Best Online Board Games To Play With Your Friends

For those who love the good old-fashion board game night every once in a while, it has probably become difficult to make it happen, considering the current state the world’s in. Coronavirus has all disabled us from seeing each other in person, which shouldn’t disrupt our relationships and traditions. That’s why it has become more common nowadays to continue this online. 

Before entering any sort of website, you have to look out for what may be on it that can cause harm to your device. If you want a more reliable way you can always try VPN for free and secure all of your profiles. This will keep you safe while you enjoy your games online. Here are a few of the best websites you can use to play your favorite board games on the internet.

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Tabletop Simulator is an amazing option to play your favorite card game whenever you want. It is available on every software platform and source you can think of.  It allows you to play multiple games with your friends. In some games, you have the computer do some gameplay for you, while in the others, for the pros, you do everything yourself. If you don’t want to pay for the full version, there are apps such as Board Game Arena or Tabletopia which are completely free.


There is no childhood that went on without playing Ludo. It was usually the game we all as kids forced our older siblings or parents to play with us. Even ancient Egyptians used an older game that was played very similarly to Ludo. In modern times though, the app Ludo Legend is available on any software. Meet up on a video call or a chat group, and have fun playing the game just like when you were kids!


Everybody knows Scrabble to be the go-to board game for any get-together. It challenges your mind and can keep the fun going for hours. While it is extremely fun when playing at someone’s house with friends, they now have an app. The app has all the same possibilities as the real-life game, but now you can play remotely with your friends. You can either use Facebook or your Google account to invite people to play with you. 


And finally, the game that can make or break friendships at times is Monopoly. It is extremely fun and can keep you and your friends entertained for hours as well. The company has come out with an app. The app is available on most platforms. It has all the features you need, you click the button to roll the dice and it calculates the money you’ve collected. Easy as that!

In conclusion

Although it may not be as ideal as the real-life board game night, all of these online alternatives are amazing if you have friends far away or don’t want to risk anything due to the health situation in the world. These games are the way to go, so you can have a great night with friends while staying in the safety and comfort of your own home!


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