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5 Games Like Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a Japanese, role-playing game with a variety of storylines, distinctive characters, and settings in each game. There have been numerous sequels and spin-offs made over the years that maintain the basic fantasy theme throughout. In the series, characters work together against an enemy to save their world, all the while each character deals with their own inner battles and forms relationships.

The game is well known for its innovative features, creative visuals, and memorable characters. Players will find real-world references throughout the game that can be linked to cultures, languages, and historical references.

Final Fantasy has paved the way for role-playing games and many of those characteristics can be brought to life in board games. If you’re looking to bring a role-playing game to the table, check out these 5 games like Final Fantasy.

5 Games Like Final Fantasy Featured Image
  1. Pixel Tactics
  2. Level 7 [Omega Protocol]
  3. Super Dungeon Explore
  4. Runewars
  5. Krosmaster: Blast

#1. Pixel Tactics

Players: 2
Playing time: 30mins

Pixel Tactics is a video game-themed, fantasy card game. Similar to Final Fantasy, you will play a host of characters, all of who have different abilities; however, the characters in this game will be determined by the draw of your deck. Moreover, even the battles will take place by laying cards in strategic placement patterns to most efficiently utilizing each player’s distinctive capabilities. You’ll need to be deliberate about each member you choose and where you place them on the board.

The graphics of Pixel Tactics will make you feel like you’re in a video game with its 16-bit style artwork. Even the character cards with abilities and stats., which is basically a printed drop-down menu of the game.

It’s easy to fall in love with the feel of a video game in card gameplay. Pixel Tactics is a great way to combine real-life gameplay with the feel of a video game.

Pixel Tactics

#2. Level 7 [Omega Protocol]

Players: 2-6
Playing time: 60-90mins

An unimaginable government secret is about to be leaked. Which side of the looming battle will you be on?

In Level 7 [Omega Protocol], players will assume their roles as one person acts as the Overseer, who controls the monstrous aliens and cause mayhem for the commandos. The other players serve as opposing Special Ops members, all with different abilities will work together to plot to take down the deadly aliens who are escaping the secret underground facility.

In both Final Fantasy and Level 7, you’ll see similar sci-fi, combat, and mission-based aspects where you’ll transport yourself into a new world, working collectively with a team while utilizing your individual skills to come out on top. A unique feature of each of the games is that they both employ a mapping element.
In both games, the fate of your world is in your hands. Will you be ready to level up?

Level 7 Omega Protocol

#3. Super Dungeon Explore

Players: 2-6
Playing time: 120mins

Let the Chibi style miniatures bring this game to life as you fight your way through the dreary dungeon. You’ll feel like you’re playing an arcade game with Super Dungeon Explore, as this dungeon crawler game has you taking on the Dark Consul, who is the ring leader of the dungeon.

Players will all have individual strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. It is worth noting that similar to Final Fantasy, where characters can learn abilities and boost their stats, in this game, when a hero defeats its opponent, it too can take the defeated player’s cards to improve themselves. At the end of the day, the games are about battle, and the leader of the antagonist team must be attacked and destroyed to win.

If you grew up with RPGs like Final Fantasy or Zelda, and wish to take that kind of play into a board game, this would be a great game to add to your collection.

Super Dungeon Explore

#4. Runewars

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 180-240mins

It’s an epic battle of strategy and adventure as the dynamic, clashing powers of Terrinoth face off.

There’s a bit more going on in Runewars compared to some of the other games, as you’ll need to form strong armies, collect resources, and conquer. Throughout both Final Fantasy and Runewars, characters will develop, earning experience, and new abilities. However, Runewars will focus a bit more on war and territory control, whereas Final Fantasy will focus more on character development and killing the top-tier boss.

Both games offer depth and rich gaming experiences by mixing strategy with an ever-evolving story. The complexity and diversity in these games along with the fantasy fighting theme make Runewars a great option for a board game if you enjoy Final Fantasy.

#5. Krosmaster: Blast

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30mins

Krosmaster: Blast combines fantasy and fighting themes where you’ll use your powerful warriors and their distinctive skills to out battle or outwit your opponents. Both Final Fantasy and Krosmaster involve combat, however, in Krosmaster, your opponent will be other board game players, whereas enemies in Final Fantasy are controlled by AI and the other player will work together to defeat these enemies.

Both games take place in unique, well-designed universes and utilize maps for strategic, tactical planning. The characters respectively have their own abilities in the games and bring diverse skills into combat. If you’re looking to take your tactical battles from the screen to a small board, Krosmaster: Blast is just what you’re looking for!


We hope you enjoyed our list of 5 games like Final Fantasy! Have you tried any of these games? Did we miss any of your Final Fantasy favorites? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.

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