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False Hydra 5e DnD

The origins of the False Hydra are just as mysterious in the game as they are in real life. This homebrewed creature first appeared on a bizarre blog post, possibly with otherworldly origins… or, just “a guy in Nebraska” origins. 

Regardless of the nebulous origin story, Dungeon Masters in D&D’s Fifth Edition (5e) campaigns widely used the False Hydra. DnD 5e is home to many bowel-loosening beasts, but the False Hydra in 5e holds a special place in players’ nightmares. 

What is the False Hydra 5e?

In 5e, the False Hydra resides below ground. It is spawned from lies and adds to its mass by feeding on treacherous feelings. 

The False Hydra does dwell in the ground but not far from the surface. To grow in size and gain power, the False Hydra must feed. Worms and bugs and rats are not enough. This beast needs the flesh of intelligent creatures to fulfill its brutal goal. 

What this goal is, however, is not readily apparent. The False Hydra grows with every intelligent consumption. As it grows, it also produces extra heads to increase its reach and better gorge itself on the oblivious members of a small town or village. 

Why don’t the townsfolk notice a multiheaded abomination slowly picking off essential members of the local homeowner’s association? Because this creature sings. And it doesn’t just sing any song. It sings a song of forgetting. 

False Hydra 5e Abilities & Effects

The False Hydra’s mindsong can be heard by any creature up to five miles from its current location. The song starts with one head. The other heads of the beast may join, creating a symphony of obscuration.  

Any creature that hears this song will experience altered perception. The villagers describe a vacant building as always standing abandoned. Villagers dismiss empty stores and vacant positions with similar apathy. They also won’t be able to see the long soft face of the False Hydra creeping closer to them. 

If unchecked, the presence of a False Hydra can cause an entire community to descend into paranoia and madness. If the party fails to discover the subterranean beast, the only release may be a deadly sonic blast from the False Hydra’s thin lips. 

False Hydra 5e Weaknesses

The False Hydra’s mindsong has the capability of distorting the mind. This effect does have its weaknesses, however. It is not effective on the deaf. It also may create a “split mind” effect. This effect allows two different memories to exist simultaneously in an intelligent creature’s mind. So ultimately, it is up to the brave, immune, and conscious to protect the rest from the villainy of the False Hydra. 

After the players uncover the truth, perhaps by casting Silence or by relying on a differently-abled party member, they may find that the damage was far worse than imagined. 

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