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Feats 5e

Feats 5e

Feats are now an optional rule in DnD 5e. They can give specific bonuses to your character, and allows for customization of their abilities. Each class has certain feats that are particularly useful to them, and today we’re going to help you find the best ones for your character class in our Dungeons & Dragons 5e Feats Guide. 

Best Feats for Artificer DnD 5e

Artificer has an impressive skill set, but to supplement their abilities Crossbow Expert and Gunner are the way to go. If your DM is using the optional gun rules you’ll definitely want to take gunner, but if not Crossbow Expert should be a good choice. The Artificer does have some different spells, and War Caster is going to be useful at some point during the campaign. Finally, if you have a one-handed weapon a shield could be the difference between life and death.

Best Feats for Barbarian DnD 5e

All of these feats give the Barbarian more options in combat. Having an additional fighting style allows the Barbarian to specialize with a specific weapon, and Savage Attacker and Charger give the Barbarian more utility when it comes to using special attacks and bonus action attacks. 

Best Feats for Bard DnD 5e

The Bard is a Jack of All Trades class, so depending upon the Bard’s build there are several different feats that are extremely useful to the Bard. The Healer feat increases the Bard’s abilities and lets them easily stabilize characters. Skill Expert lets them gain even more proficiencies that allow them to fill any gaps in their skill set. Magic Initiate allows a few extra cantrips to either pick more utility abilities or some damage-dealing cantrips. Finally, Lucky lets the Bard reroll some failed saves which is always a useful ability. 

Best Feats for Cleric DnD 5e

As the Healer class, the Cleric fills an important role in the party. They ensure that each character stays alive and in the fight, but what happens when the Cleric is downed? 

Tough gives the Cleric extra hit points, while Chef lets them feed the party and further the role of the party’s caretaker. My other top picks like Observant and Alert keep the Cleric safe from ambushes and give them a bonus to their casting modifier. Finally, the Martial Adept gives the Cleric more staying power if they choose the melee subclasses for the Cleric. 

Best Feats for Druid DnD 5e

Druids are a mixed-grab class. They can do a bit of everything, but they also have quite a lot of spell power behind them. War Caster is a great feat for any spellcaster, and Eldritch Adept is another way to supplement their formidable spell list

For Druids who want to jump into melee, Fighting Initiate is another good way to add damage to their attacks, and Lucky is useful in almost every situation. 

Best Feats for Fighter DnD 5e

Fighters are incredible fighters, but they typically don’t have any magical abilities unless it’s included with their subclass. Fey Touched is an easy way to get access to some useful magical abilities. 

To boost the Fighter’s natural abilities, Crusher, Piercer, or Slasher are great ways to supplement the fighter’s damage depending upon their weapons of choice. In addition, giving your fighter Heavy Armor Master gives them the ability to use Heavy Armor and is a great way to increase their longevity in battle.  

Best Feats for Monk DnD 5e

The combination of Weapon Master and Fighting Initiate is actually quite good for the Monk. Weapon master gives an additional point to Dexterity and Fighting Initiate gives them more options for weapons usage and fighting styles. 

The final two suggested feats, Tough & Lucky, give always useful benefits like a reroll or extra health. 

Best Feats for Paladin DnD 5e

Paladins are excellent Jack of All Trades. The Feats that help the most are War Caster, which helps since they’ll mostly be in melee range, and any ability that gives them more health or AC is a plus. Tough and Resilient give a big boost to their longevity on the field. 

Best Feats for Ranger DnD 5e

Fey Touched combines the Ranger’s ability with an easy entry point into spellcasting. The Fey magic also has good synergies with the Ranger’s abilities. 

My other big recommendations would be Mobile and Lucky. Mobile lets the Ranger bounce around the battlefield easier, and Lucky is an always useful skill for all classes. 

Best Feats for Rogue DnD 5e

Rogues have a few abilities that they can benefit from. If the Rogue pumped some skills into Charisma for persuasion or intimidation, Inspiring Leader is a good choice to have an overall party buff. All Rogues will benefit from Fighting Initiate. They can focus and hone their fighting style skills, and combine that with their Sneak Attack ability. 

Eldritch Adept gives the Rogue access to some Eldritch Invocations and is one of the easiest ways to combine magical abilities without having to multiclass. Finally, Lucky is always a useful feat. 

Best Feats for Sorcerer DnD 5e

The Sorcerer has one of the most versatile casting styles that takes advantage of Sorcerer Points. The various Adept feats and Shadow Touched give the Sorcerer access to even more spells that further boosts their versatility on the battlefield. As with most spellcasters, Resilient and War Caster are incredibly useful and should probably be included in every build. 

Best Feats for Warlock DnD 5e

Metamagic gives the Warlock some of the Sorcerer’s abilities with Sorcerer points. Since the Warlock relies heavily on Eldritch Blast as their main offensive weapon they don’t have many spell slots. Metamagic Adept lets the Warlock make the most of their slots.

Speaking of Eldritch Blast, Elven Accuracy boosts its accuracy and is an excellent way to boost your Eldritch Blast outside of Eldritch Invocations. Finally, with every spell caster, we have War Caster and Resilient which gives extra hit points and the ability to cast spells easier in melee range. 

Best Feats for Wizard DnD 5e

Keen Mind gives an always useful Intelligence +1. This is useful for all of the Wizard’s abilities. There are a few other different feats that give various spells and abilities that can round out the Wizard’s abilities. Fey Touched and Shadow Caster can fill out a Wizard’s abilities and fill any gaps that they may need in their spellbook. Finally, War Caster is once again useful to every spells caster. There’s always going to be a situation when it comes in handy.

Complete List of Feats in 5e DnD

Here is a complete list of all of the Feats in 5e DnD:

Best Feats for each Class

ClassBest Feats
BarbarianGreat Weapon Master, Sentinel
BardInspiring Leader, Actor
ClericTough, Chef, Observant
PaladinInspiring Leader
SorcererSpell Sniper
WarlockCrossbow Expert, Eldritch Adept, Inspiring Leader
WizardMetamagic Adept, Telekinetic
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Feats List in 5e DnD