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Finesse Weapons 5e

A skeleton knight lumbers forward, while a Rogue readies his trusty rapier in the shadows. As the monstrosity approaches, a gleam of light reveals a sweet spot just beneath the breastplate. From the stillness, the Rogue unleashes a sneak attack, dexterously finessing the thin blade straight into the undead’s desiccated heart…

What are Finesse Weapons in 5e?

Sometimes it’s not how hard you hit, but where you hit. Some weapons in DnD have special properties. One of those properties is Finesse. 

A weapon with Finesse gives you a choice between Strength or Dexterity for the attack and damage roll. You must use the same modifier for both rolls.

Finesse weapons are great for thematic purposes and character flair and make characters high in DEX formidable adversaries. Finesse weapons in 5e do less base damage overall, but let characters be flexible with their weapon choices. 

Some finesse weapons have additional special properties too.

Here’s a list of Finesse Weapons in 5e:

  • Dagger – light, can be used in off-hand without penalty. Can be thrown.
  • Dart – can be thrown.
  • Rapier
  • Scimitar – light, can be used in off-hand without penalty.
  • Shortsword – light, can be used in off-hand without penalty.
  • Whip – reach, can attack from an extra 5 feet out.

You can dual wield the 5e Finesse weapons Dagger, Scimitar, and Shortsword without the Dual-Wielder feat. Your Shadow Monk can carry around a bunch of daggers and darts to complement their martial arts skills.

Finesse weapons in 5e are lighter than normal weapons, which is good news for packrats. Finesse weapons are also great choices for dexterous spellcasters who want an extra attack option but don’t have high enough strength to make carrying around a sword worth it.

And if you narrate your finesse-filled attack just right, your DM might even reward you with an advantage roll!


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