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Deflect Missiles 5e

Deflect Missiles 5e

Monks characteristically have lightning-quick reflexes. They are a class of warrior ascetics ruled by their Dexterity. They use their DEX instead of STR for weapons and unarmed attacks and have natural abilities to deal with and avoid damage. Due to their nimbleness, Monks can Deflect Missiles fired in their direction.

Monks use their bodies as their weapons. They spend years honing their skills and mastering their movements. Monks attune themselves to the energy that flows through their bodies. They train until their senses reach a superhuman height. 

A heavy fog of war hangs over the valley. Both sides fight hard. Hours of battle have turned warriors into beasts. In the fray, a Monk stands as the epitome of tranquility. Executing each Flurry of Blows with mind-boggling precision. From the distance, an enemy looses a crossbow bolt aimed directly at the Monk’s chest. With an effortlessness that makes the monk seem like she has slowed time, the blot misses its mark. The Monk extends one hand and grasps the bolt before it flies past. In one fluid motion, she launches the projectile into the knee of the nearest adversary. Time restarts as the joint explodes into sinew and blood—no more adventuring for them. The Monk refocuses her attention on their next target. She channels her Ki and unleashes hell.

Many of the Monk class features highlight their agility. Deflect Missiles is one of those beautiful Dex-based feats in the Monk arsenal that sets them apart from other fighting types. Read closely and learn how to implement this fantastic feat best. 

What Is Deflect Missles in 5e DnD?

Deflect Missiles 5e is a Monk class feature. All Monks gain this feature at level three, regardless of Monastic Tradition. Using their reaction, Monks can deflect non-magical ranged attacks. When deflected, the projectiles’ damage is reduced. If the Monk reduces the damage taken to zero, they can choose to catch that object. Once they catch the object, the Monk can use their Ki to make a ranged attack with the missile they just caught.

A Monk can only catch a redirect a Missile if the projectile is small enough to fit in one hand and the Monk has at least one hand free. An average-sized Monk would not be able to catch a boulder shot by a trebuchet, but they might break it in half with a deflecting strike if they roll their dice right. They do not have to redirect that Missile toward the enemy that fired it. 

How Does Deflect Missiles Work in 5e DnD?

Deflect Missiles uses the Monk’s advanced DEX to Dodge incoming ranged attacks. An enemy will make a ranged attack against a Monk. If the attack hits, the Monk can use their Reaction to protect themselves from the projectile. If an enemy Ranger fires an arrow at the Monk, the Monk can sidestep the attack and take less damage using their Reaction. 

When Monks utilize this Reaction, they reduce the damage taken from the attack by 1d10 + DEX + Monk level. If the damage is reduced to 0, the Monk can catch the object. Once sized, the Monk can spend 1 Ki point to make a ranged attack using that object. 

The object becomes a Monk Weapon once caught. The Monk uses their DEX to make the attack role. They can also use their Martial Arts die. The Monk can use the damage for the weapon or the Martial Arts damage. The attack will have a range of 20/60 feet. The Monk can launch the caught Missile at any target within range. 

Keep in mind that the object has to be the result of a ranged attack. The Monk cannot use Deflect Missiles to stop damage from collapsing buildings or rouge boulders. The Missile must be launched with intention at the Monk. 

Using Deflect Missiles Effectively in 5e DnD

Deflect Missiles is a Reaction that can only be triggered when an enemy makes a ranged attack. There are a few different types of Reactions in 5e DnD. The most common Reaction is an Attack of Opportunity. With an Attack of Opportunity, a character can attack another character if they pass near during a fight and haven’t used the Disengage action

Players can only use one Reaction per round. The Monk should assess the battlefield before taking their Reaction. If an enemy is close by, the Monk may want to keep their Reaction in case the enemy attempts to run past them or reposition. Monks might use Deflect Missiles best if many archers are in the opposition. 

The Monk must understand the opposition. Monks should know how many ranged attackers there are in a given encounter. If enemies use arrows and close combat, the Monk might choose Deflect Missiles as their primary reaction. They could grab a crossbow bolt from the air and launch it into a nearby enemy’s neck. 

However, there are some limitations. Monks are not guaranteed to stop and catch an object just by using Deflect Missiles. They need to understand the situation and act appropriately. But when used right with the dice on your side, Deflect Missiles can be an excellent feature.

Limitations of Deflect Missiles 5e DnD

A player must use a Ki point to throw a missile with the Deflect Missiles 5e Monk feature. Players may want to hold on to their Ki points in some situations. A Monk’s level dictates the amount of they have. Lower-level characters are more protective of their Ki. Ki is responsible for heavy Monk attacks like Flurry of Blows. Using Ki to throw a Deflected Missile may seem like a waste. 

However, when the battle is raging, and the party is staring down a TPK, every player should use every tool in the arsenal. When every last bit of damage is needed to defeat the BBEG, Monks should not be as concerned about holding on to their Ki. 

The party needs to finish the fight as soon as possible, or the Monk won’t have the chance to use their Ki points. In this scenario, the reduction to Ki points of Deflect Missiles is the same as Furry of Blows. The player should maximize their damage economy. 

In highly challenging fights, players must cause as much damage as possible. If Monk has the fantastic opportunity to cause damage as a reaction, they should take it. In a knock-down, drag-out battle, Deflect Missiles is a wonderful option. Monks may choose to conserve their Ki for their attacks in less dramatic battles or battles in close quarters with little ranged combat. But they should also keep Deflect Missiles in their back pocket. 

Is Deflect Missiles Good?

The Monk in 5e DnD is a combination of patience and dexterity. The Deflect Missiles class feature epitomizes these qualities. The Monk has the skill to move quickly and use their agility to thwart an enemy’s attack and potentially cause damage. 

Deflect Missiles is an excellent feature. It is often forgotten in favor of other, more commonly used features like Stunning Strike. All of the Monk’s many class features make them versatile and formidable. However, Deflect Missiles is one of the best features that Monks have.

There are many combat situations where Deflect Missiles is useful. The trick is being able to predict your enemy’s movement accurately. Players should note the number and type of enemy they are fighting. The Deflect Missiles feature is a great way to move combat forward and aid other players in racking up damage, especially if ranged attacks are involved. 

Deflect Missiles 5e FAQs

Does Deflect Missiles 5e Work on Arrows?

The Monk class feature Deflect Missiles works on ranged arrow attacks. 

Does Deflect Missiles 5e Work on Magic Missiles?

Magic Missile is a spell, and Deflect Missile does not work on magic. 

Does Deflect Missiles Work On Bullets In 5e DnD?

Deflect Missiles is effective on bullets in 5e DnD. The Player’s Handbook specifics the only limitation on the type of Missle is their magical properties. As long as the bullets are not magic, the Monk can deflect them.

What Can Be Averted By Deflect Missile In 5e DnD?

The Monk can only use the class feature Deflect Missiles nonmagical ranged attacks. Any physical object an enemy launches at a Monk counts as a Missile. Monks are not able to deflect spells, including Magic Missiles. 

Does Deflect Missiles 5e Use Ki Points?

Monks can use Ki points if, when using the feat Deflect Missiles, the damage done by the missile is reduced to 0. The Monk can then catch and throw the projectile, spending 1 Ki point. 

Does The Missile Deflected Need To Be Directed At The Enemy That Shot You?

Suppose a Monk uses Deflect Missile and reduces the damage to zero. They can choose to spend one Ki point and make another attack. The Monk does not have to direct the attack at the creature that initially attacked them. 

Does Deflect Missiles Work on Saving Throws?

Deflect Missiles only work against ranged attacks. Other Monk features like Monk’s Evasion are better for DEX saving throws. 

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