warlock enchantment spell. Warlocks are spellcasters that use the ability score of charisma, known as charisma caster. A Warlock creates a spell list and then uses that game to destroy anyone who opposes them.

Warlocks, like most magic users, have a certain number of spell slots depending on your spell casting level. You need at least one level one spell slot to use a level one spell. The same goes for level 2 spells. You need to have one available spell slot at that level. Don’t worry, this is supposed to be a helpful mechanic.

How does Hex 5e Spell work?

At the first level, Hex allows you to take a bonus action and concentrate on a target for an hour. During that hour, you can force your target to roll a disadvantage on an ability check on a skill of your choice. That target also takes extra damage every time you hit them, 1d6 sweet necrotic damage.

Your charisma caster levels up, and the impact of Hex increases. When your character gains another spell caster level and additional higher-level spell slots, you have the opportunity to dominate the battlefield. You can hold your spell concentration for up to eight hours at spell slot levels three and four. You can concentrate on hex for up to 24 hours at level five.

You don’t have to worry about wasting your spell concentration on only one target. When your initial target inevitably falls to your immense power and majesty, you can direct Hex to another target of your choice within range.

The downside to Hex 5e

One downside to Hex is that it is a spell that requires concentration. Basically, this means that you can only use one of these types of spells at a time. For example, if you had hexed the duel-wielding barbarian thief and noticed his boss was getting away. You would have to drop your hex to use a spell-like hold person to stop the big bad evil guy from getting away.

Also, if you use a concentration spell, you must make a constitution save to maintain your concentration if attacked. As always, DM has the final say on when and how your concentration is broken.

Is Hex 5e a good spell?

Yes, Hex is a great spell. It goes great with the Warlock build. It allows for extra damage to multiple targets. If your target dies, use a bonus action and pick a new target. Continue to move targets until your concentration ends.

Hex allows casters to stay competitive with their martial party mates. Hex duration also scales as your player adds spell casting levels. Hex also is an excellent companion to Eldrich Blast. With the Hex EB combo, you will be closer to one-shoting that annoying minotaur skeleton you’ve seen wandering around your local graveyard.

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