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Inspiration 5e

Inspiration 5e

Dungeons & Dragons isn’t just about battlefields or close combat. DnD also encompasses numerous situations and interactions that do not directly relate to fighting. It is a role-playing game, after all. It is just as exciting and fun to act and develop your character. There are benefits to fleshing out your character’s backstory and persona. 

What is Inspiration in DnD 5e?

The DM can award inspiration when your player does something particular to their personality traits, bonds, flaws, or ideals. Maybe you want to walk straight through a fireball as a form of intimidation. Or you rescue the missing princess from the gates of the Nine Hells. Or perhaps your character is a Paladin that decides to take the righteous mission rather than a quest of greed. 

How does Inspiration work?

Inspiration is a way for the Dungeon Master to reward characters for role-playing their character. In some instances, other players can gift your their inspiration as well.  

With your DM’s blessing, your character can spend your inspiration on attacks, ability checks, or saving throws.  You’ll typically only have one opportunity to spend your inspiration, but it tends not to expire. If you keep playing your character the way you designed it, you’ll have the chance to gain and spend inspiration throughout the campaign. 

Don’t forget about Inspiration

Inspiration is a lesser utilized mechanic in 5e. It is hard for the DM to remember to award inspiration or use your inspiration. DnD is a game of moving pieces, numbers, NPCs, and situations. It is always a good idea to use reminders. 

Some DMs like to use physical objects to remember when a player has inspiration to spend, such as coins or tokens. The DM may have color-coded notes or a point system. Make sure you understand the DM’s preferences regarding tracking inspiration. It also won’t hurt to ask if your character awarded inspiration for brand behavior. 

Inspiration benefits roleplaying and character development

Inspiration is an underused game mechanic, but it has a lot of potential to enrich any campaign. Role-playing is integral to Dungeons and Dragons, and DMs can reward players for bringing their characters to life, whether that life is for lawful good or chaotic evil.

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