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Best Cyber Monday Board Game Deals

Best Cyber Monday Board Game Deals

Cyber Monday is rapidly approaching. In order to find the best online bargains all year, we’ve scoured the interwebs to find out who’s got the best deals in town. 

Personally, I prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday. It’s much easier to stay in my PJs and shop from the comfort of my own home, instead of elbowing through crowds and risking injury or death over a good deal. 

Why not get those same deals without ever having to leave your bed? It’s the perfect time to round out your board game collection and fill out those Kallax Shelves. Sounds like a win-win to me. 

Cyber Monday Tips

There are quite a few things you can do this year to get the most out of your Cyber Monday shopping spree. Here are a few of our top tips on getting ready so you can save the most money this year.

Have a shopping list.

Having a list or idea of what you’re trying to get is going to focus your time and help you find the best deals. Online retailers are going to bombard you with advertisements and deals, trying to get you to keep adding to that shopping cart. 

Take your time.

One of the newest tactics for Cyber Monday is the flash sale system. It’s designed to keep you glued to your computer screen while you wait for your item to go on sale. Do you remember those infomercials? “Buy in the next thirty minutes and we’ll throw in a…”

It’s the same concept, but they actually are able to limit the time of the deals. This is another reason why having a list and an idea of what you want to buy ahead of time. Once you see what time it goes on sale, you can just set an alarm instead of being glued to your computer screen. 

Best Cyber Monday Deals

It’s hard finding the best deals out there, especially if you’re on a budget. 

Check out our friends at Noble Knight Games. If you’re looking for a hard-to-find or out-of-print game, chances are they have a copy hidden away somewhere. 

If you need some help coming up with the perfect gift for the game in your life, we’ve got you covered this Cyber Monday. 

Legacy: Pandemic Legacy Season 1

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your board gamer loved one, check out Legacy games. They’re incredible experiences from start to finish. They do have a shelf life built into the game, though, which is the reason why a lot of gamers are hesitant to actually buy themselves a copy. 

If you’re unsure what to get that special board gamer in your life, Legacy games are usually a great gift that they normally won’t have for themselves. But if they do happen to have a copy, they can play the campaign again. A good place to start for Legacy games is Pandemic Legacy Season 1. It’s got everything Pandemic fans will love, including an epic story. 

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

Buy on Amazon Buy at Noble Knight
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06/04/2023 03:00 am GMT

Best Gift for Families

Looking for a new family game to play this year during the holiday? There are a ton of fun family-friendly games out there, but one of the best is Codenames. It’s a simple party word game that’s perfect for small groups. It’s an easy way to start the holidays with some laughter and fun gameplay. 

$24.99 $11.69

Buy on Amazon Buy at Noble Knight
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06/05/2023 09:00 am GMT

Best Gift for Teens

If you’re looking for a big box adventure with your family this year, be on the lookout for deals on Gloomhaven. There’s never been a better time to get into the big box adventure game.

$165.00 $133.99

Buy on Amazon Buy from Noble Knight
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06/02/2023 05:00 pm GMT

With several new expansions and a simpler starter version (Jaws of the Lion), it’s the perfect game to get your teen this year, especially if they’re fans of fantasy and adventure. There’s so much gameplay jammed into the box, that you’ll still be struggling to finish it by the time next Cyber Monday comes around. 

Gloomhaven: Jaws of The Lion
$49.99 $25.49

Buy on Amazon Buy at Noble Knight
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06/06/2023 10:30 am GMT

Best Classic

Catan is a modern-day classic for a reason. It’s been the gateway for many new players into the hobby and makes a perfect gift for that friend or family member on the verge of falling down into the board game rabbit hole.


Buy on Amazon Buy at Noble Knight
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06/05/2023 08:00 pm GMT

Still need some inspiration? Check out some of our “Best of” articles to find the perfect gift this year for Cyber Monday.

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We’ll scour the internet so you don’t have to. Bookmark our page, and we’ll have the best Cyber Monday sales before the dust has even settled from Black Friday. 

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