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Best Secret Agent & Spy Board Games

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

There’s a little 007 in all of us. So sit down, order your martini (shaken, not stirred), and read through these confidential top-secret files of the best secret agent board games.  Although if we tell you, we might have to kill you…

🏆 Our Top Picks for Best Secret Agent Board Games

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Best Thematic

Agents of SMERSH

Best Social Deduction

Secret Hitler
Secret Hitler is one of my favorite social deduction games. It emfixes/em a lot of flaws that similar games in the genre have, and is a blast in large groups.
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Best Overall

Specter Ops

Top Spy Board Games

#1. Specter Ops

Specter Ops Board Game Box and Components

Players: 25
Playing time: 60-120mins

Specter Ops will have you on the edge of your seat in this stealth action game.

An agent of A.R.K has infiltrated the top-secret Raxxon facility. This agent must complete three different missions and then attempt to escape. But there are genetically modified Raxxon hunters on the prowl, seeking to destroy the agent. Which side will you choose?

Specter Ops is a brilliant hidden movement game where you’ll have to hunt or hide, like a game of cat and mouse. Using a private map, the secret agent keeps track of their sneaking. The other players use abilities and technology to hunt the agent down.

If you’re a fan of Scotland Yard, definitely give Specter Ops a try!

Specter Ops

#2. Mafia de Cuba

Players: 612
Playing time: 10-20mins

Get a feel for how quickly people will turn on you in the mafia.

Mafia de Cuba is a social deduction game in which criminal activity seems limitless. Prove your loyalty by catching thieves, promoting yourself, and stealing from the boss. Decisions, decisions. 

Players take on the roles of drivers, thieves, government agents, and henchmen, all trying to get their share of the godfather’s business. With up to 12 gangsters causing mayhem, Mafia de Cuba is tense and hilarious as players bluff their way to winning. 

Like any mafia, you are up against the FBI and CIA, but you can use them to your advantage in this game. All roles have different victory conditions, which gives this game high replayability.

Mafia de Cuba

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#3. Secret Agent

Playing time: 24
Players: 40-60mins

In this trick-and-trump game, deduction skills are essential. 

Secret Agent is played over a series of missions. Each mission has one player as the Director of Intelligence whose task is to select the identity of the Secret Agent. The rest of the players are opposing agents trying to infiltrate and discover the Secret Agent. If you get the most agents, you win! 

This card game will challenge the best of spies. 

Find out more about this web-published game at TheGameCrafter.com.

#4. Agents of SMERSH

Agents of SMERSH board game art

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 90mins

The Cold War — the modern era of deadly spies. “SMERSH” is a portmanteau of two Russian words that translates to “Death to Spies.”

Agents of SMERSH is a storytelling game set in the 1970s Cold War. Agents chase each other around the world to defeat the sinister Dr. Lobo, A Russian counter-intelligence agency with many employees, yet little is known about its operations.

In this cooperative game, players take on UN Secret Service Spies set in an alternate 1970s timeline. You’ll have to go up against the newly formed agency, SMERSH. With custom dice and encounter cards, agents determine whether they succeed or fail. There’s a bit of luck but also plenty of strategy to be found. 

If your looking for a cooperative game with fun gadgets, pop culture references, and James Bond-like cards, Agent of SMERSH is a fun game to play with friends.

Agents of SMERSH

#5. Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30-60mins

Did you bid high enough to pay off your agent? Or will they turn on you and side with the highest bidder?

Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit is a restoration of the original classic game of bluffing and bidding. Every agency wants control, but only one will get it.

A vital file is inside a briefcase. So deadly is this file that it could completely change the balance of global power. Agents all across Europe sell their services to the highest bidder. There’s no one you can trust and nowhere you’ll be safe. 

Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit has players trying to stop opponents from out-bidding them. If you pay the right price, you can even assassinate another agent. Strike a balance between immediate action and long-term goals and you might just gain the ultimate global power.

Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit

#6. Witness

Players: 4
Playing time: 15mins

Set in the Belgian comic series Blake and Mortimer, Witness is a cooperative secret agent game in which four players take on one of the four iconic characters. 

Solving mysteries includes sharing information about crimes from your secret personal casebook. They subtly give clues to fellow agents, hoping to solve the case. 

Witness has high replayability, with 64 unique cases you’ll have to solve. Playing a cooperative board game with communication limits makes you feel like a spy in the middle of solving a mystery.


#7. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler Board Game Box and Components

Players: 5-10
Playing time: 45mins

Liberals and Fascists go head to head in parliament. Secret Hitler has you webbed in an intense game of politics.

Secret Hitler is a fast-paced game of deception and betrayal. Set in 1930’s Germany, a sphere of allies and spies, liberals must find and stop Hitler before the fascists take over. As a fascist, you’ll do all you can to mislead liberals until the Führer is in power.

Each round, a player designated President elects a Chancellor. These two leaders will pass liberal and Fascist legislation. Other players will vote to allow these leaders. Players can shout a fun ‘Ja!’ and ‘Nien! ’to conclude whether the people agree with the government. Chaos ensues as each group works to advance its agenda.

Secret Hitler is a brilliant secret agent party game, perfect for a game night.

Secret Hitler

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#8. Decrypto

Decrypto Board Game Logo and Art

Players: 3-8
Playing time: 15-45mins

In Decrypto, teammates try to send each other secret codes without letting their opposing team intercept them. 

In the second round, teams decode messages using words to match the number codes. Each team has its screen with four places to put cards. A player shows their teammate three digits and the next player must try to decipher the code

Decrpyto will keep you wanting to play round after round, deciphering codes like a secret agent. Decrypto is highly interactive, and its deceptively simple concept is what makes it an excellent game.

$27.99 $24.99

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#9. Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War

Players: 2
Playing time: 30-45mins

The Cold War was an uncertain and dangerous time — spies were in demand. Your country has recruited you to obtain top secret information. Will you bring your country glory and power?

Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War is a two-player game in which players can only see their opponent’s pieces. You’ll need brilliant deduction skills to try to deduce the movement of your pieces. Be careful, though, as opponents have placed double agents. 

Be the first to secure the top-secret briefcase and see your opponent’s entire operation crash.

Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War

#10. Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game Box and Cards

Players: 3-6
Playing time: 120-180mins

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game is a hidden-role board game full of suspicious characters trying to survive. 

Each player takes on one of the iconic characters from the TV show, each with its strengths and weaknesses. They must work together to ensure the survival of humanity. But, in every good secret agent game, there’s a bad egg. Battlestar Galactica is no different. One or more players is secretly a Cylon supporter.

In this semi-cooperative sci-fi game, players use an assortment of loyalty and skill cards to expose the traitor and build a better future. Do you know who is human? Will humanity live on, or will the Cylons attack?

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the best secret agent board games! Which board game makes you feel like a secret agent? Let us know which game you’d like to play best. Drop a comment below if we missed any of your secret agent favorites! We’d love to hear from you.


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