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Best LEGO Board & Card Games

The iconic toy known for destroying the soles of your feet in the middle of the night has come back with a vengeance. In 2009, LEGO created its first original board game. In the past, if you wanted a LEGO board game you were limited to building your own tic-tac-toe board.

From 2009-2013 there are approximately 40 original LEGO games ready to be built and played. The themes range from historical, Harry Potter, Sci-Fi, and even their own fantasy line Heroica.

“What are LEGO Games?”, you might ask.

LEGO games are tabletop board games where the players are required to build either all of the board or sections of it to play. It’s a fantastic way to play with LEGOs and let your imagination run wild. Who knows? You might even get inspired to pull out your old sets and make your own.

Get ready, we’re diving into the best LEGO board games.

#1. LEGO Kingdoms Chess

LEGO Kingdoms Chess
  • Features 28 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories
  • Includes storage box
  • Play chess with royal minifigures and weapons!

#2. LEGO Creationary

LEGO Creationary
  • Includes 1 buildable LEGO Dice, 1 LEGO minifigure and 1 LEGO...
  • Also includes 1 rule booklet
  • Contains 96 cards

#3. LEGO Legends of Chima

LEGO Legends of Chima
  • German (Publication Language)

#4. LEGO Harry Potter: Hogwarts

LEGO Harry Potter: Hogwarts
  • 1 buildable LEGO Die
  • 9 LEGO microfigures which includes Harry Potter, Hermione...
  • Includes building instructions and 1 rule booklet

#5. LEGO Ludo

#6. LEGO Atlantis Treasure

#7. LEGO Minotaurus

LEGO Minotaurus
  • 1 buildable LEGO Dice & 12 LEGO microfigures
  • 1 rule booklet
  • Building instructions

#8. LEGO Magikus

LEGO Magikus
  • 1 buildable LEGO Die
  • 1 rule booklet included
  • Includes building instructions

#9. LEGO City Alarm

LEGO City Alarm
  • 1 buildable Lego Dice
  • 6 Lego microfigures
  • 240 Lego pieces

#10. LEGO Iconic Chess

LEGO Iconic Chess
  • Includes a buildable chessboard and buildable playing pieces
  • Board opens to store all the playing pieces inside
  • Can also be used to play checkers

#11. LEGO Monster 4

LEGO Monster 4
  • 1 buildable LEGO Dice
  • 1 rule booklet
  • Building instructions

#12. LEGO Banana Balance

LEGO Banana Balance
  • 1 buildable LEGO Dice
  • A balancing game
  • Includes 1 rule booklet and building instructions

#13. LEGO Pirate Plank

LEGO Pirate Plank
  • 1 buildable LEGO Dice
  • 5 LEGO microfigures
  • Includes 1 rule booklet and building instructions


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best LEGO board & card games! Have you tried any of these games? Did we miss any of your favorite LEGO-board game mash-ups? Drop a comment and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

Find more games in our video below:


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