2 Player Board Games

A collection of great 2-player games is an important thing to have in your arsenal when you’re short on willing victims — I mean players — or looking for some friendly competition in a heated duel.

These 2-player board games are flexible for any occasion, including card games, cooperative games, travel games, and challenging head-to-head struggles for victory. So grab your gaming buddy and get playing!


Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men
Kendra Bruning

Best Dice Board Games

Dice have been around for ages. They were some of the first means of social diversion, gambling, and fortunetelling. Dice could be easily shaped from

Legacy of Dragonholt Review Header
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Legacy of Dragonholt Review

Today we’re diving into a shared story RPG in our ultimate Legacy of Dragonholt review! Every great story begins somewhere. But before you rush into

Azul Family Board Game
Kendra Bruning

Best Educational Board Games

Board games offer the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. I remember many hours spent sitting on the living room floor

Best 2-Player Card Games Header
Kendra Bruning

Best 2-Player Card Games

No, we’re not talking about War, Speed, or Egyptian Rat Screw. Have you ever been stuck on a plane or in an airport for hours

Massive Darkness Header
Bryan Truong

Massive Darkness Board Game Review

Massive Darkness is one of the shining examples of the symbiosis of modern-day board games and Kickstarter. With 3.5 million dollars in funding and 22,000