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Best Word Board Games

If you’re a wordsmith, a word-wiz, or just enjoy a little wordplay, these word board games are right up your vocabulary alley. Word board games can be used as an educational tool, as a hilarious party game or simply a way to keep your wordy-wits about you. 

So on-words and up-words, here are our top 20 best word board games!

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🏆 Our Top Picks for Best Word Board Games

In a hurry? Take a quick peek before you go.

Best Team Game

Decrypto is fast-paced and tense. The wordplay involved along with a focus on teamwork makes this a great family favorite.

Best Quick

Bananagrams is quick and easy to play making it a fun little diversion whenever you have ten minutes or so to spare. Definitely, a must if you want a quick and fun word game.

Best Overall

When I Dream
When I Dream takes a simple concept and pulls it together in such a fun and creative way. With so many new games being published it’s always incredible when a concept I’ve never seen before is brought to life so well. Give it a go.

#1. When I Dream

When I Dream Board Game Box and Components

Players: 4-10
Playing time: 20-40 min

Put on your sleep masks and try to decipher your dreams!

When we fall asleep and enter a dream world, the imagination and imagery can be truly magical. When I Dream turns players into dreamers. Be careful when entering the magical world of dreams because the Dream Spirits want to have fun!

When I Dream is an innovative game that puts a focus on creativity and player imagination. Put on your sleep mask and try to interpret the Dream Spirits messages. With fairies, naughty spirits, and even the Boogeyman, the game has an array of characters that make it challenging and that give the game depth. 

This is an excellent fast-paced party game that’ll have you storytelling before the Boogeyman wreaks havoc!

When I Dream
  • Innovative gameplay focuses on player imagination and creative...
  • The simple turn structure and rules make it easy for players of...
  • The various hidden roles add mystery, depth, and endless replay...

#2. Werewords

Werewords Board Game

Players: 4-10
Playing time: 10 min

Guess the magic word!

In Werewords, players must guess a secret word by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Be careful, time catches up to you! Like in most games, there’s always a villain looming and trying to interrupt play. In Werewords, one player is secretly a werewolf. Not only is this player working against you, but they also know the Magic Word. Even if you don’t guess the word in time, you still have the chance of exposing the werewolf and winning the game!

What’s cool about this word game is that it comes with an iOS/Android app that’ll provide thousands of words in hundreds of categories giving the game-high replayability. 

Will you figure out the word or will the werewolf get you? Better get your top wordsmith on the case.

  • For 4 to 10 players
  • 10 minute playtime
  • For ages 8 and up

#3. Trapwords

Trapwords Board Game Box and Contents

Players: 4-8
Playing time: 30-45 min

You know the secret word your teammates must guess. You’ll give clues to help but the other team has other plans in mind. They’ve set a list of ‘trapwords’. You can’t say them or you’ll end up trapped in dungeons with terrifying monsters. Easy enough? Oh, there’s also a time limit. 

Trap words is a fast-paced party game that seems like a simple task of giving clues but gets more challenging by not knowing which words can be said. 

If you’re looking for a word game with a fantasy theme, Trapwords takes you into the fantasy world of dungeons and monsters.

  • 4 to 8 players
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 30 minutes average playtime

#4. Decrypto

Decrypto Board Game Logo and Art

Players: 3-8
Playing time: 15-45 min

Decrypto has a fun vintage aesthetic, surely making it a favorite among the hipster community. But really, this word game blends decoding and player-interaction through interesting mechanics.

In this game, teammates try to transmit secret codes without letting the opposing team intercept them. Using clever graphic anaglyph components, players slide cards into the screens to decode the words.

The communication limits make Decrypto a fun and challenging word game to play, plus you’ll feel like a code breaker sending secret messages.

  • Country Of Origin : China
  • New Party Game Where Teammates Try To Transmit Secret Codes...
  • Clever Components Use Anagylph Effects To Scramble The Codes...

#5. Letter Jam

Letter Jam Board Game Box and Board Setup

Players: 26
Playing time: 45 min

Your friend gives the clue. Can you guess your secret letter? 

Letter Jam is a cooperative word game where players work together to compose meaningful words from letters around the table. But the twist is only the other players can see your letter cards, not you. 

Letter Jam combines team-based play and players’ deduction skills. Pull together as a team, find the clues, and reap the fruits of cooperation!

Jam out at the next game night and decipher the codes!

Letter Jam
  • The Bundle Includes:
  • ★Cooperative Word Game Czech Games Letter Jam (Provide...
  • ★Fapeto More Than A Simple Name - Random Color Drawstring Bag,...

#6. Bananagrams

Bananagrams Travel Game Tiles and Banana Bag

Players: 1-8
Playing time: 15 mins

A fun game for everyone that’ll drive you bananas.

Gather your friends and family and race against each other to build crossword grids. Bananagrams is an educational and entertaining game with which you can teach kids how to spell words all while having fun at the same time. 

In Bananagrams, players have to build their words with letters as fast as they possibly can. A race to finish, speed, and a great vocabulary make the game super exciting. 

The game is in a case that’s shaped like an actual banana, making it a great travel game

  • FUN FOR EVERYONE – Gather your family and friends and race...
  • ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL – While this game is easy to play,...
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL – Bananagrams comes in a fun banana-shaped...

#7. Blank Slate

Blank Slate Board Game Box and Components

Players: 3-8
Playing time: 20-35 min

The game where great minds think alike. 

Blank Slate is a game of predictions. “The game where great _ _ _ _ _ think alike!” Easy to learn and quick to play makes Blank Slate a fun game for all levels. By picking a word cue card, you’ll write which word you think best completes a phrase. To take this a step further, you’ll have to try to match it to another player’s words. 

In this clever party game, prediction skills are key to matching words. If you get good enough you’ll soon be winning the _ _ _ _!

Blank Slate
  • The game where _______ minds think alike!
  • Prepare yourself for Blank Slate, a game of addicting...
  • Pick a Word Cue card, write the word you think best completes the...

#8. Codenames

Codenames Board Game Expansions - XXL and Pictures

Players: 2-8
Playing time: 15 min

‘The top-secret word game. Win or lose, it’s fun to figure out the clues!’

There are good reasons why Codenames has become a staple on board gamers’ shelves. Codenames is a deceptively awesome game that’s easy to learn and perfect for parties. 

Codenames is a social word game in which two rival spymasters know 25 secret agents. Their teams only know agents by codenames. Make contact with all your agents first and win. Although this game can be challenging, the social component keeps everyone entertained as they race to finish first.

This is a fun game when you’re winning, but even better when you’re losing. 

  • Work together to contact all of your agents before the other...
  • A perfect party game experience for game nights
  • 2-8+ player (in two teams)

#9. Poetry for Neanderthals

Poetry for Neanderthals Board Game Box and Instructions

Players: 2-12
Playing time: 15 min

A word game where you must ‘speak good’ or get hit with a stick.

Poetry for Neandertals is a competitive word-guessing game. Players are only allowed to use single-syllable words to give clues to their team to guess the phrase. For example, the word is broccoli, you’ll have to say something like, ‘green food, live long’. Use a big word, you’ll get hit on the head with a 2-foot long inflatable club.

From the geniuses that brought us Exploding Kittens, Poetry for Neandertals is another fun addition to a game night. Only 15 minutes to play, this hilarious, challenging, cutthroat game tests the patience of logophiles the world over.

Poetry for Neanderthals
  • Poetry For Neanderthals Is A Competitive Word-Guessing Card Game...
  • Using Only Single Syllable Words, Give Clues To Your Team Trying...
  • So, Instead Of Saying "Broccoli," You'D Say Something Like "Green...

#10. Just One

Just One Board Game Box and Components

Players: 3-7
Playing time: 20 min

A cooperative party game where you’ll have to work together to discover the mystery words!

Just One starts with one player drawing a card and choosing a number from it. Each player gets one clue word and together you’ll try to solve the mystery word. Just One is a brilliant word game as it combines cooperative skills with deduction, memory, and creative thinking.

Easy-to-learn and easy to play make Just One a relaxed game for everyone.

Just One
  • Cooperative party game
  • 550 words to guess and make others guess
  • Quality erasable markers to write clues forever

#11. Punderdome

Punderdome Board Game Box and Cards

Players: 3- 99
Playing time: 30-90 min

A card game for the pun lovers among us. 

Punderdome will have you laughing out loud with its punny cards and creative style of play. 

Once a pun a time, the creators of Punderdome saw a space in the word game market for a pun game for family and friends. With pun jokes on the back of each card, you can entertain the crowds while waiting to come up with a pun. Some can take longer than others but you can play with no time limits. 

If you’re a pun lover, this is a punderful card game that you won’t regret purchasing.

  • Firestone, Jo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 200 Pages - 06/21/2016 (Publication Date) - Clarkson Potter...

#12. Quiddler

Players: 1-8
Playing time: 30 min

Quiddler: Simply for the fun of words. 

Quiddler is a short word game that’s a great pick for word lovers as well as non-word-game players. With this card game, the goal is to arrange your cards in your hand to create one or more words. If you deal more cards, you’ll have more opportunities to create words. At the end of the game, the highest score wins. 

Quiddler is a sort of Uno-style word game as some cards can double letters and add bonuses to your points. Sharpening your word skills and a bit of luck will have you winning Quiddler!

  • Five suited rummy style game with a rotating wild card
  • Easy to learn, Fun for kids and adults
  • Ages 8 to adult ;1-7 players; Includes solitaire version

#13. Hot Words

Players: 4-16
Playing time: 20-30 min

Hot Words is a party game where you can’t say that. 

In Hot Words, you’ll describe words while your team tries to guess what the word is. In each of the 4 rounds, your team will pick a spicy jalapeño card that has a ‘Hot Word’ on it that you can’t say. 

As each round goes by, it’ll get hotter and harder but also more hilarious trying to avoid all the ‘Hot Words’ your team has accumulated. With fun added elements like a ghost pepper round, a 90-second sand timer, a dinner bell, and little hot sauce bottles, Hot Words is a fun and exciting party game!

Can you handle the heat?

Hot Words
  • WORD GUESSING GAME: Describe words while the rest of your team...
  • THE PARTY GAME WHERE YOU CAN'T SAY THAT: As rounds advance, the...

#14. Dabble

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30-60 min

The game where if you can spell, you can play!

Dabble is a fast word game that’s both educational and fun. To start the game you say ‘GO!’ and players race to spell 5 words using 20 tiles. The first person to spell their word wins!

  • Wordle Fans will love Dabble. Dabble is a captivating game of 5...
  • Dabble is a great brain game for all ages! Winner of multiple...
  • To play, say GO and race to spell 5 words using your 20 tiles --...

#15. Word a Round

Players: 2
Playing time: 20 min

Race to unravel the word! 

Word a Round is a challenging word game where you’ll have to quickly figure out where the word starts and then read it aloud before your opponent. As you answer on the spot, the game becomes a little more difficult as you race to answer. Mistakes are made under pressure so players have to have their wits about them. 

Word a Round is an award-winning card game that’s a great educational tool in classrooms or and at home. It helps develop critical thinking skills, making it a favorite among speech therapists. If you are looking for a fun game that’ll also help with learning, this is a great choice. 

Word a Round
  • Trusted by Families Worldwide - With over 50 million sold,...
  • Develops critical skills – Word A Round is a favorite of speech...
  • What you get - 100 word-a-round cards with 300 total words, each...

#16. Word on the Street

Players: 2-10
Playing time: 20 min

A hilarious tug of words.

Word on the Street is a card game in which players take turns flipping category cards, racing the clock to come up with the answer. With each correct answer, you move closer to the sidewalk… and to safety. 

With 432 different categories, there is huge variation and replayability. This game is particularly focused on being educational. It helps players improve vocabulary, practice spelling, and develop social skills. 

Word on the Street
  • Easy-to-learn and fun-to-play word game helps to develop...
  • Includes game board, 17 letter tiles, 216 category cards (432...
  • Place all letters in the center of the board. Flip the...

#17. Wordplay: Family Edition

Players: 2

If your family loves word games, WordPlay is a fast-paced challenge in which everyone plays every round. 

A fun spinner determines the letters and the category for each round. For example, ‘Food and Drinks’ means you can only use words that begin with the letter ‘E’. The difference with this family edition is even if you think of things that don’t start with the correct letter, you still score some points.

This game is a friendly and inclusive way to help kids learn and be introduced to the wonderful world of word board games. 

Wordplay: Family Edition
  • Get ready for WORDPLAY FAMILY EDITION - a fast-paced,...
  • The spinner determines the letters and category for each round....
  • Having a mental block trying to think of Places with those...

#18. Upwords

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 90 min

Upwords a game of quick stacking and word hacking. 

In this word-building game, the higher you stack, the higher your score. With each player starting out with 7 words that you can play up or down, the game almost feels like Scrabble. But here, you can stack letters on top of others. When you stack letters higher on each other, you earn more points. This makes Upwords more intense and strategic

Upwords is very versatile and can be played solo to challenge yourself, with kids, or with your friends. Experience this high-stakes, high stacking word game and grow your vocabulary as you go!

  • High-Stacking, Word-Building Game: The Higher You Stack, The...
  • Intense, Stategic Word Play: Stack And Hack To Get The Highest...
  • Rotating Game Board: With A Lazy Susan Design, Players Can Easily...

#19. Wordical

Players: 2-8

The radical, dice-rolling, word-building race!

Wordical is another educational word game in which players roll a vowel die and combine consonants to make a word. It’s a fun way for kids to develop their spelling skills and build vocabulary. It’s easy to learn and moves quickly so there are no long pauses.

This is a wonderful game for the classroom or for students who are struggling with their phonics.

  • Roll the vowel dice and combine the letters with the consonant...
  • Includes 108 consonant cards, 2 vowel dice, and guide
  • Develops word building and spelling skills, and builds vocabulary

#20. Wordsmithery

Players: 2- 99
Playing time: 20 min

The game for every wordsmith, young and old.

Wordsmithery is a fun, fast-paced game in which you can test your wordsmith skills. Draw a word, read it to your opponent, and see if they can guess the meaning from three options.

With some difficult words like ‘egregious’ or ‘phalanx’, it could seem difficult for children but included are 50 easier cards for kids. The different levels of difficulty make this a family-friendly word board game. 

  • TEST YOUR WORDSMITHERY - Fun and fast-paced game lets you see if...
  • QUICK AND EASY GAMEPLAY - Draw a word, read it to your opponent,...
  • TWO PLAYER GAME - Fun activity for nights in with your spouse,...


What are your favorite word games to play? We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best word board games out there! Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these or if we missed any that you think should be on the list. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Wordsmithing!


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