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Best Music Trivia Board Games

Last Updated on August 3, 2022

At the pub quiz, do you kill it during the music rounds? If so, these music and music trivia board games will challenge your music-loving brain. 

Music, like board games, helps reduce stress, stimulate your memory, and elevate your mood, so it’s only natural that music board games are a blast. 

Gather your friends, put on some jams, and delve into these epic music board games! 

🏆 Our Top Picks for Best Music Board Games

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Best Singing


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Best Ice Breaker

Game That Song

Best Overall


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Best Music Board Games Featured Image

#1. On Tour 

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 20mins

You’ve got an epic 100-day tour, your band is gonna be massive! Visiting as many states as possible will maximize your popularity but it’ll take a Type-A personality to organize, schedule, and secure your dream. 

Taking on the task of band planner ain’t so easy. Players compete to try to cover as many states as possible. You’ll need to book a date for your gig, writing the number on the state, but with each turn, dice determine which numbers you write and which cards could restrict your options.

Keep track of your networks as players write numbers on their maps simultaneously — it’s up to you how you choose to use what you’re given. 

On Tour is a quick 20-minute route-building and roll & write board game that’s deceptively strategic. If you aren’t careful, you’ll find your band having to return to their day jobs. Be sure to think ahead!

On Tour: USA & Europe

#2. DropMix

Players: 1-6
Playing time: 15-30mins

In DropMix, players choose to mix music from top artists and popular songs. Collect, discover and combine your favorite tracks. You’ll find popular artists featured like Fall Out Out Boy, Ed Sheeran, Marky Mark, Sean Paul, and Weezer. A little something for everyone. 

With three modes clash, party, and freestyle you can face-off with friends or team up and create musical collaborations. Get your music lover friends together and create a full song mix that’ll be awesome, unexpected, or, sometimes, a terrible clash of sounds.

DropMix only gets better with different Discover Packs to build up your music collection. There’s also the DropMix music gaming system with a free app.

Keep the party going and pump up your very own musical mixtures. 


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#3. Song Saga

Players: 2-99
Playing time: 20mins

The music and story game that rocks!

It’s super easy to play: simply pull cards, choose songs, and share memories. Song Saga connects with pretty much any music app. Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer, you name it, it’s compatible with the game. 

Every card in the box is designed to spark a memory and players compete to have the best song and story set. Although not required, singing, dancing, and a little air guitar are appreciated. 

Some fun card examples include “First concert?”, “Sexy time!” and “Your ex?”. Choose songs and tell stories that match the card. 

Share the soundtrack of your life with your favorite people!

Song Saga

#4. Game That Song

Players: 2+

Super simple, fun maker, ice breaker, speaker shaker. 

Game That Song is one of the top party games for music lovers. A player selects a music-related topic from the cards, the rest of the players find a related song on their phones. Players then vote for the best song. 

It’s a great way to learn about people’s different music tastes and discover new songs. If you’re a fan of sharing your Spotify playlist with friends or just love music, Game That Song is challenging as it’s not just a simple word to choose from, rather a sentence prompt like “A song to play about being crazy”. 

Game That Song

#5. MTV Game 

Players: 4

Yes, MTV has a board game. Take a trip down memory lane to the shoulder pads of the 80s and grunge of the 90s. Gather your boomboxes, tapes, and CDs and go head to head with your friends. 

MTV: The Throwback Music Party Game is a music trivia party game where there’s a quick-fire buzzer round. Players from each time go head-to-head trying to find a song to fit the description. 

A time buzzer keeps the game moving fast as your team attempts to destroy the other!

MTV: The Music Throwback Party Game

#6. Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Party Game

Players: 420
Playing time: 20mins

A game for anyone who’s ever heard a song. 

Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Party Game isn’t too difficult to play, all you need to know are some very popular famous bands or a couple of famous songs. 

Playing as teams, one player from each team competes in a Music Buzzer Battle. The winner gets an advantage in the next round, so strategically put your best player first. In the next round, players try to guess an artist by humming, quoting lyrics, or using one word. Guess the artist first and win!

There are eight different genres so everyone is sure to be an expert about at least one! 

#7. Yacht Rock

Players: 36
Playing time: 25 mins

Record the hits, live the life, and become the party!

Set in 1970s Southern California, players scheme and plan the many different ways they can advance their music careers. From creating swanky outfits, attending shindigs and parties to recording hit songs. You’ll need to combine the ultimate 70s look to impress while still making great music. 

The board game is super quick to play and fun for all types, musicians, board game lovers, and music enthusiasts. 

Sail away with laid-back, soft-rocking fun!

Yacht Rock

#8. Trivia Box: We Love Music 

Players: 2

Another fantastic game from Trivia Box, Trivia Box: We Love Music tests even the most knowledgeable of music lovers. 

There’s a large variety of trivia questions and the cards have high replayability, including many people with different tastes in music. An added bonus is it comes in a compact box, perfect for travel or road trips

Trivia Box: We Love Music

#9. Encore

Players: 2+
Playing time: 30mins

You got the word…can you sing the song? 

Encore pits friends against each other as they spilt into two teams. The first team rolls a die and moves their piece on the board. The second team chooses a card with a prompt word. Teams take turns coming up with at least 6 words to sing.

There’s a timer, so the pressure is on for your team to win the round. With easy-to-learn words, Encore is a great music board game for family nights as kids, teens, and adults can play. 

Belt out your favorite tunes and win!


#10. Spontuneous

Players: 410
Playing time: 30mins

Sing it or shout it…talent is not required. A great game for tone-deaf people like me. 

In the beginning, all players write down several trigger-words on their hit-list. The first trigger word is said out loud and players have to try to sing a song with this word. The object of the game is to try and stump the other players by backing it up with a song of your own that’s better. 

The game is quick and easy to play, making it perfect for a party.


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If you’re a major metal head or enjoy disco dancing, there’ll be a music board game suited to you. We hope you liked this collection of the best music board games! Drop us a comment below about which music board game is your favorite. We’d love to hear from you!


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