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Eco-Friendly Board Games About the Environment

Eco-Friendly Board Games About the Environment

Friends and family can come together easily to play eco-friendly board games instead of remaining hooked on phone screens. People love having some screen time but board games are great options for connecting and socializing. 

Parents can use the games to help their kids learn about important and real-life issues while having fun. The games can encourage eco-awareness and make the participants more responsible regarding caring for the environment. Playing board games with some elements of eco twist guarantees fun and enjoyment. Check out our full list of Eco-Friendly board games below.

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Monopoly: National Park Edition

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games among students as it lets them experience beautiful sites in America. The players can experience sites such as Yellowstone and Grand Canyon and trade with them.

The Monopoly’s National Park edition also features some animals that consider the parks as their home, including the bald eagles and the grizzly bears. The play pieces are customized to the Monopoly game and include a tent, canoe, hiking boot, a ranger hat, camera, and bison. 

The individual players try to make their opponents go bankrupt as they try to claim the board. A great strategy is to acquire the board and try to defeat as many players as possible. 

Monopoly National Parks Edition

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The players in this game can acquire properties and pick some carbon credits to trade them for air. The continuous travel on the board makes them learn more about the universe and get some eco-friendly tips from every card.

The pieces in this game are recyclable and have some natural materials that are good for the environment. Additionally, soy-based ink is used to print the game to make it even more environment-friendly. 


Photosynthesis is a popular eco-friendly board game and it lets the players learn about how the sun shines in the forest. The sun shines on the forest’s canopy and the vegetation use the energy for growth and development. The players must sow their crops wisely and recognize that the shadows of the trees may slow their opponents down. 

How else can you learn more about the environment?

Protecting our environment should be the ultimate goal because it will guarantee better crop habitation. The college participants can learn lessons about how to protect the ecosystem against destructive species. But there is an even more effective way.

Those desiring to get inspired about essay writing can find free to use invasive species essay collection on Eduzaurus. Students can find any essay about environmental problems and relate it with their essay topic or assignment. They can complete an environmental protection essay that meets their educational needs and improve their grades. 

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Penguin Opoly

Just like some people love dogs and cats, others love penguins. Penguin Opoly is a great eco-friendly board game for people who are obsessed with penguins. 

In this game, players pick up their preferred penguins from various species. They are free to increase the “rent” on penguin properties by putting more water in the ocean. The aspects of education to this game are the factoids regarding penguins on the deed card backs.

Penguin Opoly

Where to find information if you want to create your own environmental game

Students pursuing courses about the environment can find information when creating environmental games. The popular invasive species essay topics covered on WritingBros available as free samples are well-structured and formatted to inspire researchers. All they need to do is study the essays to find inspiration and new ideas on how to complete their essays independently.

The database has a collection of essays covering various subjects in the environmental curriculum. Using these samples, it will be much easier for you to create your own game in the future because you will already have a lot of information about it.


The ecosystem is a popular eco-friendly board game requiring players to create ecosystems with the objective of strengthening sustainability and biodiversity. The players earn points after successfully aligning insects and animals such as eagles, rabbits, bears, bees, and foxes with the best habitats. 

This game slows players to learn about science while having fun with their friends and family. It teaches the participants the importance of balancing between habitats and wildlife and prey and predators in a typical ecosystem. The ecosystem is perfect for scientists, teachers, students, and biologists who can play it in any environment and for any occasion. 


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People can learn about environmental protection through formal setups or through board games. The beauty of eco-friendly video games is that they are not only educative but also fun and engaging. Students, scientists, parents, and kids can connect with their loved ones by playing any of the above games and pick great lessons about sustainability. More importantly, students can research the environment by finding some essay examples in this area. 

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