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Druid Spells 5e List

Druid Spells 5e List

Druidic magic is based on utilizing the might of nature’s forces. It employs Wisdom-based spellcasting, with most spells focusing on changing the terrain, debuffing your enemies, or enhancing the abilities of your allies. Find a list of the best druid spells below.

Spell Slot Progression

Druids are considered full casters. Full casters can eventually learn spells up to 9th level.

Prepared Vs. Learned Spells

Druids are prepared casters, so you’ll need to choose your spells daily. Depending on your subclass, some spells with always be prepared and don’t count against your number of prepared spells.


Druids begin with two cantrips at level 1. They gain a third at level 4 and a fourth at level 10. There is an optional rule to allow a character to change out a cantrip when they reach a level that gives an ASI (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th for the druid).


Guidance is a concentration spell, but this is rarely an issue since it is intended for use outside of combat. Cast Guidance on someone to give them an extra 1d4 to their initiative roll if you have a surprise round or can prepare before combat.


This is for Druids of the Circle of Spores. For most Druids, fighting in melee should be limited to your Wild Shape. This spell allows you to use your Wisdom score to attack and damage enemies, but only Spores Druids get a bonus for melee attacks.

1st Level

You gain access to 1st level spells at level 1.


Entangle is useful when you need your enemies to stay put. Unless you’re up against something genuinely massive, its Strength score won’t be higher than your spell save DC, and restrained creatures have disadvantage on attack rolls. Your friends will also have advantage when attacking them.


A nice bag of berries that each restore a single hit point isn’t going to change the way you fight, but it’s useful if you need to revive someone from unconsciousness or offer a little oomph between battles.

2nd Level

You gain access to 2nd level spells at level 3.

Pass Without Trace

This is useful for groups with multiple members wearing heavy or medium armor or low Dexterity (Stealth) bonuses. It gives you a +10 bonus to your Dexterity (Stealth) checks, but it’s not invisibility.

Spike Growth

This is one of the most powerful area effect spells. Druids have many spells that push and pull enemies, so combining spike growth with even a low-level spell like Thunderwave can quickly deal a lot of damage. You can also use this spell to create a safe zone away from combat.

3rd Level

You gain access to 3rd level spells at level 5.

Plant Growth

Overgrowth, which can slow down your adversaries, is often overlooked, and as stated, you can create a massive ball of plants to trap flying baddies. The speed reduction is nothing to chuckle at, and because plant growth does not cause difficult terrain, spells that do would technically stack.


Take revivify. Prepare it every day. There’s nothing more embarrassing than confessing you didn’t prepare it the day a party member dies.

4th Level

You gain access to 4th level spells at level 7.

Giant Insect

You command a large number of willing local insects to form a loyal enlarged version. Does that sound cool? Wait until you hear about the various options available to you. Spiders are a good choice if you have a lot of low-level enemies to deal with.

Scorpions are effective in the dark or if you have a Sorcerer or Warlock who enjoys casting darkness. Wasps can deal with flying enemies, and centipedes make excellent tanks. To be clear, spiders are arachnids, not insects. It’s unclear why they were added to this spell.

5th Level

You gain access to 5th level spells at level 9.

Commune with Nature

This druidic version of commune allows you to ask your environment for knowledge about nearby monsters, safe places to sleep, neighboring villages, or if a rift between the planes of existence has been detected.

Wrath of Nature

This is a fantastic spell if you’re in a forest or overgrown area. Unfortunately, most DMs aren’t considerate enough to inform you of the site beforehand, and higher-level folks tend to travel a lot during a single session. It is fascinating to consider all of the ways your shrubs, rocks, and bushes can trip up your foes, though.

6th Level

You gain access to 6th level spells at level 11.

Transport Via Plants

With this spell, you gain access to teleport two levels before everyone else. There are some restrictions, such as the need for a plant of similar size at your target location, but this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re going to the desert or icy tundra.

7th Level

You gain access to 7th level spells at level 13.

Plane Shift

While traveling between planes is always exciting, you can also use this spell in combat. If you’re ready to have a layover somewhere, Plane Shift could be used instead of Teleport, but that’s probably not a good option unless you have a safe spot to hide in.

8th Level

You gain access to 8th level spells at level 15.


This is an excellent spell for staying out of melee and seizing enemies with low Strength scores. Because you only grapple enemies, keep in mind that they can use ranged weapons and cast spells, but because you move them, you can push them into area effect spells.

9th Level

You gain access to 9th level spells at level 17.


Every encounter and barrier is a joke with this spell. You or an ally can see into the future for 8 hours. They have advantage on all rolls, and other creatures have disadvantage when attacking them. However, it takes a minute to cast, so you can’t use it in the middle of a fight.


This spell is superior to true Polymorph because it allows you to change your shape repeatedly with a single casting. If you chose something that is now low on hit points or doesn’t work well in your situation, you could simply change it.

Druid Spells 5e Complete List

Here is a complete list of Druid 5e Spells in 5th Edition DnD, which also includes some Spells from Unearthed Arcana (UA), which is not official Material:


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