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Displacer Beast 5e

Large Monstrosity, Lawful Evil

Displacer Beasts are evil monstrous creatures. They’re similar to panthers with bluish-black fur but have six legs and twin tentacles protruding from their shoulder blades. 

They typically are from the Fey Wilds or the Plane of Shadows but have been known to wander into forests and other inhabited areas. 

These evil creatures have been known to hunt not only for food but for the sheer joy of killing as well, and have taken down many an unprepared adventurer. 

Displacer Beast 5e Stats

Base Stats

Strength18 (+4)
Dexterity15 (+2) 
Constitution16 (+3) 
Intelligence6 (- 2) 
Wisdom12 (+1) 
Charisma8 (- 1) 
  • Senses darkvision 60 ft, passive perception 11
  • Languages: None


The Displacer Beast has 2 major abilities Avoidance and Displacement. These both help the creature avoid damage making it difficult to hit and harder to kill. 


If the Displacer Beast has to make a saving throw for half damage, then they take no damage if they succeed on the save, and take only half damage if they fail. 

This makes them hard to kill and guaranteed attacks no longer have a 100% damage guarantee any longer. 


This basically means all attacks against the Displacer Beast have Disadvantage. The Displacer Beast creates a shimmering image of itself and makes it difficult to discern where the creature actually is. Once it’s hit, the Displacement effect goes away until the end of the Displacer Beast’s next turn. 

When the Displacement is disrupted it’s important to hit it with as many attacks as you can before it can renew its displacement field. 


The Displacer Beast is a brute creature. Its main actions and attacks are all geared toward beating up and dealing damage to the party. 


The Displacer Beast can make 2 attacks using its tentacles. 


The Tentacle attack is actually pretty powerful. 

They receive + 6 to hit, have a 10ft range, and do two different types of damage. 

The first set of damage is bludgeoning (1d6+4) and the second is piercing (1d6).

Displacer Beast Setting

A DM can find quite a few different ways to introduce their party to a Displacer Beast. They’re not uncommon in the wilds and if the setting involves the Fey or Fey Wilds at all, there can easily be a random encounter. 

These creatures are also prized as pets and bodyguards. Powerful crime lords or unsavory individuals can easily spend a pile of gold to purchase a tamed Displacer Beast. 

Displacer Beast Tactics 5e

The Displacer Beast is a Challenge rating 3 creature that’s simple and straightforward. Its attacks are designed for hit-and-run. As a DM you should have the creature jump in and deal as much damage with its multi-attack ability and then if its Displacement is disrupted, jump out of combat and wait for it to come back. 

They only have an AC of 13, so it should be hard to hit it, but its specialized abilities should be able to keep it alive throughout the fight. 

Displacer Beast 5e DnD


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