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5 Games Like UNO

You’ve mastered UNO, so what’s next?

The classic card game of UNO is beloved by many. Wild cards and yelling out are just a few things that create game-changing moments and memories. If you’re looking for a similar game like UNO for a family trip or friends’ game night, we’ve got you covered. 

UNO Card Game

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03/20/2023 07:32 am GMT

We’ve added some modern games that give a fun twist to the vintage game. Let’s take a look at the top 5 games like UNO!

  1. Monopoly Deal
  2. L.L.A.M.A
  3. Sushi Go!
  4. No Thanks!
  5. Phase 10

#1. Monopoly Deal

Players: 2-5
Playing time: 15mins

Will all your money run out?

Don’t let its name scare you off. We all know a game of Monopoly can take hours. But, what’s fantastic about Monopoly Deal is that it’s only 15 minutes long. Like a game of UNO, you can play rounds and rounds quickly.

Monopoly Deal is a quick-playing game that comes with 110 cards, including property, rent, house, hotel, and fun wild cards. These cards give you the chance to charge and raise rent and make tricky deals. You’ll have the chance to pay off your debts. Be the first to collect 3 property types and win!

Monopoly has different color sets making it a great alternative to UNO. If you enjoy trading games with fast deals give Monopoly Deal a try!

Monopoly Deal

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03/17/2023 08:54 am GMT

#2. Don’t L.L.A.M.A

Don't L.L.A.M.A. Card Game

Players: 2- 6
Playing time: 20mins

Play or bluff, but whatever you do, don’t get stuck with the llama.

You’ll find yourself in a real di-llama if you can’t get rid of your cards. Don’t L.L.A.M.A has players play a card, pick a card or quit, with the goal of playing all your cards first. As you try to get rid of cards you’ll collect markers that count against you.

Don’t L.L.A.M.A is super simple to learn but also has levels of strategy that can make it challenging. If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly game, this is a fantastic choice.

The game becomes more and more interesting with each player added, so get a couple of friends together and try not to gather a herd of llamas!

Don't L.L.A.M.A.

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#3. Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! Board Game Box, Cards, and Logo

Players: 2- 5
Playing time: 15mins

The immensely popular Sushi Go! has become a modern classic party game for all. The pick and pass game has players grab the best combination of sushi dishes. It may seem easy but the game whizzes by as you try to keep up.

With Sushi Go! everyone chooses a card at the same time, then passes to the left. Whether you’re collecting sashimi or maki rolls, you’ll need to be sure to leave room for dessert, or else you’ll eat into your score. But, if you gain the most points, you can consider yourself the sushi master!

It’s a hilarious alternative to UNO with adorable sushi characters. What’s not to like?

Sushi Go!

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03/17/2023 04:29 am GMT

#4. No Thanks!

No Thanks Board Game Box and Cards

Players: 3- 7
Playing time: 20mins

No Thanks! is an interesting game as lowering your score will win you the game.

This might be the easiest game on the list but also one of the best. With each turn, you’ve only got one decision to make. Take a card or say “no thanks” and pay one chip. With the aim of avoiding points, you’ll need to be careful to not run out of chips.

No Thanks! is very engaging with high levels of player interaction, making it a quick, fun, and fast-paced game perfect for older kids and teens. There’s just enough strategy to make it competitive, and it can become pretty funny when someone is stuck with no chips.

This is a nice little gem of a game that gains more depth each time you play!

No Thanks Card Game

#5. Phase 10

Players: 2- 6
Playing time: 45mins

A game that’s stood the test of time… well, a few decades, Phase 10 was released back in 1982. Released just ten years after UNO, it has remained popular, becoming a family favorite.

In Phase 10, players work through ten phases while they try to collect sets before other players. Phases like two sets of three, one run of seven, or cards that are the same color need to be collected to advance to the next phase. It’s less about strategy and more about focusing on completing phases.

Phase 10 is easy and addictive. It gives a lot of room to be as competitive as you want. Another positive of Phase 10 is that it’s small and easy to travel with. Throw it in with a few of these other games like UNO and have endless entertainment!

Phase 10


We hope you enjoyed our list of 5 games like UNO! These kinds of card games are a great way to warm up for a game night, pass the time while traveling, or spice up a party. They can get quite addictive too if you’re not careful!

Although the mechanisms may be similar, there are loads of different themes you can browse through. If you’re a sushi lover or Monopoly fan, there are many different styles and strategies you can try.

If you enjoyed any of these games, we can assure you that you’ll love these other titles too: Exploding Kittens, Gloom, Citadels, Brass: Birmingham, and Scrabble. Which of these games have you tried? Drop a comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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