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DnD Gods & Deities 5e

The World of Dungeons & Dragons is filled with fantastical creatures, but none are quite as powerful as the deities, gods, and creatures on this list. Here, we’re looking at the worshipped and reviled Dungeons & Dragons deities and DnD Gods. We will cover the complete list of DnD Gods and Deities in 5e.

Other Deities & Gods

There are many powerful creatures in the DnD worlds and not all of them are technically deities or gods. To the average NPC farmer, however, there’s not a lot of difference. This first list looks at some powerful creatures that may be gods, deities, or demigods — or just abnormally powerful entities. The gods, deities, or creatures on this list aren’t limited to one particular realm. They can be found in most DnD universes.

Good Deities

  • Bahamut – The good god of dragons
  • Corellon Larethian – Elven deity of art and magic
  • Deep Sashelas – Elven god of the sea.
  • Garl Glittergold – Gnome trickster god.
  • Moradin – Dwarf god of creation
  • Rilifane Rallathil – Elven god of nature
  • Sehanine Moonbow – Elven goddess of the moon.
  • Yondalla – Halfling fertility goddess.

Neutral Deities

  • Eadro – Sea god
  • Semuanya – Lizardfolk god of survival
  • Skerrit –Centaur and Satyr god for nature
  • Skoraeus Stonebones – Stone Giant god and god of art

Evil Deities & Gods

  • Blibdoolpoolp – Kuo-Toa worshipped as a goddess
  • Grolantor – Hill Giant god of war.
  • Gruumsh – Orc god of storms and war.
  • Hruggek – Bugbear (if you can believe it) god of violence.
  • Kutrulmak – god of war
  • Laogzed – Troglodyte god of hunger
  • Lolth – Spider god
  • Maglubiyet – The Goblin’s god of war.
  • Sekolah – God of the hunt for the Sahuagin race.
  • Surtur – God of fire giants
  • Thrym – God of frost giants
  • Tiamat – Evil dragon god

Forgotten Realms Deities & Gods

Forgotten Realms is where most modern Dungeon and Dragon stories and modules happen. Many of the iconic characters, cities, and events all happen in the world of the Forgotten Realms. 

Good Deities

  • Chauntea – Goddess of agriculture
  • Deneir – God of writing
  • Eldath – Goddess of peace
  • Ilmater – God of endurance
  • Lathander – God of birth
  • Mielikki – Goddess of forests
  • Milil – God of poetry and song
  • Selûne – Goddess of the moon
  • Sune – Goddess of love and beauty
  • Torm – God of courage and self-sacrifice
  • Tymora – Goddess of luck
  • Tyr – God of justice

Neutral Deities

  • Azuth – God of wizards
  • Gond – God of craft
  • Helm – God of protection
  • Kelemvor – God of the dead
  • Leira – Goddess of illusion
  • Lliira – Goddess of joy
  • Mask – God of thieves
  • Mystra – Goddess of magic
  • Oghma – God of knowledge
  • Savras – God of divination and fate
  • Silvanus – God of wild nature
  • Tempus – God of war
  • Waukeen – Goddess of trade

Evil Deities

  • Auril – Goddess of winter
  • Bane – God of murder
  • Beshaba – Goddess of misfortune
  • Bhaal – God of murder
  • Cyric – God of lies
  • Loviatar – Goddess of pain
  • Malar – God of the hunt
  • Myrkul – God of death
  • Shar – Goddess of darkness and loss
  • Talona – Goddess of disease and poison
  • Talos – God of storms
  • Umberlee – Goddess of the sea


The Greyhawk setting is the OG. It was the first Dungeons and Dragons setting designed by Gary Gygax himself. It started out as a simple dungeon for his kids to play in and slowly expanded with the city of Greyhawk. It eventually spawned a massive world that was the precursor to what we know of as DnD today.


  • Fharlanghn – God, of distance, travel, and roads.
  • Heironeous – God of chivalry and valor
  • Kord – God of athletics and sport
  • Pholtus – God of light and law
  • Rao – God of peace and reason
  • Trithereon – God of liberty and retribution
  • Ulaa – Goddess of hills and mountains


  • Beory – Goddess of nature
  • Boccob – God of magic
  • Celestian – God of stars and wanderers
  • Ehlonna – Goddess of woodlands
  • Istus – Goddess of fate and destiny
  • Obad-Hai – God of nature
  • Olidammara – God of revelry
  • Pelor – God of the sun and healing
  • Ralishaz – God of ill luck and insanity
  • St. Cuthbert – God of common sense and zeal
  • Wee Jas – Goddess of magic and death


  • Erythnul – God of envy and slaughter
  • Hextor – God of war and discord
  • Incabulos – God of plague and famine
  • Iuz – God of pain and oppression
  • Nerull – God of death
  • Tharizdun – God of eternal darkness
  • Vecna – God of evil secrets

Eberron Deities & Gods

Eberron is an interesting setting in the DnD world. It’s a little darker and grittier than the high fantasy typical in the other settings, and it was designed for a contest by Kieth Baker for Wizards of the Coast. Unlike the other D&D settings, the gods do not manifest in the world. You won’t fall into an ancient tunnel and meet the god of dwarves. They manifest only in the powers they bestow upon their followers.

There are 2 major groups of deities in the Eberron setting. The Sovereign Host, which are considered the good and benevolent deities, and the Dark Six, the evil deities of the setting. There is also a 3rd group of deities that are unaligned with either the Sovereign Host or the Dark Six.

Sovereign Host Deities

  • Arawai – Life and Love
  • Aureon – Law and Lore
  • Balinor – Horn and Hunt
  • Boldrei – Hearth and Home
  • Dol Arrah – Sun and Sacrifice
  • Dol Dorn – Strength and Steal
  • Kol Korran – World and Wealth
  • Ollandra – Feast and Fortune
  • Onatar – Fire and Forge

The Dark Six Deities

  • The Devourer – Nature’s Destructive Power
  • The Fury – Rage and Ruin
  • The Keeper – Death and Decay
  • The Mockery – Betrayal
  • The Shadow – Magic and Mayhem
  • The Traveler – Chaos and Change

The Others

  • The Silver Flame – Protection
  • The Blood of Vol – Divinity Within
  • Cults of the Dragon Below – Madness
  • The Path of Light – Self Improvement

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the list of DnD Deities and DnD Gods. Why not check out our War Caster 5e Feat guide or a Class guide to Rogue 5e or our DnD Races guide?



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