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Halfling Names 5e

Halfling Names 5e

How do you name DnD’s classic, happy-go-lucky souls?

“Petunia Pebblebottom is only 3 feet tall, but more woman than I could ever handle”

—Traveler’s Diary

How are Halflings named in DnD 5e?

DnD’s official guidance for Halfling names is as follows:

A halfling has a given name, a family name, and possibly a nickname. Family names are often nicknames that stuck so tenaciously they have been passed down through the generations.

Male Names: Alton, Ander, Cade, Corrin, Eldon, Errich, Finnan, Garret, Lindal, Lyle, Merric, Milo, Osborn, Perrin, Reed, Roscoe, Wellby

Female Names: Andry, Bree, Callie, Cora, Euphemia, Jillian, Kithri, Lavinia, Lidda, Merla, Nedda, Paela, Portia, Seraphina, Shaena, Trym, Vani, Verna

Family Names: Brushgather, Goodbarrel, Greenbottle, High-hill, Hilltopple, Leagallow, Tealeaf, Thorngage, Tosscobble, Underbough

Interesting, but not exactly inspiring! For some more Halfling naming inspiration, we need to see what inspired DnD! You can also check out our Halfling Name Generator!

Where does the name “Halfling” come from?

DnD 5e’s Halflings are heavily influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth mythos. Halflings were even originally called Hobbits in DnD’s first printings! The word “halfling” to refer to Hobbits also appears in Tolkien’s works, so DnD used the term “halflings” instead to avoid trademark infringement.

In European myth and legend, a halfling is a person who is half-grown. J.R.R. Tolkien was specifically influenced by Old Norse for his “Lord of the Rings” mythology, from which DnD 5e’s Halflings take inspiration. Among Scottish people, the term “hauflin” or “haflin” is sometimes used for an adolescent youth or a young boy that does farm work.

So to see how to name your Halflings, the best place to look is Old Europe and Middle-Earth!

How do you name Halflings in DnD 5e?

There are different approaches to naming male and female Halflings in DnD 5e.

Male Halfling Names

If we follow Tolkien’s lead, male Halfling first names in DnD 5e come from four different traditions, with their respective naming conventions. Male halflings usually adopt the naming conventions of their father’s family. A Halfling’s tradition can be identified by the ending of their name.

Lower-class male Halfling names in DnD 5e follow these naming conventions: 

  1. Your name must contain two syllables.
  2. Your name must end with the letter “o.”
  3. Your name must be something you’d name a dog. 

Extremely high-status male Halfling names follow these naming conventions:

  1. It must sound very high and mighty, or as if from a supremely rich background.
  2. Common beginnings: Hildi-, Isem-, Isen-
  3. Common endings: -ard, -bras, -bold, -grim, or -grin.

Wealthy, but less high-status Halflings follow these naming conventions:

  1. Regal-sounding but a bit more casual.
  2. Common beginnings: Ma- or Me-. 
  3. Common endings: -adoc, -adas, -ulas, -imas, and -imac

Halflings with unclear or mixed roots follow these naming conventions:

  1. Your name can be two or three syllables.
  2. Common beginnings: Hal-, Hob-, Ham-, and Tol-
  3. Common endings: -wise, -fred, -fast, and -man

Good Male Halfling Names from LOTR

Adalgrim Adelard Andwise
Balbo Bandobras Berilac
Bilbo Bingo Bodo
Bowman Bungo Deagol
Dinodas Doderick Drogo
Dudo Erling Everard
Fastolph Fastred Ferdibrand
Ferdinard Ferumbras Filibert
Flambard Folco Fosco
Fredegar Frodo Gerontius
Gorbadoc Gorbulas Gorhendad
Gormadoc Griffo Gundabald
Halfred Hamfast Hamson
Hending Hildibrand Hildifons
Hildigrim Hobson Hugo
Ilberic Isembold Isengar
Isengrim Isumbras Largo
Longo Lotho Madoc
Marmadas Marmadoc Marroc
Matta Meriadoc Merimac
Merimas Milo Minto
Moro Mosco Moto
Mungo Odo Odovacar
Olo Orgulas Otho
Paladin Peregrin Polo
Ponto Porto Posco
Reginard Robin Rorimac
Rudigar Rufus Sadoc
Samwise Sancho Saradas
Saradoc Seredic Sigismond
Togo Tolman Tomba
Wilcome Wilibald

These male names all come from Lord of the Rings, but you can remix them a bit to your liking. Or just take them. Can you really improve on “Hamfast”? 

Many of the names in Lord of the Rings take inspiration from Old Norse, and hobbits/halflings are no different. So a good Halfling name might come from Old Norse legends!

Good Male Halfling names from Old Norse

Alvis Anders
Birger Bragi
Egil Erik
Finn Freyr
Gorm Gunnar
Harald Heimdall
Magnus Njal
Njord Olaf
Sigurd Tyr

Female Halfling Names

Taking inspiration from Middle-Earth, Halflings are often named after a flower or a jewel. If they are not named after a flower or jewel, female halfling names often end in -a. 

Female Halfling names from LOTR

Adaldrida Adamanta Amaranth
Angelica Asphodel Belba
Bell Belladonna Berylla
Camellia Celandine Chica
Cora Daisy Diamond
Donnamira Dora Eglantine
Elanor Esmeralda Estella
Firiel Goldilocks Hanna
Hilda Lily Linda
Lobelia Malva Marigold
May Melilot Menegilda
Mentha Mimosa Mirabella
Myrtle Nina Pansy
Pearl Peony Pervinca
Pimpernel Poppy Primrose
Primula Prisca Rosa
Rosamunda Rose/Rosie Rowan
Ruby Salvia Tanta

Every Halfling usually has a unique name, so if you want to go the flower or jewel route, you might have to dig deep into some rare flowers and gems!

Good Female Halfling Names from rare flowers and gems


Of course, just like male Halfling names, you could pull from female Halfling names from Old Norse too.

Good Female Halfling names from Old Norse

Ase Astrid
Brynhild Edda
Eir Embla
Freya Frigg
Gertrud Gudrun
Hel Helga
Hilda Inga
Ingrid Idunn
Liv Nanna
Sif Sigyn
Skadi Thyra
Tora Tove

Halfling Last Names

Halfling last names are often related to plants or nature, or the type of job the family is associated with. Lord of the Rings has some great Halfling surnames that exemplify this principle.

Good Halfling last names from LOTR:


Gamecows Tip: If all else fails, think of rural England in olden times! Both peasants and nobility of this time had good Halfling-y names.

What is a good Halfling name?

Halflings are often good-hearted and goofy, and love traveling and wandering. They also are also so incredibly lucky, they probably don’t even need a Lucky feat. Halfling names should match these traits.

If you want to be totally original, a good idea for a Halfling name generator is to use a VerbNoun or NounVerb combination for the last name, and a matching alliteration for the first. 

Funny Halfling names

Agatha AppleWhip Barry Bramble
Billy BungleJuice Jeremiah JingleCheese
Larry LazeAbout Ramona Run-too-far
Sally SmashingSpoon Teramina TingleJam
Thorny Takes-a-walk Waldo WallopBox
Wanda WanderLust

Try it yourself!

Badass Halfling names

Halflings can also get down to business if they have to. If you want a more serious name, use one from these Halfling heroes of lore:

  • Pawldo, a hero of the Darkwalker War
  • Regis, one of the Companions of the Hall
  • Sengal, a feral druid, who was also a werewolf
  • Spider Parrafin, the reincarnation of Regis
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Halfling Names 5e FAQs

What do Halflings call themselves?

In DnD 5e’s Faerun, the continent in the Forgotten Realms from where Halflings hail, the official name for Halflings is “Hin.” Hin refer to themselves generally as “folk”, or more specifically as “quick folk.” The name “Halfling” was given to the Hin by other races such as Elves, who referred to them as leathaine, meaning “half-people.”

Do halflings have middle names?

Halflings don’t have middle names traditionally if following the lore of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. In DnD, they might have a nickname based on their past or a particular association of their family line.

What is another name for halfling?

An old word for halfling is hobbledehoy or hobby. This word pre-dates both “The Hobbit” and Dungeons & Dragons. Halflings refer to themselves as Hin in DnD, and Hurthlings in other fantasy works. Some slang terms for Halflings are “good folk,” “sly folk,” and “quick folk.”

Now that you know how to name your Halfling, learn how to navigate difficult terrain, cast the Crown of Madness spell, or defeat a homebrew Bog Unicorn!