There’s nothing quite like throwing a handful of dice and waiting with bated breath to discover your fate. Our category of the best dice board games includes all our reviews and round-ups of games that use dice as a primary mechanic during gameplay. Let the good times roll!

Zombie Dice Board Game
Joe Jones

Zombie Dice Board Game Review

The walking dead are here, and they’re after brains. But don’t worry. In this game, you’re one of them, and you’re hungry! So, get your

Star Wars Destiny Board Game Logo and Art
Bryan Truong

Star Wars Destiny Review

In a galaxy far, far… actually it’s not too far away. We live here. Star Wars: Destiny brings the entire Star Wars franchise to life

King of Tokyo Board Game
Bryan Truong

King of Tokyo Review

In 1954, the first Godzilla movie was released. The Kaiju genre of film and pop culture can trace its origins back to Japan. Kaiju is

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men
Kendra Bruning

Top 20 Best Dice Board Games

Dice have been around for ages. They were some of the first means of social diversion, gambling, and fortunetelling. Dice could be easily shaped from