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Color Spray 5e Spell

Color Spray 5e Spell

Color Spray is a level 1 illusion spell on the Sorcerer and Wizard spell lists. It takes one action to cast and requires somatic, verbal, and material (a pinch of red, yellow, and blue sand or dust) components.

The player rolls 6d10, indicating the maximum hit points that the spell affects. They are blinded if the target creature has equal to or less than the rolled number for one turn. The spell affects the creatures in ascending order from lowest to highest HP.

Color Spray 5e Spell Description

Source: Player’s Handbook

A dazzling array of flashing, colored light springs from your hand. Roll 6d10; the total is how many hit points of creatures this spell can affect. Creatures in a 15-foot cone originating from you are affected in ascending order of their current hit points (ignoring unconscious creatures and creatures that can’t see).

Starting with the creature that has the lowest current hit points, each creature affected by this spell is blinded until the spell ends. Subtract each creature’s hit points from the total before moving on to the creature with the next lowest hit points. A creature’s hit points must be equal to or less than the remaining total for that creature to be affected.

When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, roll an additional 2d10 for each slot level above 1st.

Color Spray 5e Stats

Range Self
Components Verbal, Somatic, Material
Material A pinch of powder or sand that is colored red, yellow, and blue.
Duration 1 round
Casting Time 1 action
Level 1
Area of Effect 15-foot cone
School Illusion
Classes Sorcerer, Wizard
Subclasses Lore

Is Color Spray a good spell?

Color Spray is an OK spell. It has a decent effect but only lasts one turn.

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